Reality Exposes Trumpism For What It Is, Nonsense

“It could mean there are fewer young people in the workforce in the future, at the same time as life spans increase and more elderly people need care and resources into later life.
But it does not mean the population will shrink. It may grow at a slower rate, but there will continue to be more and more people in the US.
William Frey of the Brookings Institute called for some perspective on the figures.
“The country isn’t going to run out of people,” he said.”
See US birth rates drop to lowest since 1987
Chuckle. Trumpists love to hate immigration but the numbers don’t lie. If Trump cuts immigration a lot and the rate of immigration remains low enough USA will run out of people (the young and restless ones for sure). Trump is asking for a rate of immigration which will cause the population of USA to stagnate eventually and fall sooner or later unless women return to their role of baby-machines in a big way. Women love to be free from birth in their most productive years.

Canada, OTOH, is increasing immigration including refugees in order to ensure a good supply of working-age people for decades to come. USA is now at a level below “replacement”. It means Trumpists will be a decreasing portion of the population from now on thanks to Trump. Even cutting immigration to zero won’t stop that because immigrants have larger families for a generation or two. Chuckle. Trump is painting USA into a shrinking corner. His only escape is to ban contraception as well as abortion. That won’t happen. He can’t subsidize birth because the deficit spending on “offence” is much too large. Trumpism can’t stand.

PS – Chuckle. It keeps getting better. Just after I wrote the post above, I came across this Trumpist ranting about people speaking Spanish in a restaurant. See NY man to people speaking Spanish at restaurant: ‘My next call is to ICE’ Trumpists just don’t get it. They are stupid people.

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