Debian Stretch Is Imminent

“On 2017-06-03 at the latest, we will tag all remaining RC bugs with either stretch-ignore OR stretch-will-remove. Packages that have RC bugs tagged with stretch-will-remove will be removed the weekend before the release unless they have been fixed in testing prior to that. Please note that the automatic removals are still in effect and may remove packages before that deadline.”
See Planned release of stretch on 2017-06-17 and the last weeks up to the release
I’ve been slow this year. I have five systems running Debian 8 and I have only one virtual machine running 9/Stretch. Dist-upgrade worked for that. I guess I will start dist-upgrading the lot this weekend if I ever get caught up with my planting and the weeds and watching the Trump-train-wreck…

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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14 Responses to Debian Stretch Is Imminent

  1. DrLoser wrote, “Costs $CA 1,500 less than a useless Chinese tractorette, in fact.”

    Chuckle. Just yesterday, I was using the newest roto-tiller and reflected on how incredibly slow it is compared the huge Chinese tiller. I estimate, the new beast while quite handy is at least ten times slower than the Chinese monster: about four times slower due to width, and 3-4 times slower due to travel speed. Heck, the Chinese tiller not only digs up fair-sized rocks, but it hurls them a good distance… The Chinese tiller has a 1L diesel engine while the new guy has a 208cc gasoline engine that really sucks gasoline… I think I did the whole yard the Chinese way with just 20L of fuel. I think the new guy would take several times as much. It’s already used 10L just on the garden near the house and a bit of the yard. Nevertheless, it is usable by me and even TLW except on the berms which require a bit of strength for steering. Oh, yes, the new guy takes two or three passes to thoroughly discourage weeds thanks to a much slower RPM on the tiller. The Chinese monster is more like a blender…

  2. Grece wrote this FUD, “Does her work approve of her using an unapproved operating system, that may compromise their server?”

    How the Hell is an operating system on a client computer supposed to compromise a robust server on the web? Grece should be ashamed, but in the Age of Trump, shame is in short supply, just like having a conscience, or helping one’s fellow man, or taking care of the weak and minorities.

  3. Deaf Spy wrote, “Did they fix this”.

    I don’t know and don’t care. I don’t use TOOS anywhere nor CIFS/SMB. I use NFS and SSH.

  4. Deaf Spy says:

    Did they fix this?

  5. Grece wrote, “how does TLW connect to work using Linux?”

    WREB uses a web-interface which GNU/Linux can do. They had a TOOS only system for many years. They finally connected to the 21st century…

  6. Grece says:

    No, TLW doesn’t use TOOS anywhere in our home.

    I find your statement suspect, base on some of the other actions and comments you have made Robert.

    For example, how does TLW connect to work using Linux? Does her work approve of her using an unapproved operating system, that may compromise their server?

    Do tell!

  7. As expected, apt-get dist-upgrade worked perfectly, booting to a very familiar and functional desktop. This is written from the Intel Atom in our living room. No, TLW doesn’t use TOOS anywhere in our home. She has no need.

  8. DrLoser says:

    Then again, you are a disappointing sort of fellow.

    As roughly 1,000 under-educated Native American children know to their cost.

  9. DrLoser says:

    So you are using an Intel cpu, on ‘that’ laptop, to bash Intel and Windows? In essence, you are using Windows to bash Microsoft!?

    That is most unfair, Grece.

    I am totally convinced that Robert will honestly swear that he does not permit the use of “TOOS” in his own house, and furthermore that TLW does not use “TOOS” in her lengthy trips abroad.

    I believe in you, Robert. I would be very disappointed if you let me down on this one.

  10. DrLoser says:

    Do you know how many people care about Debian Stretch, Robert?

    Maybe you can count the numbers up on a pyramid scheme … say, how many of them have put a $25 deposit on the insta-wreckage.

    Never mind. It’s all free. Chuckle. Costs $CA 1,500 less than a useless Chinese tractorette, in fact. (But around $CA 1,400 more than the perfectly serviceable Windows 10.)

    Domestic economy. That’s the thing.

  11. Grece says:

    in TLW’s office,the machine on which I write this comment,

    So you are using an Intel cpu, on ‘that’ laptop, to bash Intel and Windows? In essence, you are using Windows to bash Microsoft!?

    Robert….you are such the hypocrite. As we ‘know, TLW does not use Linux on ‘that’ Intel cpu laptop.

  12. Grece, doubting everything, wrote, “Five Robert?”

    1. Beast, of course,
    2. Odroid-C2, in TLW’s office,
    3. the machine on which I write this comment, our “Home Theatre”, an Atom…,
    4. TLW’s notebook which looks like it won’t see another Christmas with TLW’s and grand kids’ abuse…, and
    5. an old Acer notebook TLW has not used since the aircraft-carrying monstrous notebook was donated.

    So, yes, Grece, five. I anticipate retiring a few of those soon and replacing them with a mix of Odroids, FireFlys and Marvel’s Community board. I think I’ll use an Odroid to track Sun for my solar PV system and monitor charge of a big battery. I could do that with discrete components, of course, but it’s nice to have a web-page on the LAN, a database of performance, and to make changes through software.

    I updated this comment on Beast to help Grece count. The HTML I injected from the Atom did not pass WordPress’ filter…

  13. kurkosdr says:

    Sometimes I think what would happen if Ubuntu, Madriva, Xandors and all the other “user-friendly” distros (which however are keen to incorporate the latest update-breaking bleeding-edge technology) never existed. Would Debian Stable have found a real niche into the double digits?

    The efforts by freetards to convert Desktop Linux into “just like Windows but better” had a detrimental effect to the spread of Desktop Linux IMO. Do you see Apple chasing after Windows? No, they don’t. They don’t do 3D and they don’t do the latest Nvidia cards, and instead, have focused on a polished experience. The relentless chasing of Windows was a big mistake, and in a sense, I am glad that Debian didn’t (fully) bite, and Pog as a customer doesn’t either.

  14. Grece says:

    Five Robert? That’s a “stretch” of the imagination, wouldn’t you agree?

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