Turkey Is One Of My Favourite Foods

“For decades, poultry breeders have transformed the genomes of turkeys, creating ever larger birds.”
See Turkeys Are Twice as Big as They Were in 1960
OK, I will eat just about anything that’s nutritious but I give extra points to stuff that’s easy to chew and that’s flavourful. I remember as a kid hating most meat because it tired me out chewing tough old cattle and pigs. That left wieners, sausages, hamburgers, chickens, fish and turkeys. Of course I ate what Mama put on my plate, or else I didn’t get dessert…

I keep reading about huge turkeys and greater efficiency of food to meat conversion but the most popular size of turkey in grocery stores is about 7kg, what most families can devour in a few days. Many ovens and roasting pans in homes can’t handle a turkey much bigger than 10kg. Those monsters must be going to restaurants and turkey-roll factories.

Nevertheless, this is good news for me. It likely means that turkey will be competitively priced as long as I shall live. My dream is having a large enough freezer to buy 12 turkeys when the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years loss-leaders are plentiful. With my Solo EV, I will be able to visit many groceries and stock up. I figure with 12 turkeys in the freezer I can have turkey soup and sandwiches almost every day for every month. I’d be raising turkeys in my yard every summer if there weren’t a by-law against that (“no farm animals”). If I lived further out, I’d have a turkey/chicken/rabbit department just to make sure I would never be shut out of meat in case of a poor season of hunting. Local improvement of food/cover for deer, rabbits and grouse should prevent that but in my present reality, it’s grocers and freezers that feed me and mine through the year.

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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9 Responses to Turkey Is One Of My Favourite Foods

  1. Grece says:

    I rather be know as “disgusting”, then a hypocritical pathetic loser.

    Its all good…..CHUCKLE.

  2. Grece is one of the most disgusting human beings I’ve ever encountered anywhere, right up there with Trump & Co.

  3. Grece says:

    Hammy, you the by-product of selective inbreeding.

  4. oiaohm says:

    Grece in fact hormone level have not changed in Turkeys to make them larger.

    What makes turkeys larger in most cases is genetics leading to more growth for same level of hormone.


    Most people are not aware that turkeys mostly have heart conditions. This means giving turkeys any form of hormone treatment to increase growth is basically death sentence. All the tests from the 1980 thought the 90s and into the early 2000 universal found the same thing any form of hormone treatment on turkeys end up with unprofitable amount of turkeys dead from heart condition.

    The only items that have been found to work is breeding, disease control and antibiotics. Breeding has not in fact increased hormone levels in current day turkeys compared to there 1966 relations but has lead to particular areas in the turkey growing more in response to the same level hormone. This is critical you don’t want over growth in heart resulting in dead turkey.

    Yes disease control and antibiotics have decreased number of turkeys lost to heart failure due to minor illness as well as increasing body weight due to less energy spent fighting off disease. The accelerated increases to size in the 1980,90 and 2000 trace to antibiotics and disease control. We are now dropping back to between .20-.26 pounds that is achieved by generic refinement.

    Grece its a hard thing for people to get. Yes hormones control over all growth to keep everything synced. How much growth particular hormone level causes is controlled on a per cell type by genetics. In something as touchy as a turkey with designed in heart issues the only way is genetics and genetics that don’t increase hormone level.

    Basically this is you being clueless as normal Grece. Turkey sizes have absolutely not increased due to anything different in hormones. In fact some of the strains of modern turkeys have lower hormone levels than the 1966 versions even they they are larger birds and some of the modern strains are absolutely identical to 1966 turkeys in hormone levels.

    So hormones is this super big myth. Turkeys it illegal to give them hormones as additive and medically the generic work on Turkeys has mostly not changed hormones in fact has never increased it. Why because increase turkey hormone levels equals increased death rate of turkeys. Its in fact beneficial to breed strains of turkeys with lower than the average 1966 turkey hormone rate to get increased life expectancy.

    Grece basically just because everything has hormones does not mean hormones has anything to do with a change in a creatures over all size. A turkey is a nice clear example of this being false idea.

    Increase size is always at least one of the following.
    1)Better living conditions.
    2)improves generics leading improved growth in targeted areas in creature.
    3)hormone modification by generics or additives

    Hormone modification as weight lifters and many other find more often than not it brings major life taking medical conditions. If you are breeding creatures for production of food you will target 1 and 2. Also breeding creatures for food you will always attempt to stay well clear of 3 because you don’t want to have new major fatal health conditions to deal with. Live stock dropping dead is a complete loss to the farmers bottom line.

    1980 there was a lot of ideas that hormones would be a wonder product to increase production. Early 1990s it was like hey if we can control hormones better we can avoid the side effects. Late 1990s it was found GM modification altering hormone levels caused basically the same effects as hormone injections being increased fatalities. So by early year 2000 it was proven that every attempt to use hormones to increase production was causing negative side effects. Lot of governments had either outlawed or restricted in the 1990s and early 2000s.

    All forms of long term messing with hormone levels is turning out bad. This is exactly like what we are finding with hormone replacement treatment in women as well.

  5. Grece says:

    Robert, so turkey’s do not have hormones? All living things have hormones.

  6. Grece wrote, “You will never own a Solo EV, let alone ANY EV.”

    Already wrong on two counts: the present SUV is electric (hybrid) and I have a deposit on a shiny red Solo EV due in 2018, if I live that long.

  7. Grece wrote, “Turkey sizes have increased due to hormones.”

    “One of the biggest myths about raising turkeys is that farmers use growth hormones and steroids to make turkeys grow bigger. That is simply not true! In fact, it is illegal in the U.S. to use growth hormones or steroids in any poultry production – turkey, chicken or egg layer hens. And this goes for any size farm (large, medium or small) and backyard flocks, as well.”

    See The Hormones Myth about Turkey

    The fact is that the gene-pool of turkeys contains stuff from ancient times. The fact is that genetic transfers from generation to generation are not perfect. Thus, farmers/breeders wanting larger/more efficient turkeys can select the most robust specimens from flocks and breed them repeatedly to select for larger birds. It’s like “natural selection” only it is supervised by humans and bean-counters rather than Nature. That’s how we have cherries that will grow almost into the Arctic even though the species originated in Asia. That’s how one can’t just plant seeds from anywhere and get the plants to thrive in the North. One has to use seed from specimens that have the right genes. It’s genetics not hormones.

  8. Grece says:

    Two points Robert.

    1. You will never own a Solo EV, let alone ANY EV.

    2. Turkey sizes have increased due to hormones.

    bon appétit

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