Getting Me From A To B

Several times the trolls here have nagged that I might as well have a bicycle as my new RED Solo EV. Here’s an example of why that’s not a good idea. The picture below is one of my most-travelled routes. Note the high speed limit and lack of a paved shoulder. Often traffic is light but there are bursts of traffic when a light turns green or just by chance. It’s not pleasant to have big things whizzing by with ~85km/h speed differential.
See Google Street View
No, Solo makes more sense. It’s easy to pull over onto gravel if necessary and I can cruise at 70-80km/h quite comfortably without annoying the heck out of my fellow travellers and I can carry a lot more luggage for shopping/shipping.

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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9 Responses to Getting Me From A To B

  1. DrLoser wrote, “Got another one, Robert? I think not.”

    Grece wrote, “It is amazing that you are willing to spend serious money to gloat over this fact, when you can accomplish the very same, by riding a bike or at the very least walking.”

    Someone wrote, “And a bike wouldn’t? Your over-priced solution to the non-existent problem, that you shouldn’t be trying to solve in the first place has no generally applicable value – for short travel with no cargo hold you might as well use a bike (or just walk)”

    dougman wrote, “The Solo EV, is a one trick pony bound to fail as did the Elio vehicle. No one will buy it, and it won’t be sold in any country. Your best solution is just get a bike.”

    So, those are several examples of the unhelpful comments I’m ridding myself of by closing comments.

  2. DrLoser says:

    Several times the trolls here have nagged that I might as well have a bicycle

    With most people I would let this slip. But not with you, Robert. You’ve found a single obscure instance.

    Don’t generalise of a single obscure instance, which was probably a throwaway comment in the first place.

    The general thesis amongst us “trolls,” and I am open to correction, is that you should buy:

    1) A Nissan Leaf (probably second hand)
    2) A Nissan Micra (OK, mostly me, but others are close to that opinion) or
    3) A cheap junker to last you until EV cars come down in price.

    The only common denominator here is that, and I don’t quite understand our motives here, but perhaps we are on a Mission From God, we don’t want you to spend CA$20,000 on a wretched little tricycle, which will lead you to die horribly in a mangled crash about three years down the road.

    Show us a little love here, Robert. We are here to serve.

  3. DrLoser says:

    See someone’s comment

    Oh, lumme, there’s one! How thrilling! (Although technically the suggestion was either a bike or a bus.) Got another one, Robert? I think not. And as you may recall, your quantification on the question was “several trolls.”

    Aren’t databases wonderful?

    Somewhat off-topic, since mere storage of comments does not a database make. But, on the whole, I think reading comprehension is ever so lightly more wonderful.

    It’s a neat trick, Robert. You are not too old to learn it.

  4. DrLoser wrote, “you don’t need a car for those “few miles” Robert (a bike – literally – will do, or, in the case of the elderly, a bus).”

    See someone’s comment

    Aren’t databases wonderful?

  5. DrLoser says:

    Several times the trolls here have nagged that I might as well have a bicycle as my new RED Solo EV.

    Not even once, Robert.

    Repeat after me: a Nissan Leaf is not a bicycle.

    Now go scrabble up a link to one of us telling you to get a bicycle. It never happened, did it?

  6. wizard emiritus says:

    ” I might as well have a bicycle as my new RED Solo EV. ”

    What Solo Robert Pogson?

    Unless you have actually taken delivery of the aforesaid vehicle, you do not have a new anything.

  7. joepeatf says:

    Robertpogson the fat pig you never get Jerry’s trycycle…Jerry is very fast

  8. joepeatf says:

    Run Jerry…Robertpogson is steal your trycycle!!!

  9. Ivan says:

    Yeah, I think Dwayne Johnson put it best.

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