Trump’s “Chickens” Come Home To Roost

“The former manager of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, Paul Manafort, is to face charges related to an inquiry into alleged Russian meddling, US media report.”
See Ex-Trump aide ‘faces charges over Russia’
“Aide”? Nope. Campaign Manager. If Trump’s campaign manager was indicted for shady dealings with Russia, I know there was collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. Face it. The Russians would not have it any other way. They exploit every opportunity to use the weak link to their advantage. Shady dealings? They are leverage… “Hey, Paul! Remember when… Where do your polls suggest Putin invest in the Trump campaign?” Do you really think Manafort would not talk with Putin’s mice to do a little collusion? What would be the harm? It might even help, and that would be good for Paul Manafort, unless he got caught and he was caught.

I like it when a violent action story has a happy ending. It makes me feel less sad about the high body-count.

Expect endless accounts from Trump’s apologists about how little involved in the campaign was Paul Manafort. Sigh.

UPDATE Oh-Oh! George Papadopoulos, Trump’s foreign affairs and security advisor has plead guilty to lying to the FBI and is cooperating in the investigation, revealing that Trump arranged lower-level people to communicate with the Russians so that Trump would have deniability. This is a short fuse burning into the powder keg. It’s not about whether this thing will blow wide open but when and how loud a noise will be generated. I think it’s big. I think denying collusion is growing pretty weak… Having someone sitting at a table with Trump and others talking about collusion with the Russians is going to be easy to pry open. Who wants to go down with Trump? …crickets…

See also Ex-Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos pleads guilty to lying to FBI about Russian contacts

I think anyone who voted for Trump should be asking themselves why Trump surrounded himself with so many liars and cheaters with close contacts with Russia. Trump always said he was going to put USA first in everything he did, but it hasn’t been so.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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6 Responses to Trump’s “Chickens” Come Home To Roost

  1. oiaohm says:

    Grece come on the “Uranium One deal” made up by trump makes absolutely no sense.

    Everything used to discredit the claim is public record. In fact political misses that the Uranium One stuff talked about is a straight continuation of the 1986 Reykjavik Summit agreements that allow USA firms to own Uranium mines in Russia as well.

    If the FBI knew that Manafort was a Ukranian money launderer in 2014, why wouldn’t they tell Trump unless they were going to blackmail him later?
    It would be good if you were using the right group who knew. FBI did not know in 2014 because they were not being told.

    Ukrainian investigators were investigating Manafort yes they found the money laundering actions. That was not what they were after Manafort for. They are after Manafort for possible involvement in mass murder/genocide of 2014. So they did not share the information with the FBI so not to tip want to tip Manafort off. But when Manafort got into Trumps elected and he was in trumps inner circle they had to-do something before Manafort got diplomatic immunity.

    Christopher Steele was first employed by Trumps side. He found that different people in Trumps inner circle were either being investigated or were dealing with the Russia or both. Lets just say the Ukrainian investigators are good at keeping secrets yes they are not past using sex workers to collect information.

    So everything in the Steele report is mostly based on the facts he was able to collect most of it appears to be detected actions of the Ukrainian investigators trying to get Manafort. So Trumps side did have interactions with Russia and Ukraine. If other than the targeted guilty party (Manafort) knew that is another question. Hindsight is great the Christopher Steele report was basically saying there was at least one rat in Trumps camp from what is was finding and this is true. Christopher Steele report never collected enough information to say who or how many.

    Trump did make a mistake classing Christopher Steele as false the report incomplete not false. Also its a worry that when Christopher Steele started finding problems Trumps party stopped funding him so making him a free agent for other-side to pick up. So how many other things are wrong in the Trump side where they just stopped paying investigators to complete job and hoped the problem would go away.

  2. Grece wrote, “Everything you ever stated that would transpire never did, has it?”

    All of that list are thriving last time I checked. Expect thousands of Solo EVs to ship next year, billions of ARMed processors and millions of the others.

  3. Grece says:

    Expect an…(insert the following) ARM, Desktop Linux, thin clients, Debian Linux, Solo EV. Robert your predictions are dismal at best; you would never make it as a securities broker as you run with emotions NOT logic.

    Everything you ever stated that would transpire never did, has it?

    Give us one example.

