It’s About Time, Saudi Arabia

“Saudi Arabia’s King Salman issues an order allowing women to be given driving licences”
See Saudi women ‘given right to drive’
Is it April 1? Nope. Is this some Fake News? I hope not. It’s way past time Saudi women were allowed to drive a motor vehicle. Having to wait on Hubby or some son or uncle to do the job is just silly. I’ve seen a lot of crazy driving in Saudi Arabia. I doubt the women could do any worse. I witnessed several “Riyadh turn”s where someone punches it when the light turns green and hopes he can make across several lanes of traffic before the others get off the line. I witnessed a lot of really expensive automobiles trashed near intersections. Then there was “road rage” or standoffs with neither driver willing to change course. Then there were fiery wrecks by the highway with a tanker truck on one side and an passenger car on the other. The men were rarely willing to give the right of way or wait until there was room to pass. People died because men drove like idiots. Go women!

As much as this looks like progress, there’s still a lot of segregation in Saudi Arabia. I doubt there will ever be a queen, for instance, in my lifetime. There should be, someone to deal properly with the neighbours.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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6 Responses to It’s About Time, Saudi Arabia

  1. Mathias says:

    Now Robert Pogson can sleep better and feel that Saudis are “good guys” too. It doesn’t matter if they are feeding Al Qaeda and it’s branches like Al Nusra in Syria or ISIS. These all are of course strange bed fellows of Uncle Sam as Pogsy should know.

  2. Grece says:

    I wonder if Robert “pleasured” himself in Saudi Arabia?

    I know he learned how to NOT use TP which carry’s over till this day.

    Maybe Robert is/was radicalized and awaiting his marching orders, bringing Allah to Winnipeg and receiving his 72 virgins.

  3. ram says:

    Old Saudi saying:

    For children, a women
    for pleasure, a boy
    but for shear ecstasy, a melon 😀

  4. Grece says:

    I have fond memories of Saudi, friendly people, bargaining in the shops….religious police beating and killing people in the streets.

    Sounds like a ClubMed paradise Robert.

  5. Grece wrote, “these are the people you so adore Robert.”

    Don’t confuse the Saudi royals with all Saudis. It’s the royals and the religious extremists who run the country. That’s changing. The old guard is dying off and the new guard are loosening the reigns of power. I’m not sure bombing the Hell out of Yemen or blockading Qatr fits in this but when I was there different princes ran different things. It could be the king does not have complete authority over some things. It’s their problem and I hope they work it out reasonably. They can all retire rich and leave a constitutional democracy in place or not.

    I have fond memories of Saudi, friendly people, bargaining in the shops, heat, rare rain, cheap food, and some nightmares like the religious police beating and killing people in the streets. I also did some good work with the control system of the cyclotron and lab automation using Modula-2. The only really difficult people with whom I dealt were some USAian employees who thought it important to ignore all advice from more experienced technologists. That caused most of us old hands to leave.

  6. Grece says:

    And yet, these are the people you so adore Robert.

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