Garbage Published Against Electric Vehicles

“50% of EV drivers have been found to also have rooftop solar panels in report after report. Anyhow, even if they didn’t, charging an electric car on the grid mix today is already cleaner than driving a new gas car (even a Prius) essentially everywhere in the United States. Since renewable energy’s share of the electricity mix has been growing fast in recent years and will continue to grow fast for years to come, the split in emissions between an electric car and a Prius will only get wider as time moves on.”
See Oh, POLITICO, Please Don’t Publish Garbage — Reality Check For Electric Vehicle Hit Job
The article quoted to the right defends EVs against the stupid, silly, plainly wrong notion that EVs are magically less green than gas-guzzlers. That one’s been laid to rest before but ideologues just keep repeating it rather than accepting reality. The huge efficiencies in EV operation dwarf the cost of production whether measured in money or tonnes of CO2.

I would not be buying an electric car if it were a major polluter. Every time I walk into my garage I’m offended by the stench of my gas-guzzlers and that’s just sitting there bathed in heat, ready to consume more petroleum and requiring constant maintenance to keep doing that. It’s just the wrong way to transport people and it’s unnecessary for >90% of what we do, like TLW going to a wedding yesterday or me visiting my doctor last week. An EV would have done both tasks in style, at a fraction of the cost both in money and pollution. The gas-guzzler works, sometimes, but it’s a constant drag on all that I value in life.

The chief argument of the idiots out there is that EVs pollute a lot as they are built and use electricity generated from petroleum. Both are dwarfed by the usage of renewable electricity which these days is able to run our EVs. I plan on having a small steerable solar array tracking Sun. My public utility uses hydroelectric power and wind for >90% of our power. So, over a decade or so an EV is a clear winner for the environment. Gas-guzzlers are not even close. My gas-guzzler, BTW, burns more than its weight in petroleum every few years. My EV won’t burn any. End of story.

PSPolitico got an earful from readers who were similarly offended by the original biased/wrong/stupid story.

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