Acquiring My Solo EV

“Current Planned Dealerships”
See Dealership Enquiry – Electra Meccanica
There’s still no dealership planned for my neighbourhood but there is one in Calgary, AB. There are even a number of charging stations along the Trans-Canada Highway which would allow me to drive the thing back.

  • Start at Calgary
  • Strathmore, Alberta – Peavey Mart 53km
  • Brooks Alberta – Ramada 117km
  • Medicine Hat, Alberta – Peavey Mart 107km
  • Swift Current, Saskatchewan – Kal Tire 225km!
  • Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan – Peavey Mart 174km!
  • Regina, Saskatchewan – Peavey Mart 72km (Also BMW 700 Broadstreet and 1919 1st Avenue)
  • Fort Qu’appelle, Saskatchewan – Museum 53km
  • Whitewood, Saskatchewan – 151km
  • Virden, Manitoba – CP Train Station 115km (level 2 but only 32A)
  • Carberry, Manitoba – Behind old Town Hall 125km
  • Headingly, Manitoba – Behind Best Western (level 2 but only 60A) 153km
  • Home! 43km

There are two segments which exceed the nominal range of 160km. Whether I can get more range on a charge by driving carefully at some optimal speed (air-resistance increases with the square of the speed so the lowest legal speed is probably about right, say 70km/h) or a tail-wind will help (prairies winds in summer are usually from the South West…) remains to be seen. It’s easy enough to buy a small fuelled generator (or small solar panels – The Martian did it. Why can’t I?) to carry as a range-extender.

Charging time would add a day or two to the trip. It’s OK once to check out the vehicle. This project would be a good test of range and how the machine behaves as the charge runs out…

Thanks to Peavey Mart and others who offer $free charging to EV operators. This is a great measure to give EVs a little push…

UPDATE I’ve discovered a longer alternative route with much smaller intervals between charging stations in Saskatchewan, driving north towards Edmonton and then East along the “Yellowhead Route”. It adds 200 miles to the trip but the longest leg is now 143km unless the station at Portage La Prairie doesn’t happen. Then it’s 150km: Southeast Calgary, RoseBud (113km), Stettler (132km), Camrose Peavey Mart (91km), Vegreville (110km), Vermilion (94km), Lloydminster (61km), North Battleford (139km), Langham (105km), Saskatoon (35km), Davidson (115km), 777 Albert Street Best Western Regina (143km), Fort Qu’Appelle (75km), Yorkton (113km), Whitewood (115km), Virden (114km), Brandon Comfort Inn (79km), Carberry (47km, 44km via Road 351 (very scenic too)), Portage La Prairie (84km, 80km via Road 351 from Carberry) (to be installed), Headingley Best Western (150km71km), HOME! (45km)

I can do this… 1855km, in 19h the old way and about 3 days (27h driving) my way. Good fun! I will get to see a lot of Canada for $0 worth of gasoline! One of the charging stations is historic, first of its kind in Saskatchewan at Langham, SK, and
at a grain elevator.

UPDATESunCountry still shows Portage La Prairie as “Installation Pending”. SunCountry was offering sites units at no cost except maintenance. I think it is the local government wanting the installation but I can’t find anything about it in minutes of meetings. Portage has Free WiFi. Carman, a town 3 times smaller has two charging stations for EVs. Carman proudly lists those as good reasons to visit Carman. I’ve done business with Aubin Nurseries there before. Perhaps I will again. If I drive south from Carberry to highway 2 to Ryall Park in Carman, it’s only 144km instead of the 150 to Winnipeg. Then home is within range… I like it.

The distance to Carberry should be manageable except in winter. It’s too bad. While charging stations won’t give a huge burst to the local economy they are something and definitely put a place on the map. EVs are rapidly growing in popularity. A charging station in Portage could have brought a lot of visitors from Winnipeg. I likely never would have visited PowerView, Manitoba except for their EV charging station, and great fishing… 2018 will be a different year for me.

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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5 Responses to Acquiring My Solo EV

  1. ram wrote, “Perhaps better to wait for the Spring to drive the new vehicle home.”

    My serial number is in Q1 2018. That’s most likely winter weather but Alberta and Saskatchewan, the places with the longest gaps have periods of warm weather when air from the Pacific displaces Arctic/Interior air and spring happens. That’s why Calgary has few trees. The trees leaf out too early and get killed off… So, it’s about 50-50% that I’ll have warm weather for driving. It’s OK. I can dress up and with a backup generator I’ll be OK. If there is slippage and it’s Q2, I’m laughing. That’s when the strongest westerly tailwinds happen. It’s all supposition anyway. There might be a dealership in Winnipeg by then. Winnipeg has 700K population and tens of thousands of commuters. They already sell electric vehicles in dealerships like the Nissan Leaf, but it’s a 5-seater and I don’t need that or the higher price. So, there may or may not be a dealership in Winnipeg but even if I have to drive back from Vancouver, I will buy a Solo EV.

  2. ram says:

    “Retired teacher freezes to death in attempt to drive electric car home from dealership. ”

    That would not be a “good look”. Perhaps better to wait for the Spring to drive the new vehicle home. Batteries work better at a more reasonable temperature also. The Spring scenery would also make a better video, like half the famous car ads.

  3. dougman says:

    “There will likely be a dealership in Winnipeg”

    Car dealerships are a past thing, just jump on Amazon and have it ordered to your front door.

  4. dougman wrote, “why don’t you just have it shipped like any other reasonable person would do.”

    Shipping costs for a motor-vehicle used to be a few $hundred. I could drive it home for less. I have to become familiar with it. Why not do that while bringing it home? It would be a helluva movie for the blog… It’s probably moot anyway. There will likely be a dealership in Winnipeg or at least a pick-up point.

  5. dougman says:

    Today in the News – Retired teacher freezes to death in attempt to drive electric car home from dealership.

    Pogsey, tow a trailer with a generator! Oh wait, that’s utilizes hydrocarbons, faux pas!

    Just jury-rig a large sail to the vehicle, and you to can fly like the wind!

    Bolt a few solar panels on the roof and you can charge while you are driving!

    Better yet, why don’t you just have it shipped like any other reasonable person would do.

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