Deer Chuckle. So do we.

Had a great day hunting today. The only downside was meeting some “road-warriors” hunting illegally from a truck.

The weather was very good, not too cold and very light wind blowing from the deer to us. Eventually, a deer walked out and said, “Gimme!”. Unfortunately, it was a “bucks-only” season and I could not see any antlers against a poplar background in dim light. After a minute or so the deer trotted off stage to my right. At the last second, I saw small antlers against a background of spruce. If I had tracked the deer I might have had a shot. It turned out my partner also saw the deer and did see the antlers earlier. He jumped up and said, “It’s a buck!”, but I had my hat down over my ears and ear-plugs in and I heard nothing… We laughed later… For a while I was thinking I had failed but it turned out the reason the deer trotted off was the antics of my partner behind me. I was steady and calm as a rock. Chuckle…

An hour later another deer appeared in my partner’s face. He identified it as a doe but he saw another deer hanging back in the bush. As luck would have it my feet felt cold and I took that very instant to flex my calves to encourage circulation. The deer bolted… Chuckle…

We saw all this on the 360-degree camera my partner had set up. I was pleased to see me sitting like a rock for the whole time except the exciting parts and meanwhile he was twitching like a guy who drinks way too much coffee. I felt better after seeing the instant replay. My eyes may be older but I know how to ambush deer.

So we have one more deer in the freezer and will let the rest go. It’s clear the repeated bucks-only seasons have greatly increased the number of encounters at our favourite hunting spot. Surely the good life is continuing.

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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4 Responses to Deer Chuckle. So do we.

  1. Some of actually enjoy hunting and respect Nature. Slob hunters are unwelcome.

  2. Grece says:

    Your country sucks Robert. Try hunting hogs at night with FLIR and machine-guns from a helicopter.

  3. Grece wrote about hunting from a vehicle…

    There are exceptions but, “A person may not have or carry a loaded firearm in or on any vehicle or discharge a firearm from any vehicle. A rifle or shotgun is considered loaded if it has a live shell or cartridge in the chamber, attached magazine or loading mechanism. A muzzleloader, with a charge in the barrel, may be transported between hunting sites only if the firing cap is removed or, in the case of a flintlock, the flint is removed. When not traveling between hunting sites, the firing cap or flint must be removed and the barrel must not contain a charge.” and “It is illegal to hunt from a vehicle. For example, a vehicle may not be used to search for, locate, “push bush” or to flush out game under any circumstances. Vehicles may only be used to transport hunters, supplies or equipment to or from a hunting area. In most areas, vehicles may be used to retrieve a big game kill by the most direct route.”

  4. Grece says:

    I congratulate the road-warriors Robert, at least their feet were not cold, as your’s was. Nothing illegal about hunting from a vehicle, you can cover more ground that way.

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