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Trump Orders Crimes Against Humanity By USA

“President Donald Trump is expected to announce several executive orders Wednesday dealing with visas and refugees, a congressional source told CNN. The orders, which make good on a series of immigration campaign promises Trump made, are expected to include restrictions on … Continue reading

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Trump Works For The Working Class! Oh Wait, He’s Undermining Net-neutrality…

“While expected, the appointment aligns with signs that Trump’s FCC would roll back Obama-era policies — most notably the 2015 Open Internet Order, which set today’s net-neutrality rules. Broadly speaking, those laws regulate the internet as a public utility. More practically, … Continue reading

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Leaving Trump’s “America”

“When people first started talking about Donald Trump running for president, Sarah thought it was a joke and not something she had to take seriously.  But then on 8 November, she says the “unthinkable” happened; Trump won the election.Sarah, who … Continue reading

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