Names, Logos, and License Plates

All over North America, license plates are required on automobiles allowed on the public roads. This helps identify vehicles/people for police, buyers, suppliers, etc. The usual plates are some random string of numerals and letters. However, my province, Manitoba, allows “prestige plates“. Since I’m going to proudly drive around in my bright red Solo next year, I thought it only fitting that I should have a special plate, front and back.

The application process involves filling out a form and paying a fee of $100 CAD. There are of course restrictions. The plate must not offend public decency, or be more than 7 letters and numerals, or resemble the stock licence plates which have a form AAA NNN. One can submit three choices in order of preference. I’m terribly poor at making arbitrary choices. Perhaps readers can help…

Currently, some of my ideas include:

  • ELECTRIC (one too many characters)
  • SOLO (might work if I happen to be the first in Manitoba)
  • REDRIDER (again, too many characters)
  • SMALLEV (that could work)
  • ELECTRA (yes)
  • 16KWH (the capacity of the battery – probably not OK)
  • J1772 (the plug-in standard, probably not OK)
  • EV1 (probably not OK)

Well, you get the idea. What should I have on my plates?

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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14 Responses to Names, Logos, and License Plates

  1. Ivan says:

    I suggest CHPSKT1

  2. Kurkosdr says:

    Nothing like placing the cart before the horse, eh?

    More like, wanting to buy a cart while having paid a con-man preorder money for the promise that a horse will be delivered in Q1 2018 (delivery​ date subject to change without notice). Putting a cart before the horse could work with some adjustments. The other plan won’t for sure.

    I guess I’ll have to use the standard plates until the special ones arrive.

    How many vehicles ElectraMeccanica​ has delivered? Are they on the double digits yet?

    The genius trick behind EM’s scam is the same genius trick Nigerian scammers employ: For those not in the know, when Nigerian scammers write their emails, they make glaring grammar and syntax mistakes on purpose, so that only the dumbest people are likely to respond, people who are less likely to waste their time but not bite or try to contact the authorities to recover the funds. Similarly, EM doesn’t even make an effort to pretend they are a real vehicle manufacturer with a real active assembly line, so the people who send them preorders are true believers like Pog and hence unlikely to request a refund before the Q1 2018 “delivery date” passes by, giving them plenty of time to deliver the first dozen vehicles to their friends and basically fulfill the pyramid scheme.

  3. Grece says:

    Sadly, you can’t order the plate until you have the vehicle.

    Only you Robert, would try to purchase vanity tags, before obtaining said vehicle. Nothing like placing the cart before the horse, eh?

  4. Kurkosdr wrote, “and you still haven’t received your Solo EV, file the paperwork anyway and choose “VAPOR” as the tag”.

    Sadly, you can’t order the plate until you have the vehicle. I guess I’ll have to use the standard plates until the special ones arrive.

  5. Grece wrote, “A “driveway” is commonly known as private-property Robert”.

    Private property begins 33 feet from the centre-line of the road. We weren’t anywhere near the guy’s property. We were on a public roadway. We just used his approach to turn around.

  6. Grece says:

    stopped in a driveway

    A “driveway” is commonly known as private-property Robert, same as snowmobiles driving on your land , its called trespassing.

    The law of trespass in Canada is made up of tort law, provincial legislation, and criminal law. It has been held to occur whenever there has been an unauthorized physical intrusion onto the private property of another.

    You are showing your true colors here, by pissing on your Canadian neighbors, their property, land and laws.

  7. Kurkosdr says:

    When Q1 2018 passes by and you still haven’t received your Solo EV, file the paperwork anyway and choose “VAPOR” as the tag. I believe the guys over at the Canadian equivalent of the DMW will be understanding and will give you a plate to marvel at. “2D4LEAF” could also work (can you figure it out?)

    BTW tags like “LECTRIC”, OLDGUY”, “REDRIDER” and “SMARTEV” are too generic and probably already taken. People who are less much of a M1SER are already owning EVs, and since your average EV owner feels compelled to brag about his purchase, those tags are probably already taken. Is there a way to check if your tags of choice are already taken, or you just make 3 choices and if they are all taken, they pick something random for you?

  8. Grece wrote, “namely trespassing”.

    No trespassing was involved we were on the road allowance hundreds of yards from anywhere.

  9. Grece says:

    Doctor took the word out of my mouth, on the M1SER tag, good call chap!

    Robert, peeing on peoples driveways? How could you do such a deed!?

    That’s breaking the law, namely trespassing and likely to get you shot. Robert, you remind me of some of the people down in the city, that give no thought of peeing in public on the sidewalk. Maybe perhaps you should just pee all over your garden, you know, for building nitrogen.

    So we have public urination to add, along with not using toilet-paper. Robert, are you sure you are not from West Virginia?

  10. ram wrote, “if you have to pull over alot due to age: “I GOTA P””

    I have a story about that. Turned off the highway and stopped in a driveway out of sight… Farmer took offence and chased us down the highway. He turned back when he got close enough to read the plate…

  11. DrLoser says:

    Too many letters. There is a cost to each letter.

    How about “M1SER?”

    Not that the … thing … will ever be on the road. But, hey, $250 down on the pyramid scheme payment? I think another $5,000 for a fookwit vanity plate would make sense.

  12. Michael Rudas wrote, “Just “LECTRIC” would be cool.”

    Hey! You’re right!

  13. Michael Rudas says:

    Just “LECTRIC” would be cool.

  14. ram says:

    Well, some people might feel your new three wheeler is: “OVAR8D”

    But if you have to pull over alot due to age: “I GOTA P”

    However if it turns out the vehicle is really fast: “GIV W4Y”

    If it turns out to be somewhat unreliable: “POWEROFF”

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