More Data On The Solo EV

I have carefully planned a route to drive Solo EV from a dealership in Calgary to my home in Manitoba but I had concerns about the range I could get and the gaps along the highways between charging stations. It turns out I have much less to worry about:

Me: “Hi! I’m sold, but I still have a few questions: Do you have data on range v speed for highway driving? Can I make 150km at 70km/h? Will there be a dealership in Winnipeg?”

Electra Meccanica: “We do! It can go upwards of 130KM/hr with the 160KM range. Heat and A/C of course will drain the battery but only minimally. We are not looking at Winnipeg right now, but if you order the car through our website, we deliver it to you free of charge.”

Well, maybe I should order two! TLW will not be able to keep her hands off this babe… 😉

If air-drag is the dominant factor and it varies with speed^2 I could guesstimate a range at 70km/h of 160*(130/70)^2 = 551 km! That would be awesome, Tesla-like range for much less money. Even at half that range I could make the planned trip with no worries even in winter.

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2 Responses to More Data On The Solo EV

  1. dougman wrote, “if they are willing to deliver the unit free of charge, why in the hell are you planning an extensive trip?”

    I was planning the trip as a contingency because they planned a dealership in Calgary. I wouldn’t call a few days with a new car and $free energy an expensive nor an extensive trip. Some folks take six months’ vacation.

  2. dougman says:

    Delivery, free of charge?? Something does not smell right. So if they are willing to deliver the unit free of charge, why in the hell are you planning an extensive trip?

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