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Oops! The Monopoly Is Shaken

“Subscriber additions peaked in the first quarter of 2015, at 3.2 million, followed by 3 million in the third quarter, providing a foundation for a record 11.4 million new subscribers during the year. After Q4 2015, however, the trailing 12-month numbers … Continue reading

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Acquiring My Solo EV

“Current Planned Dealerships” See Dealership Enquiry – Electra MeccanicaThere’s still no dealership planned for my neighbourhood but there is one in Calgary, AB. There are even a number of charging stations along the Trans-Canada Highway which would allow me to drive … Continue reading

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Ignorance Of Law Is No Excuse For POTUS

“Mr. Trump appears to want to reinstate a new type of Asiatic Barred Zone by executive order, but there is just one problem: The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 banned all discrimination against immigrants on the basis of national … Continue reading

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Been There. Done That. Again.

“Maybe you’re delivering a presentation to a huge audience. Maybe you’re taking an online test. Maybe you just need to get some work done on a tight deadline. Windows doesn’t care. Windows will take control of your computer, force-feed it updates, and … Continue reading

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Counterattack On Trumpism

“The ruling, from federal Judge Ann Donnelly, in New York, prevented the removal from the US of people with approved refugee applications, valid visas, and “other individuals… legally authorised to enter the United States”.” See Trump executive order: US judge temporarily … Continue reading

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