Oh No! Not Peanuts!

“Peanuts and peanut butter are popular in Canada. According to a 2016 survey of Canadian consumers, 95% eat peanuts and 97% eat peanut butter; 79% eat peanut butter at least once per week. The average Canadian eats nearly 3 kg of peanuts per year!
Canada is the largest single country importer of U.S. peanuts. More than 85 per cent of the peanuts consumed in Canada are obtained from a choice of 25,000 growers from the United States.”
See Peanuts in Canada
I read an article about the EU putting up tariffs on peanuts from USA in an early salvo in the USA v World trade war. I love peanuts. I eat them roasted, in cookies and muffins and cakes and peanut butter. Canada grows only a fraction of the peanuts consumed here so if Canada put up such a tariff, I would suffer. I could try growing soy beans which resemble peanuts in flavour.

Damn Trump! Impeachment is overdue!

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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6 Responses to Oh No! Not Peanuts!

  1. kurkosdr says:

    China has a plan. It involves sacrifices, for now labour and the rural areas will be left behind.

    Not sure if trolling or just senile old man.

    Do you really think the Chinese dictatorship cares about the Chinese people? All they care about is increasing their trade surplus. Hint: Chinese people don’t vote. This is what you brainwashed people who think better labour regulation and living standards for the average person comes axiomatically with economic growth. This only happens in democracies. And anyway, why should the US care if China’s economy gets bigger if it means a massive trade deficit for the US?

    If there is a time for the US to throw their weight around it is now before they become irrelevant as a market.

  2. Grece wrote, “Instead it of whining about it, maybe you should capitalize on the opportunity and grow your own.”

    Peanuts need light soil and a long warm growing season. Where I live I can sometimes grow pumpkins that require 120 frost-free days. Peanuts require an absolute minimum of 120 and 140-150 are better. I did grow a peanut-plant in a pot once and it did reasonably well while it lasted. It would need to be a greenhouse crop to finish. I might do that if things get really bad, but China can also supply us peanuts…

  3. kurkosdr wrote, “why not let him crash in the next elections?”

    If he can do this much harm in one year, why let him have two or three more years?

    Then k. went on about unfair labour practices in China. China has a plan. It involves sacrifices, for now labour and the rural areas will be left behind. The goal is to raise all boats… I think it’s working as most Chinese feel they are much better off today than in the previous generation. The Chinese did get some things wrong like depending on fossil fuels when they were ramping up. They are a few years behind the curve on renewables but far ahead of USA with pig Trump in charge. Unlike Trump who has no plan what to do in a trade-war, China is busy making stuff for the world in which USA is becoming increasingly irrelevant.

  4. kurkosdr says:

    I love how anti-Trumpers demand impeachment for Trump. If Trump is such a bad president why not let him crash in the next elections? Impeaching him will only allow him to avoid that embarrassment and claim he could have been re-elected but was brought down by a coup.

    But you see, Trump is doing a couple of things to reduce the great wealth export from the US to China. You see, the Chinese play dirty. They employ illegal student labour in their factories (illegal even by their own very low standards), they promised to curb their CO2 emissions under phase one of the Kyoto agreement but measured pollution only in Tibet, and they promised to curb their CO2 emissions in phase two of the Kyoto agreement but didn’t commit to any binding targets. For the first time since a long time however, the US has a president who is willing to fight back and stop the export of US wealth to China (instead of having a president that is a total tool in the hands of Globalists like Clinton, Obama or Bush). Athe people see that.

    This is what has globalists are scared shirtless and praying for Trump’s impeachment. They fear that the people will see that Trump’s tariffs are effective in stopping the export of wealth to China even if the globalists don’t like that. Then are also the occasional brainwashed fools who think their pensions can stay funded even with all that wealth being exported to Asia, but they and their ramblings are irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

  5. Grece says:

    Instead it of whining about it, maybe you should capitalize on the opportunity and grow your own.

  6. joepeatf says:

    Donald Tusk the potato brain does not know economics. Trade is not zero sum game and trade war is never good. I do not agree Pogsen, peanuts must be subsidized by the government. It is not good to import foods, USians will get risked. U.S.A subsidizes argiculture.

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