Trump Killing Jobs

“Wall Street’s post-election surge was built on hopes of a “pro-growth” agenda getting swiftly implemented. Investors bet big that Trump’s promises to slash taxes, unleash infrastructure spending and cut regulation would accelerate the sluggish American economy.
But those hopes are already getting undercut by Trump’s turbulent first days in office.
Instead of focusing on pushing his stimulus plans through Congress, as investors had hoped, Trump is instead acting first on polarizing issues like the ban on travelers from seven majority-Muslim nations. The White House has also taken an aggressive stance on trade, raising concerns on Wall Street over the risk of a trade war.”
See Will Trump kill the Trump rally?
Yes. POTUS can either inspire optimism and growth, or inspire pessimism and contraction, or do nothing. Trump and USA would be better off doing nothing instead of appointing nut-cases to high office, spreading hate, and jerking businesses around with threats and intimidation.

UPDATE – See also Trump’s isolationism is bad for business

“American business and the American president are now at odds. It is impossible to be a successful global corporation with the ‘Trump Wall'”

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  1. dougman says:

    CNN is fake news Pogsey. Of course, you are loonie enough to believe spoon-fed news.

    With that said, Trumps latest action of signing an order that will seek to dramatically pare back federal regulations, by requiring agencies to cut two existing regulations for every new rule introduced.


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