Canada’s A Winner

“Canada does not even really have a national education system, it is based on autonomous provinces and it is hard to think of a bigger contrast between a city state such as Singapore and a sprawling land mass such as Canada.
The OECD, trying to understand Canada’s success in education, described the role of the federal government as “limited and sometimes non-existent”.
Also not widely recognised is that Canada has a high level of migrants in its school population.
More than a third of young adults in Canada are from families where both parents are from another country.
But the children of newly-arrived, migrant families seem to integrate rapidly enough to perform at the same high level as their classmates.”
See How Canada became an education superpower
Canada is often seen by USAians as a loser where people pay high taxes and have little freedom. Nothing could be further from the truth. Those taxes we pay? A lot of that goes to things that matter, like education and universal MediCare.

It’s about priorities. USA spends more on an election every few years than Canada does on stuff that matters. Canada spends less on education and healthcare (% of GDP) than USA for a better result. In USA, education and healthcare are all about commercial competition. That brings wasteful duplication and the wrong goals. In education, where I worked my last years, the goal is to offer every student a good education no matter where they live or who their families are. While USA is fretting immigration, Canada welcomes immigration, including refugees. It all goes to making education stronger and more diverse and more flexible.

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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  1. Ivan says:

    USA allows fewer refugees from Syria despite having 10X larger population

    The USA actually attempts to perform background checks so people like this awesome human being and these wonderful men don’t get in.

    USA actually nuked hundreds of thousands of Japanese

    The Japanese kidnapped women and forced them into sexual slavery.
    Japanese soldiers would toss babies into the air and catch them on their bayonets.
    Japanese guards would take groups of POWs, wrap them together in barbed wire, and burn them to death.
    The Japanese actions towards civilians were described by Nazis as unimaginably hellish. Nazis said that, Bob. Unimaginably hellish.
    Japan didn’t get all they deserved, Bob. Two nukes was being nice, Bob.

    USA had widespread lynchings of blacks in my lifetime

    How are those forced sterilizations of poor non-white women coming along, Bob?

    USA has killed hundreds of thousands in recent wars in the Middle East

    Do you really prefer honor killings, acid attacks, and rape to Democracy, Bob?

    I’m proud to be Canadian.

    That’s nice, but Canada’s history is more FUBAR than the USA with far more racism and intolerance than I’m willing to research just to win an argument on your silly blog. That pearly white smile Canada shows the world hides the face of a psychopath.

    Meanwhile Trump was willing to let Putin take all of Ukraine and Syria if he wanted it.

    So you don’t want the USA involved in wars in the Middle East but somehow want us involved in wars in Ukraine and Syria… Make up your hypocritical mind, Bob.

  2. ram says:

    oiaohm is right about that form of medical treatment.

    Without single payer medical the level of medical care in the USA is appalling. One of the chief reasons I left.

  3. oiaohm says:

    Grece you have it kind of wrong. Flying doctors here in Australia will commonly have the plaster laced bandages to apply a cast in the aircraft. the fast set version sets in 5mm and is way more stable than doing a splint.

    Please note the person apply a fast set cast may not be a doctor may be just nurses and paramedics without x-ray or ultrasound. Those first applied casts are not much different to a splint where the they are to be replaced inside a decent time frame normally less than 48 hours.

    Grece so the medical pattern is the following.

    1 cast/splint to hold broken stable limb for transport can be nurse/paramedic does not have to be a doctor at this point.
    2 medical assessment ie x-ray/ultrasound/mri.
    3 surgery if required remove transport/temporary cast/splint and perform surgery
    4 apply longterm cast/split as require after the surgery what might not be required in some cases after pinning..

    Grece the usage points cast and splints are very interchangeable. So you broken limb will be cast/splinted twice. Once by the person performing medical triage and once after surgery. Of course depending on the staff you have and the damage will depend if both of those casts or both of those are splints or a mixture between splints and casts.

