Fruitful Promises

Today I had an outing for shooting and checking out the production of fruit in the forest. My faith in bolt-action rifles was renewed as a semi-auto with a nifty scope after years of fiddling shoots no better than a WWII rifle with iron sights. I got to shoot an Egyptian “Rashid” rifle modelled after the Ljungman rifle in 7.62×39. I got a rabbit-killing group at 40 yards standing and loved the handling of the nice carbine. It’s a lot handier than the original Swedish semi-auto. Fruit checked out well too except that the damned tent-caterpillars are trying to eat all the leaves. The chokecherries were bare in places but still had green fruit. Saskatoon (Amelanchier alnifolia) were sparse but were beginning to ripen their fruit. Hazelnut abound but it will be late in the summer before we can count the score. I want to gather some of this natural product to see whether it can survive better in my yard than this domesticated stuff…

Finished the day with a slice of homemade pumpkin pie. Life is good.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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  1. oiaohm says:

    Grece before the gun laws we using to use semi-automatics for rabbit hunting. So sorry I know exactly how semi-automatic stuff up. I bet you have never semi-automatics to spending 100 to 200 rounds in night for that number of kills. Then it get worse. It was nothing uncommon to have at least 3 semi-automatics per person. Why because at about 50 rounds due to grime from firing the spread bullets had expanded. So you swap guns and keep on shot. Get home clean all 3 guns and everything was ready for next time.

    One of the things you noticed after the gun laws and having to use bolt action was that you would take 1 gun and put 100 to 200 rounds threw and not have spread of bullets change at all. Do note at the time rabbit hide had a good market and head shot was require to get best value for the hide.

    If I had know the difference between bolt action and semi/full auto action back then on accuracy I would have never been using the semi-autos the way I was. Semi-autos was costing me about 4 percent of the income from hide damage without considering all the extra cost in time in the extra weapon cleaning and maintenance.

    Grece go out with a clean semi auto fire of 5 shots check the spread. Fire off another 40 shots then another 5 shots and check the spread again. You will notice the latter spread is bigger. Its just that the weapon has got dirty with gun shot residue and the ejection is not behaving itself as well as when it was perfectly clean.

    Grece I bet you have never had to use a gun to earn a living where is accuracy or lack there of was making a difference to how much you had in the bank.

    Call of duty is bull crap because no matter how many rounds you fire off the guns accuracy stays the same this is not the way a semi or full auto behaves.

    Grece come on you are insulting me you. Besides you proved you were a idiot on this topic when you said re-crowning. You cannot tolerate the fact this is a topic I know well.

  2. Grece says:

    Fifi, otherwise known as the Aboriginal Bum Cleaner, besides Call of Doody, do you even own A gun?

  3. oiaohm says:
    Grece so that is what the smell was you farting.

    Reality be it gas operated, recoil operated or blow back operated semi-automatic defects in the breach will result in the shell being released at different times after firing. Causing the bullet to get different amount of force every time you fire so having a unstable spread.

    recrown the barrel got to be kidding right.

    The crown of a barrel has no effect on how good the accuracy is. Now here is the catch why it might appear to be. You apply force to the tip when redoing crown of barrel forcing the barrel back a little into the breach to a better barrel location for now so correcting the breach. Of course the reason why the barrel has moved forwards comprising the breach being that it was not mounted properly was never address so the problem returns again in future. Depending on how bad the mounting of the barrel is it could be very quick before it plays up again. So here is another idiot throwing out perfectly good barrels.

    As soon as someone is suggesting re-crowning you know they are talking out their ass.

    Reface-Rechamber barrel to correct one of the possible breach end issues might fix some if that is the issue. Gas it can be fragments in the piston effecting flow rate then recoil and blowback can be grim on the return springs.

    Of course if you Reface-Rechamber a barrel and the issue was not the chamber.
    1) a barrel can only be effectively re-chambered so many times. So you have shorted the life of the barrel for no good reason.
    2) factory chambering of barrels can be way more exact so you have increased odds of breach issues in future for no good reason.

