Disgraceful POTUS Tweets On Disgrace

“President Donald Trump tweeted Friday that the decision allowing Bowe Bergdahl not to serve prison time is a “complete and total disgrace.””
See Trump on Bergdahl decision: ‘Complete and total disgrace’
A complete or total disgrace is a POTUS who:

  • boasts about assaulting women,
  • has nothing to say so repeats it three times,
  • didn’t even bother to serve in the military with a lame excuse,
  • believes rich white men are smarter, deserve more tax-breaks, and may lie with impunity while betraying the Constitution, and their country,
  • demands loyalty but gives none, and
  • slavers to be King.

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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12 Responses to Disgraceful POTUS Tweets On Disgrace

  1. Grece wrote, “using blue loctite is a good thing”.

    This turd used red loctite. “Loctite├é┬« Red Threadlocker is the highest strength. This product cures fully in 24 hours and is available in both a liquid and as a semisolid anaerobic. The red products are so powerful that they require heat to be disassembled.”

    Well, we didn’t use heat on a big piece of machinery, just lots of grunting.

  2. Grece wrote, “Thats a combined wheel/hub assembly, and fairly easy to replace.”

    Nope. We found sand, corrosion and epoxy made every twelfth of a turn pure hell. When we got the bolts out we decided to buy new ones for the new hub. The old ones were corroded and the heads were all worn from the wrenching. I think the thing that saved us was not ease but regular old WD-40 followed by new improved foaming WD-40. Those were the roughest threads I’ve ever seen that weren’t rusting out in a field somewhere.

  3. Grece says:

    Thats a combined wheel/hub assembly, and fairly easy to replace. I could have replaced all four using a floor jack in two hours flat AND I could have used a my electric impact. From what I have seen on YouTube versus what you communicated on this blog does NOT match up.

    By the way, using blue loctite is a good thing Robert.

  4. Grece says:

    Please list the make/model and year of this Cadillac.

  5. Grece wrote, “An electric impact would have solved your problem Robert”.

    There wasn’t room even for a regular socket. We would have had to disassemble the whole suspension to get a clear shot at the bolt-heads. I have an air-wrench but it didn’t have enough torque for these bastards and it was too bulky to put on the bolt anyway. I kid you not. We could not use a normal socket because there was not room for the socket and the driver before the spring. We scanned several sets looking for a small enough socket and could not find one. It would have taken some weird snake to couple in there. We had one for small sockets but not for 18mm. Normally heat could be used to soften up epoxy but this thing was massive and there was too much plastic and rubber around. The hub had electrical connections for ABS and an electric parking brake.

    I think the epoxy was not from the factory. This wheel had been serviced for brakes last year. I think a dealer’s service bay did this. Bastards! They get paid by the hour to remove crap like this.

  6. Grece says:

    An electric impact would have solved your problem Robert. Hand tools are for fools.

  7. Grece wrote, “yank bearing”.

    Wish it were so. Had to remove six loctited bolts to get the bearing to move (3 for the rotor and three for the hub). Damned thing is built like a tank. Nothing spun. It was grunt work every 1/6th of a turn and no ratchet would fit. Had to use a box-ender… Had to beat on it to get them started and for the first few turns. Did a run to Canadian Tire to get a long enough box-ender. Even the slide-hammer puller took many whacks to get much movement. Where torque would have worked they used epoxy. Where grease would have helped there was only rust. I can’t wait to get my Solo to be free of such nightmares.

  8. Grece says:

    Hours for a wheel bearing Robert? Should only take an hour: break torque on nuts, jack up vehicle, remove nuts, yank tire, remove brake caliper, pull rotor, yank bearing then repeat backwards. Hopefully you packed said bearing with a decent amount of grease.

  9. Grece wrote, “your steady focus on Trump this and Trump that, is allowing you to lose your focus on replacing Beast, ARM boards and the SOLO.”

    Nope. I touch base with all those regularly. Today, I helped a guy change wheel-bearings on a Cadillac. Hours of work for little gain. Solo is a thing of beauty in comparison. ARM is still a winner and I found a loose SATA cable on Beast. It’s solid now, perhaps good for one more year. All that’s lacking on ARM is the right package for my setup. Sooner or later a developer or server board will appear with all the right characteristics.

  10. Grece says:

    This blog of your’s Robert has gone downhill, not that it was all that good to begin with, but your steady focus on Trump this and Trump that, is allowing you to lose your focus on replacing Beast, ARM boards and the SOLO.

  11. Ivan says:

    As opposed to “great” Presidents that rape women and later bribe them into silence, don’t serve in the military, lock up a sizable percentage of black men, keep gay soldiers in the closet, let tech companies destroy the markets, and masturbate their underlings with cigars. Trump is just bad.

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