    Why would any doctor install a cast, having to later remove said cast hours later to do surgery?
    The mistakes in this line.
    1) the first cast application many not be done by a doctor.
    2) A cast is just a hard set splint. If there is no correct size splint on shelf using a plaster bandage is normally enough.

    Please note a temporary cast made from just plaster bandages will not have extra levels of reinforcing and less layers of plaster bandage that a long term usage cast will. Yes temporary cast being thinner makes it simpler to cut off.

    Grece you logic was stupid. You are not going to have a person with a broken arm or leg going around without a limb supported because you don’t have right sized splint on self when you have fast set plaster bandages sitting there. This is use the next best thing part of medical treatment and plaster casting limb is the next best thing if you don’t have a splint for rapid treatment.

    Having the limb casted or splinted is safer to x-ray/ultrasound/mri. So without limb stabilized performing assessment is made harder.

  4. Grece wrote, “Why would any doctor install a cast, having to later remove said cast hours later to do surgery?”

    It was a half-cast to immobilize multiple breaks to ease pain, prevent further injury and to make transport easier. That was done in Hay River, NT. I was flown to Edmonton for surgery. After prepping for surgery, two stainless rods were inserted between knee and ankle to form a necklace of broken bones which healed eventually in Manitoba. Those were memorable times including that their first choice of pain-killer caused my BP to plunge so I did not get the usual regime of crutch-training before being wheeled to the airport. It took five months before that leg could bear any weight and I was using a cane for two years in the arctic.

  5. Grece says:

    Cast then surgery Robert? I think your memory is failing you. Its surgery then a cast silly rabbit.

    Why would any doctor install a cast, having to later remove said cast hours later to do surgery?

  6. Grece wrote, “An operation for a broken leg, with cast within an hour Robert?”

    That’s not what I wrote. I had a cast within an hour and the surgery a few hours later.

  7. Grece says:

    An operation for a broken leg, with cast within an hour Robert? That is NOT an operation for what I wrote about, that’s more in-line with a 24-hour clinic. No way in hell, you allegedly had surgery and in cast with the hour.

  8. Grece wrote, “there is still a long waiting list for a host of operations, both routine and urgent”.

    When I broke my leg one evening a few years back, I was in surgery within hours. A half cast was installed within the hour of my fall and a permanent fix was made about 12h later. No need to visit USA. Considering there are tens of millions of Canadians it’s a wonder more don’t do the cross-border thing like they do for fishing, hunting, and shopping. In the same period how many USAians sought help in Canada due to proximity or cost? Nearly a million USAians get medical treatment outside USA annually.

  9. Grece says:

    Canada is a sheeet-hole. Need an operation and don’t want to wait? Come to the United States and make it a holiday!

    Health care in Canada isn’t free—Canadians actually pay a substantial amount for health care through their taxes, even if they don’t pay directly for medical services. For all those tax dollars, there is still a long waiting list for a host of operations, both routine and urgent. This is why 63,000 Canadians left the country in 2016 to seek medical assistance elsewhere — usually the U.S.

  10. Ivan wrote about a century ago in Canada. Meanwhile, USA allows fewer refugees from Syria despite having 10X larger population, USA actually nuked hundreds of thousands of Japanese, USA had widespread lynchings of blacks in my lifetime, and USA has killed hundreds of thousands in recent wars in the Middle East. I’m proud to be Canadian. Meanwhile Trump was willing to let Putin take all of Ukraine and Syria if he wanted it.

  11. Ivan says:

    Canada welcomes immigration

    Canada kept people of Eastern European descent in internment camps during the entirety of World War I.

    Canada waited until 1949 to close it’s Japanese internment camps and allow people of Japanese descent to move about freely.

    Canada refuses to keep men out of women’s shelters.

    Canada is still forcibly sterilizing non-white, low income women.

    Canada: It’s great if you’re a white male.

  12. Deaf Spy says:

    A lot of that goes to things that matter…

    Facts. GDP PPP, 2016:
    – USA: $57,300
    – Canada: $46,200

    US economy is generating 24% for its people than Canadian. Gee, I wonder why. Might it have something to do with the taxes and government regulations and spending?

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