Thin Edge Of The Wedge

“According to French press reports, by switching from a proprietary tool to Zimbra, the city avoids having to pay EUR 700,000 for renewal of proprietary licence fees. The city has earmarked EUR 200,000 to cover the exit costs and to tailor Zimbra to the needs of the administration.”
See City of Rennes to tackle IT vendor lock-in
I wasn’t at first avoiding vendor lock-in when I first began to use GNU/Linux in schools (I just wanted software that worked.) but I’ve seen this e-mail problem in schools. Some company has ownership of your data and if you want to continue using their product you pay through the nose for the right to keep access to your data… It’s a racket. The same thing extended to the desktop OS with fake new file-formats designed simply to keep users on the Desktop OS treadmill. Enough of that.

Use FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software). It’s software that works for people not slave-masters disguised as businesses providing a service. The world can and does make its own software. There’s no need for monopoly. Use GNU/Linux and FLOSS applications.

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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  1. oiaohm says:

    Deaf Spy funny idiot you challenging something I have already provided 1 cite over.

    The wifi issues have been turning up in the Microsoft technet forums for the past 4 and a half years.

    You sound feverish, Deaf Spy. Pink elephants or flying pigs? I hope not. Check your temperature, take your meds and a good rest in bed.
    Why because fact is fact Deaf Spy. Only someone who is sick in the head would be stupidly channeling fact like you are now.

    Now would you now answer if you are the banned dougman or not?
    This time don’t attempt to change the topic particularly when its

  2. Deaf Spy says:

    …that wifi issues with network sharing is common at the moment…

    You sound feverish, Fifi. Pink elephants or flying pigs? I hope not. Check your temperature, take your meds and a good rest in bed.

  3. wizard emiritus says:

    “Now would you now answer if you are the banned dougman or not?”


  4. oiaohm says:

    Deaf Spy besides is funny you are now using the same like as grece is this admistion that you are the same person who keeps on changing handle when you get proven wrong. Now would you now answer if you are the banned dougman or not?

  5. oiaohm says:

    No I am not hallucinating.. You are not going to admit the facts that wifi issues with network sharing is common at the moment on windows and Linux platforms due to share code between the two platforms and other defects.

    Deaf Spy you are a tunnel visioned idiot. Just because someone using Linux is having a particular issue it pays to check out if the same problems are happening on other platforms. Sometimes like the wifi network sharing issues it turns out to be part hardware issue.
    One thing network file sharing depends on is good latency. Depending on what your wifi card you have your latency might be no good. Able to surf the net but unable to use NFS or SMB in a stable or reliable way.

    Fairly much every time you tell me I need to take meds is a case you have not done your research and are way out of your depth. Robert mentioned NFS issue and the fact SMB issues turn up under windows due to exactly the same set of problems. Is this a Linux problem when Windows and Linux both suffer from it. The answer is no. Is this a hardware problem hell yes.

    So being locked in using a cable connection for stable networking is a fate a windows or linux user can have to live with.

    5 to 6 years back Windows had the advantage with wifi. That difference has disappeared.

    The reality Deafspy in the current world of wifi issues you cannot promise using Windows will be better. In fact with the way the Windows 10 wifi stack locks up with particular wifi models forcing full system restarts its way worse. So you have business you need done and you have option of cable can be a very good idea to use it.

    Please note the wifi fast issues can be the access point can requiring disabling ipv6, n wifi and other things to make access point happy as well so it does not drop your connection.
    A few of windows stack issues have been making the news as well.

    The reality like it or not Deaf Spy there is MIT license code that is used in wifi drivers be those drivers for Linux, Freebsd, Windows… with some of that in the firmware blobs that is in fact defective. Robert mentioned the exact hardware he was doing wifi with guess what one had dud firmware effecting every OS using that chipset and relate chip-set by the same maker.

    Basically if you had done your homework on the problem Robert talked about you would have came to blame the vendor of the wifi hardware. This was a OS neutral problem of course idiot Deaf Spy does not know that.

  6. Deaf Spy says:

    Calm down and take your meds, Fifi, you’re hallucinating.

  7. oiaohm says:

    Deaf Spy I have not heard of a laptop built in keyboard not working with Linux without it somehow being hardware broken or being simple miss configuration.

    I have seen windows users lugging around external keyboard because laptop keyboard has bought it as well.

    Deaf Spy here is the same wifi problem Robert was talking about. Woohoo its Windows 10 doing it and the normal windows user response reset everything. You get away from this fault by changing wifi card or going to wire connection. This is not a unique OS problem.

    Deaf Spy why do windows user have the response of reset everything. Because windows wifi drivers are on average worse than Linux ones. Linux has issues with software and some hardware wifi encryption and nfs/smb shares. Window has issues in wifi of the stack stuffing up in random and strange ways and software and some hardware wifi encryption causing trouble. Deaf Spy so complaining about wifi on Linux and pushing windows is basically beaten up every single time because the reality is the windows wifi implementation is worse.

    DeafSpy you find windows masochists reseting their wifi in their laptops every day sometimes multi times in a day instead of either getting it replace or using a cable. Robert willingness to go to cable show more sanity than some windows people I have meet.

  8. Deaf Spy says:

    It works for her.

    Except for Wi-Fi, reportedly. Come on, Robert, tell us again how you locked her into using cable because you couldn’t get WiFi running.

    Btw, you are still a mile away from my favourite FLOSS proponent. I had an acquaintance, a Linux zealot like you. He used an external keyboard on his laptop because the built-in keyboard was not working under Linux. That minor glitch, of course, never stopped him from praising Linux.

    Are you sure you are not a masochist?

  9. Old Bill wrote, “Suffering through desktop Linux to get free apps and FLOSS is like using ham radio for free communications.”

    TLW uses desktop GNU/Linux on ARM daily with never a complaint. It works for her. It works for me too because it just keeps working. No nonsense about doing things Bill G’s way. No malware. No slowing down and no re-re-reboots. No Wintel treadmill.

  10. Old Bill says:

    Software is a lot like television today. Just about everything you might want to do is free if you are willing to tolerate some advertising. You can pay a little and get rid of ads just like you can pay for ad-free Hulu. Suffering through desktop Linux to get free apps and FLOSS is like using ham radio for free communications.

  11. Deaf Spy says:

    Some company has ownership of your data…pay through the nose for the right to keep access to your data

    Well, since people can migrate from Exchange to other services, your statement is false.

    And it is. No problem to export your mailboxes from Exchange to other formats and import them wherever you find suitable. Our company switched from Google Apps to Office 365 within 8 hours with all mailboxes fully converted.

    Better tell us how systemd left your locked in to Ethernet cables because you can get WiFi running. 🙂

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