Debian 9 “Stretch” Released

I’ve had a couple of systems running it. Today I will convert my main machine. See

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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9 Responses to Debian 9 “Stretch” Released

  1. DrLoser says:

    But enough of these dreadful>/b> people who have nothing better to do than to mock you and doubt you and jeer at you, Bobbikins! Stand up for yourself, Boob! Give those dolts the Full Poglet!

    Clearly there is a benefit to moving to Debian 9. (And clearly that benefit is not simply frigging around with PHP init settings and so on.)

    Astonish us all, O Condensed Wisdom of the Prairies! Tell us! Tell us all!

    What the heck was the point of that?

    I’m with you on this one. Absolutely every single person who contributes to your blog (saving possibly Fifi) thinks you are a total abject moron for doing this and boasting about it.

    Me, I think you’re only about 80% of the way there. Moar abject, please/.

  2. Grece wrote, “When your locality dips down to -30C, I seriously doubt your “precious” grapevine will survive”.

    We reached -32 last winter and not one vine died. Hares did chew on one though.

    We have grapes hardy to zone 3. Some are hardy to zone 4 and they still survived, thanks to global warming.

  3. Grece says:

    In other words, you are too cheap, to maintain the plant during the winter, mulch or otherwise.

    Don’t think for one minute that just because it survived your previous winter, that it will survive in the future. When your locality dips down to -30C, I seriously doubt your “precious” grapevine will survive, unless you take some proactive measure such as mulching and/or install a row-cover/greenhouse of sorts.

  4. Grece wrote, cryptically, “a grapevine will be of no use”.

    Huh? Grapes grow well here. Didn’t lose one over the winter and the are growing like weeds. I have three bearing fruit. In a few years, I will have enough grapes. Grapes have been grown in Manitoba for two centuries.

  5. Grece says:

    Unless you have a greenhouse, which you don’t, a grapevine will be of no use.

  6. Grece wrote, “fantasy items that never come to fruition”.

    Hey! Don’t knock it! I’ve started repotting my grape seedlings. Germination rate was very high. I will have two rows of grapes across the yard. TLW is going to be ticked!

  7. Grece says:

    Of course he is bored. He could be bought motoring in a used Leaf, but is too hard-headed for his own good.

    I even told Robert how to alleviate the “muddy” situation, by building some grow boxes and using a sand/peat combination soil-mix, but he rather spend money on fantasy items that never come to fruition.

  8. The Wiz wrote, “Are you that bored?”

    No, but it’s time and we’ve had a bit of rain making work in the yard a bit muddy. Should be OK this afternoon. BTW, the upgrade to Debian 9/Stretch went smoothly. I had to reboot to get NFS to work and I had to tweak my PHP configuration a bit. Otherwise, the desktop, the networking, and the applications are just fine.

  9. wizard emiritus says:

    “Today I will convert my main machine. ”

    Are you that bored?

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