“We’re concerned about the impact of this order and any proposals that could impose restrictions on Googlers and their families, or that could create barriers to bringing great talent to the US. We’ll continue to make our views on these issues known to leaders in Washington and elsewhere.”
See How Silicon Valley Is Reacting To Trump’s Refugee Ban
There is a simple and effective solution for Web 2.0 firms distressed by the unpredictable harmful effects of Trumpism. Move to Canada.

There are many advantages:

  • We are neither afraid of immigrants nor refugees. Canadians are lining up to foster Syrian refugees today. Literate, educated professionals could probably be admitted en bloc by the Canadian Government to minimize disruption. Scan your Google/etc. ID and print out Landed Immigrant papers. Phone Pierre Trudeau and arrange a meeting. Stay in good hotels until you’ve built your campuses with integrated housing and recreational facilities next to pristine wilderness or the city of your choice.
  • We have lots of space, trees, fish and game, clean air, good water and cheap energy.
  • We are not afraid of renewable energy nor ARM processors nor GNU/Linux.
  • We have universal MediCare. It’s single-payer and it works.
  • Trump is not our elected leader nor tyrant. We are free people.

Welcome to Canada!

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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9 Responses to WELCOME TO CANADA!

  1. dougman wrote, “That being the alleged case, populations would cease to exist in short order.”

    Nope. Diversity allows humanity to carry on. Offspring tend to be genetically superior to their parents, not worse.

  2. dougman says:

    “Nature sometimes makes a muddle of things, like two-headedness. It’s not an issue.”

    So are you saying that people are born gay and transgender? That being the alleged case, populations would cease to exist in short order.

    Nature?…you mean genetics creates an error in its coding. Genetic errors are the cuase for many of today’s aliments.

  3. ram says:

    “Hell of a lot of paperwork is eliminated”

    Yes, and medical professionals NOT filling out paperwork can spend their time treating patients. This means the medical professionals get in ALOT more practice. This becomes extremely important for complex surgical procedures that need to be completed quickly. No matter how much money someone has in the USA, they can’t buy surgeons as experienced as are found in Australia, although some of the ultra-rich fly here and have the procedures done in Australia.

    The health care system in Australia is also reasonably well integrated, from veterinarians and GP’s on the lookout for developing zoonotic diseases, hospital and research specialists to diagnose and treat developing diseases, and “combat agencies” trained and prepared to handle CBN incidents. Response times are fast and damage minimized and localized. In the USA whole towns get “disappeared” and many thousands often die before they get “a situation” under control. Similar to what happens in West Africa, hence the comparison.

  4. dougman wrote, “I dare you to speak out against the transgender issue that faces Canada”.

    That would be silly. Nature sometimes makes a muddle of things, like two-headedness. It’s not an issue.

  5. dougman wrote, “you’re not offering refuge’s into your home hypocrite”.

    We have a large home but it doesn’t have a lot of bedrooms. If one of us died the other could certainly consider welcoming a refugee family. I could also teach some basic IT/networking/maths/reading if that would help. I’m retired but planned to put most of my energy into growing trees. That load will taper off after this year. Who knows?

    dougman also wrote, “so is the “universal” waiting time”.

    Hmmm… I like to tell the story of a badly cut finger. A porcelain dish cracked and fell apart in my hand and sliced open a finger lengthwise. Everything was hanging out. I phoned the nearest hospital. They told me to come right over. I was back at home, stitched up in an hour. I don’t think I waited more than a few minutes. My doctor is not particularly punctual but he’s rarely late more than 30minutes. I don’t mind that wait. He takes good care of me. For lab tests which I get periodically, I have a standing order and just walk in, show my ID and get taken care of in minutes. Last time they wouldn’t even let me sit down in the waiting room… So, I don’t know what the Hell he’s writing about. There’s not much waiting here. There are some rural areas where doctors were in short supply but that seems to be taken care of. My little community has a dozen or more doctors within easy driving distance and an ambulance can arrive in a few minutes when called if necessary. Doctors love MediCare because they can treat patients instead of sending bill-collectors after them. The government always pays them promptly.

  6. ram wrote, “The USA is down at the level of the “armpit” of West Africa.”

    That’s a bit much. The main problem with USA is that it’s the norm for delivery and insurance both to operate as businesses and raise costs simply because they can. A single-payer governmental universal healthcare system has no incentive to raise costs and a Hell of a lot of paperwork is eliminated.

  7. dougman says:

    “The lack of health care is why I left the USA. ”

    There is plenty of healthcare in the USA, just not “free” healthcare. I am willing to bet you left for other reasons.

  8. ram says:

    The lack of health care is why I left the USA. Even the Philippines and India have better health care. The USA is down at the level of the “armpit” of West Africa.

  9. dougman says:

    “Canadians are lining up to foster Syrian refugees today.”

    But you’re not offering refuge’s into your home hypocrite.

    “We are free people.”

    I dare you to speak out against the transgender issue that faces Canada. For example, you could say that all them faggots should be rounded up and exterminated. Trudeau-maniac thought it would be a good law, so much so that criminalizes anti-transgender speech, with violators receiving up to two years in prison.

    “We have universal MediCare.”

    Ahem, so is the “universal” waiting time. I bet it takes you a week or so at best. In addition, what all them doctors leaving? You wait time will increase to a month!


    No one is leaving America for Canada you fool. Even people that publicly stated such, if Trump became president have not. Speaks volumes. Canada is soon to be a lost cause, just like the U.K. is and most of Europe.

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