Dust Settles. Finally, The Truth About Shooting At Mosque In Quebec

“Alexandre Bissonnette, the only suspect in the case, appeared in court Monday and was charged with six counts of first-degree murder and five counts of attempted murder while using a restricted firearm.”
See Here Are All The Hoaxes And Bullshit Stories That Spread After The Quebec Mosque Shooting
Well, it’s time to write about this recent slaughter of innocents. I’m sad to say the chief suspect is a French Canadian, one of us, who was deluded into thinking Muslims were the problem. I wonder where he got that idea, eh? Breitbart and Trump come to mind…

Please click on the link to the right. It traces the growth and branching of #FakeNews about the shooting. Much of that was trying to blame Muslims for shooting Muslims. Imagine if this event had been in USA with 10X the population of nut-cases. Yes, that’s where the anti-Muslim rhetoric has grown like a cancer warping minds so badly they’ll vote for a lecherous fat old guy known to rip off investors, banks and ordinary working guys while buying stuff from China and blaming China, banks, Mexicans, Muslims and global trade for the shortage of work despite full employment. Yes, that’s where ~40% of the population voted for a serial liar and chose him to be POTUS of the most powerful country on Earth. Click on the link. Read how this nonsense takes on a life of its own, baseless lies stretched so thin only hot air pumped in can keep it up.

Anyway, the bad guy in this story was not Trump but one of his dupes. How many more will be spawned before Trump departs? How many more will be spawned by Trump’s henchmen for years to come? Oh, the horror…

More on the bad guy:
“Authorities in Canada have charged Alexandre Bissonnette, a French-Canadian university student known for his far-right views, over a shooting rampage on a Quebec City mosque that killed six people.
Bissonnette faces six counts of first-degree murder and five of attempted murder, but has not been charged with any terrorism-related offences, despite Sunday’s attack being widely condemned, including by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, as a “terrorist act” against Muslims.
When asked on Tuesday why Bissonnette was not facing terrorism-related charges, Thomas Jacques, a representative of the prosecutor’s office, replied: “The charges laid correspond to the evidence available””
See Quebec: Alexandre Bissonnette charged with six murders

He’s due for at least 25 years in prison up to about 50-life. He should be taken out to a public place, insulted for a few hours and then executed by firing squad to save the taxpayers’ money and provide closure. I’d bet the cost of dealing with the mess he made could be recouped by charging admission to attend and a lottery for the firing squad. They could probably fill a large stadium. Surplus should be donated to the victims’ families.

UPDATE – There’s more from CBC today:
“Police believe the shooter entered the Islamic cultural centre in the Quebec City suburb of Sainte-Foy just before 8 p.m. on Sunday, equipped with a long gun.
The gun jammed, police sources told Radio-Canada, prompting the shooter to leave and return with a nine-millimetre handgun.
Bissonnette was arrested later that night, on a bridge heading to ÃŽle d’Orléans, about five kilometres away from the mosque.
In his car, the sources said, officers found a nine-millimetre handgun registered to Bissonnette. That gun had a 15-round capacity.”
See Suspect in mosque shooting a moderate conservative turned extremist, say friends, classmates

So, the event is now understandable as much as madness can be understood. The nut-case worshipped Trump and the like and hated Muslims because they are not “from here” or “like us”. Some of the people he killed had lived here for decades. All of them were good people, pillars of society. The killer was a murdering bastard. Judge a tree by the fruit of it. Nothing good comes of Trumpism.

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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  1. Deaf Spy wrote, “What about your Pascal application port? Any progress during this nice winter?”

    I did look at the files once, but did nothing. I’m just not motivated at the moment. I plan to do more shooting later this year or next and that may inspire me. One reason to buy the Solo EV is so I can make up a batch of ammunition in the morning and fire it in the afternoon no matter whether TLW has the gas-guzzler out or not. I haven’t even renewed my range-membership yet…

  2. ram says:

    I do not know what happened at the incident in Quebec. I do know the broadcast media continues to lie or misrepresent the actions of President Donald Trump. This does not mean I’m a Trump supporter, it just means it is very very difficult to tell what he is actually up to. Something else is at play here. Recent reorganizations of the US military suggest there is really an unidentified junta behind the scenes. A junta with extensive recent combat experience. This is not a comforting feeling.

