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Dust Settles. Finally, The Truth About Shooting At Mosque In Quebec

“Alexandre Bissonnette, the only suspect in the case, appeared in court Monday and was charged with six counts of first-degree murder and five counts of attempted murder while using a restricted firearm.” See Here Are All The Hoaxes And Bullshit Stories … Continue reading

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Trump A Threat To EU

“The first threat, an external one, is related to the new geopolitical situation in the world and around Europe. An increasingly, let us call it, assertive China, especially on the seas, Russia’s aggressive policy towards Ukraine and its neighbours, wars, … Continue reading

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Pfffttt! Air Goes Out Of Trump’s Balloon. Yours too.

Own US dollars? Think Trump is good for business and the economy? Think again. The world pumped the value of the USD on Trump’s election but most of the air has already come out of that balloon. Almost daily disastrous … Continue reading

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