Mary Jane Goes Crazy

“On Thursday, the Canadian government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau unveiled its plans to legalize recreational marijuana.Canadian PM Justin Trudeau endorsed marijuana legalization during his campaign.
Canadian PM Justin Trudeau endorsed marijuana legalization during his campaign.If the Cannabis Act passes Parliament, Canada would become the second nation in the world, after Uruguay, to regulate a legal marijuana market.”
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There are so many issues related to legalization of marijuana in Canada, I scarcely know where to start. I’ve never used the stuff and I especially hate smoking anything. It’s just stupid and unhealthy to take into lungs random chemical products subjected to high temperatures.

Nevertheless Canadians like most other humans to some extent enjoy or value marijuana either for “recreation” or medical benefits. Perhaps the best place to look for reason in all this is to consider why marijuana was made illegal in the first place. After all, alcohol and tobacco are almost certainly more harmful but legal.

On the plus side, re-legalization may help wrest marijuana from criminal elements which are involved in so much violence, medical uses could be properly explored and exploited and governments could benefit from taxation. On the negative side, re-legalization could encourage/enable use by children who are the most vulnerable to smoking and likely the least to benefit from “recreation”, whatever that is. Watching my grand daughters playing is all the proof I need that they don’t need marijuana, yet I know peer pressure and curiosity will expose them to marijuana sooner or later.

Eventually, farmers could benefit from marijuana as they used to. As a child I used a rope made of hemp in a swing in the maple trees in my yard. Hemp is a valuable fibre from the plant. I’m sure farmers could produce marijuana in quantity if not quality compared to the greenhouse operations I’ve seen on the news. I’d sure prefer Canadian farmers grew and profited from marijuana rather than tobacco especially if non-smoked products were manufactured. I see nothing wrong with people having some pleasure from their meals rather than sucking tar into their lungs.

Eventually this will all be sorted out. The one inevitable evil from all of this will be one more way folks will be lulled into a stupor while driving tonnes of vehicle down the highway at 100km/h. I’m sure that happens now but with legalization and wider availability the danger will increase. I hope these governments who hope to profit from marijuana invest heavily in education to guide our children to make good choices. Make sure your democratic representatives know your views.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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    Trudope lives up to his name!

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