Target Is On Target

“Open source is a core building block for Target’s technology – it’s hugely important. More and more, the technology we use to build software and operate technology is open source. We’re always looking to the open source community more than anywhere else for innovation in technology, because that tends to be where it’s coming from. My team and I believe in the movement, and that’s why Target engineers make contributions back into open source.”
See Target CIO discusses how IT evaluates new tech and looks to open source for innovation
It’s a “no-brainer”. Openness breeds innovation because ideas can move from producer to consumer and back again much faster. Further, because consumers can talk to each other and consumers can talk to each other without restraint of EULAs from Hell, better ideas develop faster and are more fit for purpose. The many can always outwork the few.

Target sees that and develops cutting-edge IT that works for them largely built from FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software). It’s the right way to do IT.

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  1. dougman says:

    Target will be consumed by E-commerce, namely Amazon. This is readily evident by glancing at the company’s stock, which has declined 18% from its recent highs in November 2016.

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