Solo EV Versus The Competition

“For 2017, all LEAF trim levels offer the 30 kWh battery that was previously only available on LEAF SV and SL grades. Along with the 100-mile plus range, the 30 kWh battery can be quick-charged to 80 percent (from the low battery charge warning) in about 30 minutes. Charging on a home charging system (Level 2, 240V) is estimated to take about six hours with the 6.6 kW onboard charger.”
See 2017 Nissan LEAF priced from $30,680 before incentives
Solo EV gets >100 mile range from a 16.1kWh battery and carries just the driver. The competition, the Nissan Leaf, will do that for five people with a 30kWh battery for > twice the price. If you just have one person to commute or two people to shuttle around on errands, two Solos is a better, more flexible, deal. If you just have one person to commute or shuttle around, Solo is a better deal by far. Yes, the Leaf is luxurious. Yes, it has airbags. It costs more than twice as much. Do you choose the diamond-studded loaf of bread or the standard stuff for dinner? I choose the standard stuff. Efficiency and price are more important to me than luxurious affects. Further, front wheel drive is nice in slippery conditions but it’s way more complex and has more moving parts than Solo’s drive. I don’t want to pay extra for more to go wrong.

So, basically, there is no competition for Solo except perhaps a motorcycle and you can have that slipstream in your teeth and hair if you want. I’ll pass on that. Solo uses less energy than a gas-guzzling motorcycle by far. I don’t want to waste energy on moving air out of my way.

One more thing. My Solo will be bright red. Leaf only has muddy red… Why wear camo on the highway?

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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  1. DrLoser wrote, “I imagine you have buy-in from TLW on that proposition.”

    I’m working on her. I don’t think it’s in the cards until she sees mine run around. She’ll want a test-drive and then she’ll be hooked…

    The question is, “Am I foolish enough to let her drive my Solo?” She’s known to be hard on equipment. Perhaps, just once, around the block…

  2. DrLoser says:

    Oh, and this “two Solos” thing?

    I imagine you have buy-in from TLW on that proposition.


  3. DrLoser says:

    EMV has the resources to succeed.

    And yet —

    As long as investors and customers support the car it will succeed.

    One assertion of the other, Robert. It’s troubling that you feel the need to weaken your original case (first quote) by immediately weaselling out with the second quote.

    Then again, it’s all hearsay anyway. Just one more question, if I may: did you actually shuck up that $250 deposit? Did you really? Because I’m afraid, old man, I really don’t believe that you did.

    Even you can’t be quite that gullible.

  4. Grece says:

    Grece spammed…Robert?

    Considering that spamming, by its very definition in the electrical transmission sense, means irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the Internet to a large number of recipients. I am rather befuddled on how anything I posted, is irrelevant or inappropriate Robert.

    Every post deals with Electra Meccanica, Jerry and his Bolo EV. Where is your logic??

    About the only person that does any spamming here Robert, is your buddy Fifi.

  5. Grece says:

    Solo is his baby, from concept to production.

    The assertion, that Jerry conceived such a “thing” is laughable, in that, I have already proven, using Jerry’s own words, that he is NOT technically educated enough to perform such a function.

    Does Jerry have a Electrical or Mechanical degree hidden away in his back pocket? NO! About the only thing Jerry has is his marketing skill set from operating Ascend Sportmanagement Inc. as an Indycar Race Driver Agent and Sponsorship Manager, back in 1989 and onward.

  6. Grece spammed…

    Do you blame Jerry what Corbin did at HQ? Jerry did not design the Sparrow. It worked but needed storage space and a better drive-train. Solo is his baby, from concept to production. We realize a lot of start-ups fail. EMV has the resources to succeed. As long as investors and customers support the car it will succeed.

  7. Grece says:

    Ok, I lied.

    One more tidbit. Some background on Jerry “The Snake”.

    From 2001 to Present,(Note: the prospectus was written on March 17, 2003) Mr. Kroll has been the President and C.E.O. of Corbin Motors Vancouver, Inc., a Canadian licensee of all electric, 3 wheeled commuter vehicles being organized for production in Canada.

    Some background on the Corbin:

    “less than 300 Sparrows were made and many buyers never received their vehicles. Of those sold many went back to the factory for repairs. It also states that many customers paid a deposit to be the first to receive a Roadster off the production line but despite many beta models being produced the company filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy proceedings on March 31st 2003. ”

    Another crystal ball tidbit I would say. So ol’ Jerry, the slippery snake, has been doing this electric three-wheel crap for almost two decades!