    Reface and Rechamber should be only done once you have ruled out that nothing else in the breach mechanics is to blame.

    Grece semi and full auto weapons have a more complete breach with more moving parts than a bolt action in a firing process. Each one of those moving parts can be cause of accuracy problems. First task before do any mechanical modifications to a semi/auto firearm is a proper clean and prep in case all the problem is build up somewhere in the mechanical parts of the breach causing the shell to be released with variable timing.

    Unstable breach function is the same as using random bullets with different propellent loads. Both results in accuracy shot to hell.

    With properly maintained weapons most cases when the chamber in a barrel is coming questionable so is its rifling is stuffed as well. This comes the rub. Majority of the time you should not re-chamber because either 1 it was never required or 2 the barrel is mechanically stuffed due to wear and tear. Re-crowning is only to make the barrel look good so a pointless operation. On a historic weapon you have damaged the patina by Re-crowning so lowing the value of the weapon.

  4. Grece says:

    Did someone fart? All I smell is some talking out their butt again.

  5. oiaohm says:

    These make 1000 meters easy.

    Grece a lot look to barrel in semi auto as trouble making is missing something. The big one can in fact be the breach. There is a reason why most sniper rifles are bolt action no breach issues causing variation in charge to round that causes variation in wind effect. Yes the action of semi auto to automatically go and pick up the next round can be causing a nasty bit of variation every shot add in attempting to dial it in you effectively end up chasing your tail.

    Grece there are a few guns makers who make guns with changeable barrels that are the same barrel between a bolt action, semi automatic and full automatic. A few of those get interesting when you have a person like you that it has to be the barrel. You put barrel on a semi with unstable breach and you cannot group worth a dam then you take that same barrel and put it on the bolt action and it groups perfectly every single time. At this point the person has to admit that semi automatic have a few more problems to deal with. Bolt action failure to group its the barrel. Semi auto failure to group its barrel or breach. Yes sometimes a good strip down with a complete and systematic clean and inspect and reassembled can be all a semi auto need to start behaving properly. Some semi autos can have badly machined parts in the breach mechanicals from new and be stuffed no matter how many times you change the barrel.

    Bolt action is simpler care and less trouble for sniper style work. Mil would not have bolt action for snipers if semi-auto did not have their major downsides.

    Grece really I see it a lot. People reworking a semi auto barrel thinking that is fixing when really what fixed in a lot of cases was the weapon being broken down and cleaned properly so making breach operate correctly again. Of course after usage it happens again and again and again with them damaging perfectly good barrels then disposing of them. First thing before doing anything else give the weapon a complete clean and inspect then test it again. If that fixes it you are not looking at a barrel problem. Also if you happen to have a bolt action gun that takes the same barrel test with that to know if you have a good or bad barrel. If barrel is good you are back again looking at the semi-auto breach. If you have two of the same type of semi-auto and one is right and one is wrong swap the barrels and see if they swap as expected. If they don’t swap again is breach issue not barrel.

    Really there is a testing process to this.

  6. Grece says:

    The troublesome semi-auto has been fired by experts from rest and won’t group worth a dam with any bullet or powder charge we’ve tried.

    Sounds like you need to simply recrown the barrel. If that does not work, then reface the barrel in a lathe, and if that don’t work, then replace said barrel instead of bitching about it.

  7. Grece wrote, “Have you ever shot out to 1000 meters Robert?”

    Nope. 900m. The troublesome semi-auto has been fired by experts from rest and won’t group worth a dam with any bullet or powder charge we’ve tried. Meanwhile a bolt action in the same calibre is a tack-driver despite costing ten times less money and a lot less fiddling. Some rifles are just lemons.

  8. Grece says:

    a semi-auto with a nifty scope after years of fiddling shoots no better than a WWII rifle with iron sights.

    Unlikely Robert, it’s the person behind the firearm that makes all the difference, not the other way around.

    Iron sights are very limiting, I can use them out to say 400 meters effective. With a telescopic sight, I can easily do 1000 meters.

    Have you ever shot out to 1000 meters Robert?

  9. Grece says:

    Are you making your list yet Robert?

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