Dump Trump, Says Court

“A federal judge in Seattle on Friday dealt a blow to President Trump’s executive order on travel and refugees, ordering a nationwide halt of enforcement of the controversial order.
The temporary restraining order by U.S. District Judge James Robart blocks the federal government from enforcing Mr. Trump’s travel ban as a lawsuit brought by the Washington state attorney general progresses through the court system.”
See Federal judge halts Donald Trump’s immigration order
Well! Good things do happen. A week ago Trump ordered huge violations of the Constitution of USA and today a court put the brakes on that. CBP (Customs And Border Protection) have announced to airlines that the order is no longer operational and that visas would be restored. Trump immediately announced he will appeal but unless he can obtain a stay in Washington state’s court of appeal the order is nullified for the time being.

The leg upon which Trump stands is that POTUS has the power to do anything to protect USA, however, it does have to be reasonable and at least one judge has ruled that it’s not. CNN reports 700K refugees have come from the 7 affected countries and not one terrorist attack has resulted. The order is far beyond reasonable. Trump should sooner ban lightning…

Of course, this is a temporary restraining order but it was only granted because the judge believed the attorney general of Washington was likely to be successful in getting a permanent order. That’s a high standard and might even be respected by the appellate court. Perhaps Trump won’t be able to suspend the stay pending appeal. It’s all good. It’s very likely that this matter will soon reach SCOTUS where the GOP has blocked the ninth justice from deciding the matter in many cases, and the result from Washington will stand by default. What goes around, comes around… Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Trump.

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5 Responses to Dump Trump, Says Court

  1. dougman wrote, “Them refugees will scour your plot and rob you blind of anything edible!”

    You sure have a warped view of refugees. While starvation can bring out the worst in people, there’s little chance any refugee starves in Canada. We have too much food if anything…

  2. dougman wrote, “the perpetrators are being sued for libel”.

    Good luck proving damages. Buzzfeed may have put the stuff on the web but the authour and many others distributed it far and wide, including Sen. John McCain. This case is interesting in that the details of the case may reveal much more than the original document. ie. It’s hard to prove a negative without a lot of facts. Buzzfeed’s lawyer can subpoena a lot of interesting witnesses on this one, perhaps Trump, himself. Further, these things take time and the FBI/CIA may be able to verify some of the details before the case is decided. It’s also interesting in that some of the sources may be endangered by the publication of their names/dates/places/facts. If much of the evidence the plaintiffs can produce should be proven false/fake, they will lose. If much of the evidence the defendants offer can be proven true, they will win. Typically, these cases start with challenges to standing/jurisdiction. I’d bet it would be a challenge to prove any harm in Russia for publication on the web in USA…

  3. oiaohm says:

    Kremlin ‘does not engage in collecting compromising material’
    The counter claim is kinda flawed.
    –the espionage agency SVR (Foreign Intelligence Service)–

    The SVR operates outside of the Kremlin without direct Kremlin over-site. So that statement is absolutely true that the Kremlin is not involved.

    The other thing is even if the dossier is completely fake does not mean its source is not the SVR who job also includes miss information. Its the same way the actions of the CIA have deniability to the President of USA all the actions of the SVR have deniablitiy to the President of Russia.

    Could a fake dossier been the SVR or CIA shaking the tree to see if Trump as something to hide the answer is yes.

  4. dougman says:

    Speaking of refugees, Winnipeg is going to be a sanctuary city.


    If SHTF Pogsey, TLW may want that wall up in short order. What say you? Them refugees will scour your plot and rob you blind of anything edible!

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