  3. Deaf Spy says:

    My server is AMD64.

    Which is not ARM.

    ARMed clients will be everywhere this year here, thin or thick. The server will be ARMed

    Will is the word, Robert. Reminds me of Russian news: “Russian scientists will…, Russian military will…, The government will…”.

    Always will, never did.

    What about your Pascal application port? Any progress during this nice winter?

  4. dougman wrote, “Trump has done more in the past two-weeks than Obama did in eight years.”

    Yes. I hear he annoyed the Hell out of the Australian PM, an ally for decades in 25 minutes on the telephone. That takes real skill as a negotiator. This “America First”™ nonsense is wearing thin. At this rate it will be USA against the world in six months and that’s a losing proposition. Congress is already annoyed enough to put the brakes on Trumpism. While GOP members would welcome hanging on Trump’s coattails, they don’t want to be tied to a boat-anchor. Trump’s unfavourable poll is around 50%, after reaching an optimistic minimum a short while ago. That’s lower than any other recent POTUS. So, the more he does the deeper the hole he’s digging for himself and USA.

  5. dougman wrote, “where is the asphalt or concrete slab? Your grass is mangled and the landscaping is atrocious.”

    Gravel is quite adequate. We don’t have a lot of heavy traffic. We have quotes for concrete or asphalt and it’s a lot of money for no benefit. This year we will put in edging for the driveway lined with flower beds. I have ~40K marigold seeds collected, more than enough.

    We don’t really have a lawn yet because the grass I planted originally was left exposed during two consecutive winters and killed. I’m not responsible for the weather… I have Kentucky Blue Grass lined up for this year.

    The landscaping was designed by a professional TLW hired… I don’t like it either, but I get little say. TLW has already cut berms down in height as a practical matter and will install edging this year as well. That’s one of the tasks she will assist with her driving the Chinese tiller. So, it’s all coming together and when the trees are grown it will be OK. It just looks a little silly from 200 miles up. At eye-level it’s OK. That’s all TLW cares about, curb appeal. That’s why she allows me few/no trees at the front despite that being where the worst winter winds arrive.

    I could divorce her but that would take too much energy for little benefit. She’s like a glacier. I explain what I want for good reason and eventually I wear her down. It used to take 20 years to do that. Now, it’s about five years. She’s mellowing in her old age. I first described the benefits of a storm-door at the entrance to our home 26 years ago. I still don’t have one but she does notice the build up of ice on the front door. There is progress…

  6. Deaf Spy wrote, ” All dead ends.”

    Nope. All alive and well. My server is AMD64. ARMed clients will be everywhere this year here, thin or thick. The server will be ARMed too as soon as those folks at Marvell get their act together and I stop spending money on other things. It’s just a matter of events coinciding.

  7. Ivan says:

    Ivan shouted to the wind.

    No, you crazy old coot, I handed you evidence that mass killings happened in the land of peace and harmony long before Trump or ‘fake news’ was a thing.

  8. Deaf Spy says:

    Its readily apparent that you have done nothing with your property

    Nothing surprising, Dougie. Same as his crusade to ARM and thin-clients at home. His wife still uses Intel, his server is x86, and thin-clients are rarely used. Same as his project to port a certain app to Pascal. All dead ends.

  9. dougman says:

    “Has he done anything yet”

    Have you? Its readily apparent that you have done nothing with your property, in so much as you like us to believe. You have more then enough land to have a sizable greenhouse and a medium-size pole barn for projects. Your drive is gravel and unsightly, where is the asphalt or concrete slab? Your grass is mangled and the landscaping is atrocious.

