Zimbabwe’s Coup

“Zimbabwe’s military has placed President Robert Mugabe under house arrest in the capital Harare, South African President Jacob Zuma says.
Mr Mugabe told Mr Zuma in a phone call that he was fine, the South African leader’s office said.
Troops are patrolling the capital, Harare, after they seized state TV and said they were targeting “criminals”.”
See Zimbabwe’s Mugabe ‘under house arrest’ after army takeover
There’s one good thing about murdering tyrants. Eventually they all age and are replaced by something else. Any opportunity for change is a possibility of rational governance in place of madness.

My first recollection of Mugabe was him leading revolutionaries who murdered tourists and farmers and anyone they encountered to terrify the country into falling in line. The farmers he replaced by people who did not know how to farm and the economy has been going downhill ever since. It’s in a mess. Let’s hope new leadership is a serious correction rather than just a new tyrant. There are enough tyrants in the world. One less is a good thing.

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