Trump Works For The Working Class! Oh Wait, He’s Undermining Net-neutrality…

“While expected, the appointment aligns with signs that Trump’s FCC would roll back Obama-era policies — most notably the 2015 Open Internet Order, which set today’s net-neutrality rules.
Broadly speaking, those laws regulate the internet as a public utility. More practically, they’re meant to keep internet service providers from blocking or slowing down certain content — which could benefit services owned by an ISP itself — or forcing others to pay fees to receive preferential treatment.
Larger telecom companies like Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T have generally opposed the 2015 law, while smaller ISPs and internet companies like Netflix and Google, among others, have expressed support.”
See Trump names net neutrality critic Ajit Pai next FCC chairman
O deluded ones. I keep hearing that Trump will fight the big corporations to support the working class, cutting taxes and creating jobs, jobs, jobs… Then why is he putting a monopolist in charge of the FCC so that ISPs can charge higher prices and/or tax content-providers??? [IRONY, eh?]

Think the ISPs are the big employers? Nope. It’s the likes of Google and others who dump content onto the web. Trump is going to tax jobs…

“US President Donald Trump is due to sign two executive actions to advance the building of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, according to US media.
The signing was expected on Tuesday, Reuters news agency reported, citing Bloomberg media.”
See Trump ‘to clear’ Keystone XL, Dakota Access pipelines
Further, Trump is about to permit some employment to build pipelines in the short term while adding to global warming for decades to come by freeing the oil-companies to do their thing… This is oil USA doesn’t need. It’s just going to be sold overseas.

So, Trump seems to be working hard for large corporations and their stock-holders while ignoring the needs of the working men and women of USA.

UPDATE Within minutes, I was receiving updates on Canadian views of what Trump is up to. Some highlights:

  • Trump added a proviso that he wanted made-in-USA pipes for the pipelines he approved. That’s not likely to be an issue as pipes are fluffy and very expensive to ship. However, a Canadian company was in line to supply some of the pipes. If there is such a contract Trump will be putting the cost of getting out of that contract on top of the cost of building the pipeline. What do you think paying twice for pipe will do to the project, Trump? See Media Advisory – 75 Per Cent of Keystone XL Pipe would be ‘Made in North America’
    ” Welspun – Little Rock, Arkansas, USA 332,800 tons 50%
    Evraz – Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada 156,266 tons 24%
    ILVA – Italy 103,147 tons 16%
    Welspun – India 69,457 tons 10%”
  • Warren Beatty of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce reports that Keystone will tip the balance of trade in Canada’s favour, that Canada should take up the slack if USA cuts itself off from global trade and that companies like M$ are already setting up Canadian branch-plants because it’s easier to hire immigrants in Canada…

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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4 Responses to Trump Works For The Working Class! Oh Wait, He’s Undermining Net-neutrality…

  1. dougman wrote, “As of late, you speak less and less about IT, and more about political issues.”

    I am doing less IT. This system just keeps running smoothly day in and day out. I have a new kernel coming online Thursday. That’ll make my week along with my reservation for a Solo EV. I have a few seedlings taking baby steps. Other than that, not much is happening. USAians are having all the fun/excitement/horror of Trump. I suppose when we are all much older we’ll be able to laugh about this but the rail-cars are still screeching to a halt so the result is not yet sure…

  2. ram wrote, “Those pipelines won’t supply many jobs and will inevitably trash the environment.”

    I suspect the long line will never be built. Trump basically wants to tax it into unprofitability. That’s his idea of a deal. He thinks Canada has to ship oil one way or another and he has a monopoly on the route so he can charge what he wants. That won’t fly. Governments come and go. With concerted effort, Alberta, BC and Canada can run a new 8-lane super-highway to the west coast and a bunch of deep seaports, for a similar cost and keep all the problems in Canada. Earthquakes, ice-storms, landslides, etc. are easier to deal with than the capricious egotistical maniac that is Trump. China and Asia would love to have our oil. They’d probably pay much of the cost while Trump wants to tax us.

  3. ram says:

    It is looking like Mr. Trump has “jumped the shark”. Those pipelines won’t supply many jobs and will inevitably trash the environment. They will also RAISE gasoline prices in North America as the pipelines facilitate the export of petroleum.

    The result of Australia putting in a network of gas pipelines was to make gas unaffordable to Australians. It was instead bought by the Japanese and Chinese. Ironically, it is now cheaper for Australian natural gas users to IMPORT natural gas.

    All kinds of absurdities arise when governments get into subsidizing/supporting/propping up businesses. It is called fascism, and never ends well.

  4. dougman says:

    As the Trump turns.

    Pogsey, you really should just rename this blog, to something else. As of late, you speak less and less about IT, and more about political issues. Which coincidentally, you know little of nothing in either realm. I would be pressed to say, that you solutions would never be instituted into any form of business.

    No one in business, would stick their neck out for a cheapo Chinese weenie board.

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