    Trump has done more in the past two-weeks than Obama did in eight years.

  10. dougman wrote, “We can make America great again”.

    If these two weeks are any indication things are getting worse and at a great rate. Trump has picked fights with a bunch of world-leaders simultaneously, billions of citizens of the world and generated protests filling the streets in USA. Other presidents took years to do that. Expecting results from Trump is like expecting a fortune-teller to be right on routinely. Oh, yes, the predictions are vague, like “Iran is on notice” and “Make America Great Again”, but there’s no substance, no plan, no recipe… Has he done anything yet to build infrastructure or create jobs yet? Nope. He’s just being a bully. Any drunken sailor can do that. It’s not greatness, just size.

    BTW, even some GOP senators are going to vote against Devos, so greatness is showing its limits. Billionaires are not necessarily great business-people, let alone leaders of government, nor even wise.

  11. Wizard Emeritus says:

    “It’s okay Wizoo, with Trump now in office. We can make America great again”

    You’re trolling again, Dougie. I doubt that you believe any such thing,.

  12. dougman says:

    It’s okay Wizoo, with Trump now in office. We can make America great again!

  13. Wizard Emeritus says:

    “The Wiz is just like Pogsey, believes everything the fake news media tells them.”

    Nope, The wiz unlike Dougie knows the difference between fake and real news, and the youtube video that you gave as “evidence” coming from the “conservative” Rebel Media seems to have more in common with the fake news that is all over the internet.

    Then again, given his trolling on this blog, its not surprising that Dougie believes this “report” – it reinforces the world view that he seems to believe in.


  14. dougman says:

    Of course, the Wiz disregards the youtube video and everything the reporter states. The Wiz is just like Pogsey, believes everything the fake news media tells them.

  15. Wizard Emeritus says:

    And Dougie Trolls once again… Quite predictable for someone who thinks that he actually represents the USA.

  16. Ivan shouted to the wind.

    Let’s see, about one outrageous event per annum versus tens of thousands killed in USA annually. I’ll take Canada any day. Murder rate per 100K per annum: USA 3.9, Canada 1.5. I’ll grant you that my province, Manitoba, does have a higher murder rate than North Dakota or Minnesota, but we’re all far better than USA’s larger states with big cities by a large factor.

  17. Ivan says:

    Blow it out your ass with your stupid Trump shit, Bob: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_massacres_in_Canada

  18. dougman wrote, “How many people call 911 after a crime?”

    How many people are crazy enough to shoot up a crowd of worshippers? Crazy people do crazy things.

    dougman wrote, “Eyewitnesses stated there were three shooters”

    Well, three eyewitnesses hear lots of noise, identify some guy as the shooter whether he was or not and presto, you have three shooters. This event was over in seconds of noise, panic and people running around. No one was in a good position to keep score likely. In a mosque, often the worshippers are all facing to the front. A shooter coming up behind them could unload, reload and be gone before anyone has gotten over the shock. These are not experienced militaries, just civilians expecting routine social events. Militaries see the same thing often. Soldier who have never been under fire are very unreliable. Training can’t quite replicate sounds, smells and visceral reactions to screams, blood and gore. Soldiers are trained to concentrate on a specific task to shut all that out. Civilians are on their own.

    dougman wrote, “With 6 dead and 18 wounded, I find it rather dubious that one person could maim that many people in short order.”

    Well, we still don’t know what weapon was used but a 9mm pistol can have 15 rounds in a clip which can be swapped in seconds so that’s quite possible considering the element of surprise. Also, a bullet can pass through or graze multiple people when they are close together. There were dozens of people there. It was lucky more weren’t killed whether by one or two or three.

  19. dougman says:

    The event seems suspicious to say the least. How many people call 911 after a crime?

    Eyewitnesses stated there were three shooters, then the media recants and says it’s only one person, a timid quiet young man.

    With 6 dead and 18 wounded, I find it rather dubious that one person could maim that many people in short order.

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