It’s A Whole New World Of Energy, Trump

Trump says he’s “all in” to bring back jobs to USA but what was his first related order? Heavy oil pipelines…

Trump, look where the jobs are happening by the thousands:
“Electric Power Generation and Fuels technologies directly employ more than 1.9 million workers. In 2016, 55 percent, or 1.1 million, of these employees worked in traditional coal, oil, and gas, while almost 800,000 workers were employed in low carbon emission generation technologies, including renewables, nuclear, and advanced/low emission natural gas. Just under 374,000 individuals work, in whole or in part, for solar firms, with more than 260,000 of those employees spending the majority of their time on solar. There are an additional 102,000 workers employed at wind firms across the nation. The solar workforce increased by 25% in 2016, while wind employment increased by 32%.”

See that? Solar and wind increased 25-32% per annum from a good base while “conventional” dirty fuels are declining rapidly like coal and oil. Natural gas is taking their jobs, not Mexico, not China, not NAFTA.

“There are currently 373,807 Americans that spend some portion of their time working to manufacture, install, distribute, or provide professional services to solar technologies across the nation; of these, roughly seven in ten workers or about 260,077 spend at least half of their time supporting the solar portion of business. Solar employers reported that they expect to increase employment by seven percent over the next year. The majority of total employment is in photovoltaic technologies, with a small portion just over nine percent of workers supporting concentrating solar technologies.”

So, why aren’t you sending those unemployed coal-miners and manufacturers back to school learning how to do wind and solar? They’d have a brighter future, and better working conditions too, I imagine, lightening the load on healthcare for the nation.

See 2017 US Energy And Jobs Report

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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4 Responses to It’s A Whole New World Of Energy, Trump

  1. dougman wrote, “you live in a isolated part of the world”.

    I’ve lived in more places than I can count, and travelled hundreds of thousands of miles around Earth and North America. I’ve seen a lot. I like where I live except that it’s a bit close to the city.

    I’m not sure what “isolated part of the world” means. TLW regularly travels the world from here. I drive her to the airport… We have good Internet access, clean air and water. Population is about â…“ of Minnesota or Wisconsin, states that mattered in the recent election. They neighbour Manitoba, my province. However we have 10% the population density which is good for those of use who hunt/fish/garden. I like it.

  2. dougman says:

    Of course you don’t see that, you live in a isolated part of the world, while fantasying about how things should be done, but have very little real world experience.

  3. dougman wrote, “Solar and wind is unreliable, as weather patterns are unpredictable long-term.”

    I don’t see that. The atmosphere continues to convect more or less the same over millenia. We certainly don’t need 10X overbuild if we have grids. In Manitoba we have transmission lines running hundreds of miles north-south and 300 east-west. It’s not difficult to move power around. That’s how we sell to USA, for instance.

  4. dougman says:

    So what. Solar and wind is unreliable, as weather patterns are unpredictable long-term.

    Neither have the required capacity factor, so you must overbuild up to 10x to achieve the power.

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