Even My Nearest Pharmacy Gets It

“Patient Advocate Pharmacy
Ports EV Plug (J1772)
Custom Ports 240V 40A Level 2
Address2595 Main St, Winnipeg, MB R2V 4W3, Canada
Phone(204) 338-5135
HoursAvailable 24/7
Description Southeast corner of Patient Advocate Pharmacy (around back). ClipperCreek 240V 40A Level 2 charging station.”
See Patient Advocate Pharmacy
Well, well! One of the reasons businesses install charging stations is to attract customers who drive electric vehicles. I will be one in 2018. I’m old and my doctor thinks my life is better taking pills. I go to pharmacies every few months for a new supply and here is one with an EV charging station, close by. I likely never would have gone to this pharmacy because it’s not on my usually travelled routes. Now it will get my business because they care. Isn’t that sweet? I will be able to drive there, charge up while I wait for a prescription to be filled and drive home with no cost to me for transportation except wear on the tires… I like it. I like this pharmacy already and I’ve never been there before.

UPDATE PlugShare now shows this charging station as restricted but does not state what the restriction is. Let’s hope it’s “customers” or “business hours”…

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