EVSEs fall in price

“AV 30 Amp – 15ft Cable, UL- ListedPrice: $749.00
See AV 30 Amp – 15ft Cable, UL- Listed
OK, so the quotation on the right is an ad for an Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment. I just gave that as an example of the price of things. One of the impediments to adoption of electric vehicles is the still low volume of sales/installations of EVSEs. It cost ~$500 CDN even for a simple 120V adapter. Many home EVSEs cost ~$1000 and often an electrician doubles the price for the labour and materials to extend electrical service to the garage or driveway.

Apparently, that’s changing. The sheer volume of sales of EVs has grown so that EVSEs are coming down in price through market-forces/supply and demand. Thus, it should be easier than ever to make my 2018 Solo EV happy. 😉

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2 Responses to EVSEs fall in price

  1. Deaf Spy says:

    I bet you will find a substitute made in China for a few quid.

    Which will very likely burn an electronics component in the EV or ruin the battery. Or both. 🙂

  2. Grece says:

    Well Robert, as with anything in life, you gotta pay to play. However, knowing how tight you are I bet you will find a substitute made in China for a few quid.

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