Yet Another US Airline Does The Indecent Thing

“The video of the American Airlines encounter starts off with a woman sobbing as she holds a baby.”Just give me back my stroller please,” she says tearfully.
A male passenger stands up and intervenes, apparently upset with how the woman’s situation was handled. He tells the flight attendant, “Hey bud, hey bud. You do that to me, and I’ll knock you flat.”
The flight attendant tells the male passenger to stay out of it, then later taunts him to “hit me, hit me … bring it on.””
See American Airlines investigates after video shows mom in tears
It’s as if my entire life of travelling by air is replayed in just weeks. All the bad stuff that happens rarely is played on the web courtesy of millions of smartphones.

This time it’s a flight attendant/steward/scum who gave a woman with a toddler and an infant a hard time boarding a plane with a stroller. Who, in their right mind, would not go out of their way to be helpful and courteous to someone offering freely to generate the next generation? Who would not defend her against any and all evils? Who would expect the customer relations experts of a major airline to be the evil? Even the pilot seemed impassive. Perhaps he’d seen it all but it’s his plane and his passengers who were upset by his crew. The other passengers clearly cared more than AA’s crew.

I know there are issues of safety and efficiency involved but none of that matters if ordinary courtesy is lost in the shuffle. How do airlines expect to compete if their employees drive customers away? My mind boggles. My new Solo EV is looking like a better deal all the time. I can travel with it anywhere I want to go without having to fear those providing transportation.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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5 Responses to Yet Another US Airline Does The Indecent Thing

  1. Old Bill wrote, “This particular incident does not looks so egregious from the available video.”

    The video picks up the story in mid-stream. I have heard various versions. Either way the grump took away the stroller forcefully and struck a small child. I understand airlines don’t want oversize/heavy stuff in overhead bins. In my experience ladies with children are boarded early to take care of all such issues politely and compassionately. I don’t know what happened here except the situation was not handled well. It’s just wrong to offend mothers with young children. It’s just wrong to offend other passengers in the event. It’s just wrong. Some people understand what it takes to be a flight attendant and do the job very well. Others don’t usually get through training. One commentator mentioned that the grump hid his identity badge as if he knew he was wrong and “doubled down”. Travel is stressful enough without encountering such bullies.

  2. Old Bill says:

    It is not so surprising that there will occasionally be found a grumpy flight attendant who ran out of the sunshine needed to rate an 8, 9, or 10. Their bosses know who they are and eventually they are not around anymore.

    This particular incident does not looks so egregious from the available video. It derived its fame more as a reminiscence of the UAL aisle-dragging than on any merit of its own. She got a first class re-book compensated and likely had a handy place for her stroller, too. The thing that worried me was the guy who took it upon himself to threaten the FA subsequent.

    You could see the captain step in and send the guy to his seat as well as herd the FA back out the door. One hint of a safety of flight issue and the guy would be visiting with the SFO airport police. I doubt that belligerence works any better at SFO than at ORD.

  3. Kurkosdr wrote, “you plan to use your solo to travel airplane distances? Please elaborate.”

    Travelling east is easy as far as Nova Scotia, and I can drive all the way to Vancouver Island in a Solo. The mountains would be difficult, but all the way to Alberta would be no problem along the TransCanada highway including the Yellow Head route. Sites like PlugShare help find charging stations.

    While I could go to all those places, I haven’t any immediate plans to travel outside Manitoba or Saskatchewan where I have family, hunting/fishing, and shopping opportunities. There’s a garden-supply place in Saskatoon that sells peanuts in 50 pound sacks. If I don’t have to pay for fuel to go there and back, that becomes a feasible purchase. TLW loves peanuts, you see… For the time being there are just enough charging stations to get around the country. Most charging stations are getting only a few visits per week. In a few years, if EVs ramp up in popularity, there could be a shortage of available stations but now is the opportune time to own an EV and I want a piece of the action. Being retired and old has its advantages and one of the is the time to travel electrically. In five or ten years, I may have less interest in travelling but I could have some fun in the meantime.

  4. Kurkosdr says:

    I can travel with it anywhere I want to go without having to fear those providing transportation.

    So… you plan to use your solo to travel airplane distances? Please elaborate.

    Anyway, rewarding this kind of corporate behaviour is part of American culture. When Americans buy things, they only care about two things: Sticker price and spec sheet. Other things such as the attitude of the company towards customers, the quality of the product and the quality of support offered to the customer are afterthoughts. It is the reason the Big 3 automakers have so bad after-sales support and so unreliable products. The product is offered cheap and that’s what Americans care about. I know, who am I to judge, but this kind of thinking gave the world Windows from Microsoft as the dominant OS (with Microsoft being a company that refuses to provide adequate support for their OSes, still better than the “community” support you get for FOSS OSes but still bad) when we could as well be running BeOS, but that OS was too good to survive on the American market, and so was the company that made it.

  5. Grece says:

    I can travel with it anywhere I want to go without having to fear those providing transportation.

    Till your electric big-wheel breaks down on the side of the road, and the tow driver charges you an enormous fee to drive five miles, but when you complain, he states: “hit me, hit me … bring it on!”

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