Iraq At A Crossroad

“Al-Sadr, who made his name leading two violent uprisings against US occupation troops, was sidelined for years by Iranian-backed rivals.
His bloc’s performance represented a rebuke to a political elite that some voters blame for widespread corruption and dysfunctional governance.
Al-Sadr’s alliance – an unconventional one with communists and secular Iraqis – has announced it is fiercely opposed to any foreign interference in Iraq – whether Tehran’s or Washington’s.”
See Iraq elections final results: Sadr’s bloc wins parliamentary poll
We live in interesting times. At the moment when Trump tries to sabotage the Iranian nuclear deal and Russia and Iran are trying to control Syria with mayhem and ethnic cleansing, Iraq is being forced to coalesce towards sanity. It’s not that I see Al-Sadr as a guiding light but he’s a bit older than when he went toe to toe with the invading USAians. USA broke down society in Iraq resulting in decades of chaos and Al-Sadr has seen it all and possibly grown in wisdom. Iraq needs to fix its own problems and getting USA and Iran out are probably necessary steps. Improved relations with the Kurds could only be a sign of sanity.

Let’s hope that sanity does prevail in Iraq. Everyone must be tired of war by now and should get on with building a healthy society in Iraq. Accepting diversity and taking charge of government for the good of the people can happen if people talk more and shoot less.

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