Nuts For Everyone!

“Hazel nuts can be eaten raw, or roasted in the oven, at 180 C for 30 min., with oil and salt to taste. Dry roasted hazel nuts can be ground into a powder to thicken sauces or mixed with flour in baking.
Getting enough hazel nuts to make it worthwhile, however, can be a task. Be on the look out for them in late August. They will be ripe by then and won’t last on the bushes for long. Squirrels love hazel nuts and will cut them off the bushes, sometimes before they ripen, to store away for winter. Unless there is a very heavy crop of nuts on the bushes, there usually won’t be enough for people to share in the harvest. And when you collect some, you still have to shell them, too. Yes, wild food means work!”
See In the Garden – Nuts in the garden in Manitoba.
Nuts are good food and I love the taste and texture. One of my goals is to grow plenty in my yard so I don’t have to compete with squirrels and bears out in the forest. Well, that’s the plan… 😉

One of the advantages of my future electric car is that I won’t have to justify the expense nor compete for the gas-guzzler to spend a day or two in the bush picking nuts. I can just jump in my fully charged EV and return from places I knew as a boy. That old homestead is in range. The last few miles are gravel but it should be safe driven at below city-speeds. I could set out early before traffic becomes heavy and return late after the rush of commuters. 12h or so of picking nuts should just about fill the car… Then I can spend a few days husking, sorting, cracking and roasting them. Perhaps I’ll plant a few in the yard. Why not?

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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4 Responses to Nuts For Everyone!

  1. ram says:

    Australia has pretty tight restrictions on imported food, especially things like raw nuts.
    These are almost uniformly domestically produced. Good quality, but a bit pricey. Especially pricey if you have large demanding (perhaps spoiled) parrots 😉

  2. ram wrote, “nuts are expensive”.

    Yes. There are a number of reasons for that. Before oil spiked, nuts were cheap because Africa exported huge quantities of cashews and peanuts. Fertilizer was cheap too. Now nuts are usually grown in USA with high-priced labour, fertilizer and prices road the wave of oil. When oil tanked, the prices did not decline in my local stores. I just walk buy those shelves these days. That’s why I intend to have dozens of hazelnut bushes in my yard. I can grow my own much cheaper than I can get them from the supply-chain. It’s a long story though. It takes ~5 years or so to start from a seed to get your seed back and then there are mice, deer, squirrels, rabbits, boring insects… In the meantime, if I can get to the bush at the moment the nuts are ripe, I can pick from Nature’s bounty. I’ve missed the last two seasons because I was sick and/or it was inconvenient to “borrow” my own car from TLW. With my Solo EV, I will be able to visit the nuts daily to pick them at the opportune time. I know where there are acres of bushes growing in the wild. All it takes is getting me there at the right time walking around with a bag.

    The Chinese do sell peanuts at a good price but one has to jump through special hurdles for food-products to import them and it has to be in large quantities. I was thinking to buy 50 pound bags and give them as Christmas presents to all my relatives… Nuts keep pretty well once they are roasted, salted and canned.

  3. ram says:

    My larger pet parrots love nuts! Unfortunately, nuts are expensive. Mixed raw nuts are A$10 a bag (250 grams) here. They consume at least one a week.

  4. NeedTP says:

    You are a nut.

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