Trump’s Advisor Moving To New Zealand

“According to Immigration New Zealand, in November 2016 when the US presidential election was held, 17,584 people registered their interest to study, work or invest in the country, compared with 1,272 in November 2015.
In the two days following the election, the agency said its website received 88,353 visits from the United States – compared to a usual daily average of 2,300 visits a day.
Registrations have remained higher than average, with 3,159 received this month, compared to 1,724 in January 2016.”
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While Trump has promised Trumpists Utopia, at least one of his advisors is looking for greener pastures, New Zealand, where drilling for oil or piping it or burning it are not the highest priorities of government “by” and “for the people”.

Peter Thiel has bought some nice lakefront property in New Zealand and has jumped to the head of the queue to get out while the getting is good. It’s interesting that Trump would have a New Zealander as an executive of Trump’s transition team, eh? Do you think perhaps he’s maximizing his profits in one country while planning the beautiful life in another? How many other rich friends of Trump have similar plans? Why are all these smart rich people thinking of jumping ship? Perhaps they know the emperor has no clothes.

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2 Responses to Trump’s Advisor Moving To New Zealand

  1. ram says:

    Reminds of the Emir of the Emirates and his bolt holes in Australia.

  2. dougman says:

    And your point is? Its not like we live in the 19th century, easily Skype someone or fedex documents.

    Btw: Tesla CEO Elon Musk Joins President Trump’s New Manufacturing Council

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