Bore-sighting The Buffalo Classic

With the help of a table and some cushions I set up the Buffalo Classic for bore-sighting. I picked a spot on the wall at the other end of the rec-room and aligned the bore. Then I adjusted the Williams WGRS peep sight to a point about 1.6 inches below the spot. That gives me about 16 MOA elevation, about right for a 200 yard zero with Berry’s 350 grain RSFP bullets at 1700 ft/s, what I will use for plinking and close-in hunting. I verified the rough setting by picking an aiming point 100 yards away and checking the sight-picture. It’s looking good. Now all I need to do is clean up the manufacturer’s rust-protection, get some ammunition and plink. I’ll probably weight the butt with a few pounds of lead too, in case I use those awesome 300JHP’s at full throttle (~2500 ft/s)…

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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  1. Grece says:

    You may as well close your blog down Robert. Your ramblings are becoming increasingly delusional.

    I have noticed that the older folks in my life tend to not always know what info is actually cromulent to the situation at-hand, and will say a lot of stuff that is just unnecessary and kinda makes you go wtf.

  2. Grece wrote, “Give us examples of Trumps blunders that he makes, every few minutes.”

    Hiring Flynn and Manafort and that other guy, respecting Putin more than his own organizations, blundering every time he ad libs, claiming this that and the other was the “best ever seen”, etc.

    When was the last time he said anything truthful? Recently he said “black” housing was higher than ever and it isn’t. He said people should vote for Moore and they shouldn’t any more than they’d choose a pedophile as a neighbour. He said he “digs” coal and he doesn’t. Coal is out of fashion thanks to competition from natural gas not government regulation. …

  3. Grece says:

    Blunders Robert? Those are out-right fabrications!

    Give us examples of Trumps blunders that he makes, every few minutes.

  4. So, the media make two blunders in a year and Trump makes one every few minutes and that’s OK? Nope.

  5. Grece says:

    HOT AIR….hmmm.

    That reminds me of something Robert. Care to take a guess?

    Trump went after ABC News’ Brian Ross for falsely reporting that then-candidate Trump ordered Gen. Michael Flynn to contact Russia during the election. Ross made a “clarification” and was given a four-week unpaid suspension.

    They should have fired him for what he wrote, as he drove the stock market down 350 points in minutes. Trump said to people – get yourself a lawyer and sue ABC News. Sue ’em!

    Trump then ripped CNN for it’s botched report that WikiLeaks gave Donald Trump Jr. access to hacked DNC emails before they were released to the public back in September 2016. CNN published a story about an alleged connection Trump and Russia. CNN airs another correction! The “secret decoding key” email they reported the Trump Campaign received was really just an email with a link to publically available Wikileaks docs!

    Seems all the CNN virtue signaling you have been doing is just that, HOT AIR!

  6. Grece wrote, “Deer can easily be engaged with this rifle to 275 yards
    Did I say they could not? I am referring to you Robert”

    What is the source of your information? ISTR shooting the bull at 1000 yards and I have killed deer at 300 yards off-hand. I’ve engaged gophers to 400 yards with very few misses. Grece doesn’t know what he’s writing. It’s just hot air.

  7. Grece says:

    Deer can easily be engaged with this rifle to 275 yards

    Did I say they could not? I am referring to you Robert; your about as dense as Fifi.

  8. See, for example, Hodgdon:”BULLET WEIGHT300 GR. SIE HP
    Bullet Diameter.458″
    Starting Load
    Velocity (ft/s)2,221
    Pressure27,600 CUP
    Maximum Load
    Velocity (ft/s)2,424
    Pressure40,000 CUP”
    That’s from a 24 inch barrel. BC will do better but the 300JHPs max out at 2500ft/s. Do the math.

  9. Grece wrote, “But you are not shooting out to 275 yards, maybe 50 yards at best”.

    Deer can easily be engaged with this rifle to 275 yards. MV of 2500 ft/s can be achieved with 300 grain bullets and several propellants.

  10. Grece says:

    But you are not shooting out to 275 yards, maybe 50 yards at best.

  11. Grece wrote, “300BLK is a far better cartridge”.

    So, it kills deer faster and deader? 45-70 delivers the energy 300 BLK has at the muzzle to 275 yards.

  12. Grece says:


    300BLK is a far better cartridge Robert. 125 gr at 2,215 ft/sec for 1,360 ft/lb

  13. Grece, still stuck on barrel-length, wrote, “At that range, and with such a long barrel, your accuracy and shot group will be crap”.

    I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to teach the youngsters some geometry. An object used as the front sight of a rifle, subtends an angle to the shooter’s eye of w/B where w is the width of the sight and B is the length from the shooter’s eye to the front sight. The apertures on the BC are varied from 50 to 120 thousandths of an inch. At 100 yards, they cover 5 to 12 inches, which is just fine for deer. For targets, one can shoot a bull large enough to nearly fill the aperture and the eye can centre the bull to a small fraction of its size, easily 1MOA. So, while the groups one can get with this rifle may be improved with a scope, there’s no practical benefit for hunting. 1MOA or 2MOA does not make any difference shooting into a 10 inch vital zone to 200 yards or even 300 yards. The groups sizes possible are definitely not crap. I used such sights back in the 1970s and could shoot 20 Xs in a row. I saw my companions shoot 1000 yard targets with similar sights, often into the black. The length of the barrel really does help use such large apertures well allowing a good crisp outline of both target and aperture. When I bore-sighted today, it was trivial to pick up small details at 100 yards and centre them. I will experiment with different discs from the set but for black bulls-eyes obviously a circular aperture is the way to go. I’d bet the “blue-blocker” disc would be great on deer out in the open but the posts should work well enough too.

    Further, there’s a lot less to go wrong with these sights under the harsh recoil of this rifle. I’ve wrecked enough scopes with recoil to know that. I can’t remember ever wrecking an iron sight except a flip-up job that just wore out its hinge.

  14. Grece wrote, “200 yard zero? LOL!…. you won’t hit anything Robert. At that range, and with such a long barrel, your accuracy and shot group will be crap.”

    You do understand that it’s deer I’m writing about, not mice? I’ll post some pictures of my groups when I get some ammunition in this calibre. Years ago I had some but sold it when I decided against .45-70. I’ve changed my mind and it’s a good thing. .45-70 has components readily available and folks are getting decent groups for hunting with a wide range of rifles from antiques to brand new rifles. It’s all good.

    I am past my prime but I can easily hold 2MOA standing and close to 1MOA prone or resting. I used to hold 1MOA and rested about 0.5MOA with ordinary hunting rifles. My trainee can shoot half that with my rifles. He has great eyes. However, the longer sight radius does give my eyes better leverage on distance. The choice of apertures with the BC are adaptable to many situations. There’s even a “blue-blocker” disc with an aperture which should allow me to “paint” a circle on a deer in good light. The possibilities are amazing. The only downside is the rather steep trajectory past the second zero. It’s very difficult to hold over at longer ranges in real time. One has to measure the distance quite accurately, not something easily done in hunting conditions. I’ll stick to modest ranges where I meet most deer.

  15. Grece says:

    200 yard zero? LOL!…. you won’t hit anything Robert. At that range, and with such a long barrel, your accuracy and shot group will be crap.

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