  8. Grece says:

    Here is another snapshot of the “outsourced” chassis’s, to me they look like fiberglass, and not some composite aerospace decking plating BS. If they were, they could be tig welded and not screwed together.

    I am going to stop, but this is comedy gold.

  9. Grece says:

    Electrameccanica Vehicles Solo Production expanding! Our Canadian GigaFactory.

    This is a Eff’n joke.

  10. Grece says:

    Electra Meccanica does not even paint their own Bolo’s, it’s outsourced to Fraser River Paint & Body

    Seriously? how can a vehicle manufacturer rely on outsourcing painting??

  11. Grece says:

    Confirmation that Jerry is not technically astute:

    Its readily obvious now, after studying Jerry for awhile, that the Bolo is something that he never built, designed or conceived.

  12. Grece says:

    I also find is illogical that Jerry rides in a Fisker, and not his Bolo while he was out campaigning.

    BTW, the Fisker line is defunct, it went bankrupt. If you read the Wiki its almost verbatim on what Jerry has tried to do and privy to looking into a crystal ball of sorts, on the future of Electra Meccanica.

  13. Grece says:

    We have discussed the chassis of the Bolo on numerous occasions here, today I came across this image and twitter post.

    Looking at Jerry’s own words, he says “Chassis arrive at Electra Meccanica plant!” which conveys to me that said chassis is NOT built by them, or at their so-called garage. To me, it looks like a bunch of panels screwed together using countersunk screws. I’d hate to be hit with a much larger vehicle, while driving in that deathtrap.

  14. Grece mentioned the Elio. It’s a gas-guzzler compared to the Solo. 84mpg versus 200 MPGe for Solo. It’s not a bad design, though, carrying a passenger instead of luggage. That’s a tradeoff. Over the lifetime of both cars the Solo will be cheaper because an electric motor lasts longer and electricity is cheaper energy and the Solo uses energy more efficiently. Consider the cost of oil, gasoline, and maintenance, Solo is a winner. I did look at Elio. If it were electric, it would be competitive.

  15. Grece says:

    Robert, you considered the Elio?

    Low price and high maintenance versus high price and low maintenance. I hate maintenance.

    You make it sound like you are performing maintenance on a Ferrari Robert. You just hate maintenance as you are a lazy sloth, and a dementia prone miser.

  16. Grece says:

    if you are #13 and are expected in Nov. 17 then Mine of #546 will no way make it in Q1 of 2018. At that rate I’ll be lucky if I even get it in 2018 at all.

    Robert still in denial, covers for Jerry’s scam:

    EMV’s production numbers and schedule do line up. There is some slippage as is likely in any such venture but it’s just the starting point and a small number of vehicles. We’ve seen their production methods and their assembly line. There’s no reason at all that they can’t produce a few vehicles per week, 17 vehicles per month and 50 vehicles per quarter as the delivery schedule describes. Q2 of 2017 is a bit late to start so they will be short some vehicles this quarter but it’s a tiny slippage compared to the planned year’s production. Relax. It’s just maths.

    Slippage Robert? As in Jerry is a slippery snake? Also, how does maintaining a slippery schedule, have ANYTHING to do with math?

  17. Grece says:

    Robert, there is no competition. The Bolo is a one-trick pony, out to dupe investors and scam people of their money.

    Lets see, Greens and Beans Deli has not received their Bolo yet.

    Electra Meccanica, still states building 1-50 Bolo’s for Q2 2017:

    Here is an interesting forum message:

    November 2017 for delivery of number 13? LOL….

    Roberts in denial:

  18. Kurkosdr wrote, “The Lead has a cargo space that is big enough to fit your supermarket Saturday shopping”.

    Solo can handle groceries very well. It’s larger items that are problematic.

  19. Kurkosdr says:

    The Lead = The Leaf

  20. Kurkosdr says:

    Yes, the Leaf is luxurious. Yes, it has airbags. It costs more than twice as much.

    The Lead has a cargo space that is big enough to fit your supermarket Saturday shopping, but I assume you will piggyback on TLW’s gas-guzzling SUV for that. Hypocritical much?

    The Leaf is also crash-rated (5-stars), which means that if some drunk driver crashes on you while driving a Leaf, you will actually live to tell the tale. When driving Jerry’s cobbled-together non-crash-rated electric big-wheel, nah…

    If there is one thing I like about the Leaf and the Tesla cars is that they put all those non-crash-rated deathtraps (like the Reva GWiz) to shame. Believe it or not, there was an era when greenies told us we should look past crash-safety and buy horrible little non-crash-rated deathtraps like the GWiz anyway. Of course, there are people willing to buy such deathtraps today…

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