  4. Grece wrote, “If the FBI knew that Manafort was a Ukranian money launderer in 2014, why wouldn’t they tell Trump unless they were going to blackmail him later?”

    Well, out of that nonsense Grece writes a whole novel of FBI conspiracy to harm future presidents… Sigh. It’s an apple, twit!

    Investigation of global crimes takes time. It took Manafort years to set up his network and it took time to unravel it. The reason that the indictments were laid at this time was because statutes of limitations might come due. This is a placeholder to nail the bastards down until the full weight of their crimes unfolds. At least they should have them on tax evasion but they did not lay that charge because they are not ready yet. Manafort is going to retire in a Fed hotel. His wife may also get sucked in as she was a nominal partner in some of the fake businesses and certainly knew of the lavish expenditures.

    Face it. If I suddenly started spending $millions I should not have and flaunted them I would be on someone’s radar in a year or two and it might take a year to lay appropriate traps. That’s what’s happening to Manafort and eventually to Trump. It’s not for nothing that Trump gathered around him organized criminals like Manafort. He’s probably planning to pardon the lot before he’s impeached. This will be a lesson to voters to participate next time.

    The interesting thing for now is that George was probably wearing a wire since July… Chuckle. How many Trumpists does the FBI have on tape now? How many cloud-CPU-weeks will it take to connect all the dots and print all the charges? The coming year will be an industrial effort to bring the weight of the law to crush Trumpism.

    Prediction: Now that Mueller knows how Manafort and the Trumpists operate, he will be better able to unwind Trump’s own affairs. Expect an indictment of Trump in 2018 for a wide variety of crimes including money-laundering through real estate. Trump will be harder since he doesn’t do e-mail but when his Trumpists are going under Mueller’s roller they will squeal on Trump. The old guys are teetering on the grave but decades in prison really matter to the younger folks. They will do the maths. The first one to squeal will get the deal and the rest will join Trump in federal prison for their prime years. For all we know the squealing has already happened but it could be this week’s demonstration will be the last straw for someone. Fear, uncertainty and doubt can break even the most stalwart believer.

  5. Grece says:

    Don’t get your panties in a knot Robert.

    If the FBI knew that Manafort was a Ukranian money launderer in 2014, why wouldn’t they tell Trump unless they were going to blackmail him later?

    Because the FBI totally NEVER intervenes. Like they would NEVER step in and stop a Russian spy ring if they got to close to people involved in the Uranium One deal!

    Just like they weren’t going to step in and stop the Garland, Texas muslim shooters. The FBI knew they were coming but didn’t send any warning, and apparently wasn’t prepared or willing to stop them.

    Just like they didn’t stop the first WTC bombing either. They had their Former Egyptian Captain inside man GIVE REAL EXPLOSIVES TO THE TERRORISTS! He insisted they should let him give fake explosives, but the FBI made him give real explosives to the muslim terrorists.

    See Robert, the FBI would rather hang onto any information they find and try to use it to gain leverage over the president. They tried to do this with the Steele dossier.

    Here’s how the actual conspiracy worked in general outline. According to Comey’s own words and their actual implication, on January 6, two weeks before Trump’s inauguration, FBI Director Comey is selected by Obama’s intelligence chiefs to do a “J. Edgar Hoover” on Trump, briefing him on salacious blackmail material fabricated by British intelligence and Clinton campaign operative Christopher Steele. It is a pure Hoover blackmail operation.

    Comey signals to Trump, “give up your fantasy about cooperation with Russia and we won’t release this.” Trump doesn’t budge. The very next day the whole Steele dossier is leaked all over the international news media, accusing the President-elect of perverse sexual acts with Russian hookers. Comey admitted as much in his testimony June 8, saying he was aware that that briefing could be construed as a “J. Edgar Hoover moment,” in response to a question from Senator Susan Collins of Maine.”

    Reminder: 4chan Autists Created Fake Piss Dossier Early 2016 To Troll GOP Rick Wilson (Who Insulted Autists On TV) – Wilson Thought It’s Real, Forwarded It To McCain > ex MI6 > Fusion GPS > CIA > FBI >whole MSM – Everyone Fell For It!!

  6. Ivan says:

    That’s nice, Bob. Of course the real threat to American Democracy is walking around free.

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