“A top general has told Canadian MPs they cannot count on US support if North Korea launches a nuclear attack on their country.”
See US policy is ‘not to defend Canada’ in any N Korea attack
ISTR that USA and others joined with Canada in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization which had the stated purpose to defend any and all members against attack. If it’s indeed true that USA is no longer willing to do that, perhaps it’s time Canada went nuclear too. Canadians helped USA build its first bombs in the Manhattan project. One Canadian from my University of Manitoba physics department died in the process when they were “tickling the tail” of the critical-mass tiger. My uncle was among those holding a flank during the Battle of the Bulge in WWII. Canada opened its airports, hotels and homes to USAians stranded in the air when the USAian airspace was shut down in 9/11. Canadians helped in Afghanistan despite USA occasionally bombing them with “friendly fire”. How soon USAians forget.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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  1. kurkosdr says:

    We ‘ve had this decision before Pog: Most of illegal immigrants (you always seem to ignore the fact I am taking about illegal immigrants) are unskilled labour, so, even if the problem that they are illegal immigrants was somehow worked around by the government (that’s a big “if” btw) and they could theoretically land a job, with unskilled labour being either sent to China/India or being replaced by automation nowadays, most of them will not find a job. And you will have to support them with your property taxes. It is what is happening in Greece and Italy. Even Germany is waking up to this uncomfortable reality, which is the reason they are sending their illegal immigrants back to Greece and Italy (taking advantage of “country of entry” rules).

    Looks like it’s not me who needs to “Wake Up!”

    Wake Up! There is a glut of unskilled labour worldwide (thank Islamic countries for placing more importance on having many children instead of having educated children on families for that) in an era when demand for unskilled labour is falling (if you are an optimist replace with “not increasing fast enough by a wide stretch”) due to automation. With that in mind, the last thing you should want is lax illegal immigration enforcement (and politicians who like lax illegal immigration enforcement), essentially making the world’s unskilled labour glut problem your country’s unskilled labour glut problem. Because once they get in your country, you will have to support those people from your taxes in some way or another. More so if you own property, which is sitting duck “taxable material”.

    But you see, as I said in my previous post, most people are sentimental and easy to manipulate. All it takes is a photo of 3 children dead or suffering in an ad or in the evening news (never mind that the world is a very big place and there will always be some children suffering or dead somewhere), and the people feel as if solving the world’s problems is their country’s responsibility. Then it is easy to manipulate those people into voting against themselves. Pog is a nice case study.

  2. Kurkosdr wrote, “Illegal immigrants will be fed and housed in air-conditioned accommodation by the government, and the cost will come out of the government budget”.

    Wake up! Immigrants of all kinds tend to work hard and make Canada a better place. Canada is a nation of immigrants and aboriginal people. People who work hard rarely need to be supported by the government. They end up paying taxes and helping others get started running schools, hospitals, infrastructure etc. My wife is an immigrant. Most of her family came to Canada over decades and I don’t think one of them is on welfare or unemployment insurance. Now they have children and children’s children and they are all a blessing to Canada. Immigrants tend to be better people than average. They have to make a huge effort to make the change/travel/adapt and they aren’t going to mess it up by slacking off once they arrive.

  3. Ivan says:

    Ain’t nobody “joined with Canada” to do nothin’, Bob.

    Ya’ll were scared shitless that you might have to add another language to your street signs so ya’ll begged the US for the privilege of licking our boots to keep you lazy syrup lovin’ freaks from having to learn the Cyrillic alphabet.

  4. oiaohm says:

    Kurkosdr even in Australia we don’t treat all immigrants the same. So someone enters illegally but they are willing to follow laws pay taxes and be otherwise upstanding and are trying to get away from true problem most case those people do the country more good than harm.

    So immigration policy need to be able to sort the good from the bad. Blanket that all illegal immigrants are bad or good creates incorrect bias one way or the other.

    Australian immigration laws are quite a complex beast. There are a lot in the USA that under Australian immigration law would be able to apply for residency then citizenship. USA lest punishing the people coming from Mexico and ignore how out of control it is.

    Yes the risk of death in Mexico to a civilian as at the same level it was at the height of the first and second Iraq war to Iraq civilians. So USA have no problem with people fleeing war zones yet a problem with people fleeing Mexico because it not declared a war zone?? How can you say double standard.

    There is a serous problem in Mexico and it documented. All the USA does is complain about the refugees and never says what heck they are going to-do to attempt to fix the problem.

  5. Kurkosdr says:

    This is happened = This is what happened

  6. Kurkosdr says:

    Trudope will establish a new law that you have to personally take in, house and feed between 2 and 10 immigrants

    I think it will happen in a more subtle manner: Illegal immigrants will be fed and housed in air-conditioned accommodation by the government, and the cost will come out of the government budget, which will come out of the taxpayer pocket.

    When you hear about increased property taxes against “the haves” planned by the government, which if course will end up targeting the middle class, you know the plan is in action. When you hear the government renting people’s apartments to house illegal immigrants (which in reality is the government returning the property tax to the apartment owner) you also know the plan is in action.

    This is happened in Greece when the leftards took over, so I know what I am talking about.

    Let’s be honest, not everyone likes the fact workers in some countries are not paid India salaries, and some illegal immigration has been decided to be the “fix” for that “problem”.

    There are some countries with smart population like Australia who pressure the government to do its job (that is, uphold the immigration law they wrote and not accept any illegal immigrants roaming around the country) but those countries are the exception. People in most countries are sentimental and easy to manipulate and make them fight their own interests.

  7. wizard emiritus says:

    “I’d say that proves Grece is certifiably nuts.”

    Nope. Dougie is a troll who you bounced once and should bounce again.

  8. Grece wrote, “Trudope will establish a new law that you have to personally take in, house and feed between 2 and 10 immigrants”.

    I’d say that proves Grece is certifiably nuts.

  9. Grece says:

    Canada has become a shit-hole. Every young Canadian that know, wants to leave for the U.S, and I do not blame them.

    See, this is exactly why:

    Give it time Robert, Trudope will establish a new law that you have to personally take in, house and feed between 2 and 10 immigrants. Even still, they could confiscate your home, since you love refugees so much.

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