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Global Warmth Reached Here

“A stretch of mild weather that significantly shrank the city’s monstrous snowbanks and turned roads and sidewalks into a sodden mess also marked the longest January period of above 0 C temperatures since 1873.” See 67 hours above freezing a record … Continue reading

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Charging Ahead

“SOLO Reservation (100% Refundable) Color: Electric Red – Refundable Deposit $250 Wheels: Titanium Silver Seat: Non Heated AC: No Air Conditioning Charger: Portable Turbocord Level 2 ($500)” Well, I made up my mind and did it. I put down a … Continue reading

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Putting Rubber On The Road

“The U.S. dollar is losing ground against major currencies in the wake of President Donald Trump’s inauguration. “President Trump’s inaugural address has been interpreted as a retreat from America’s global leadership role,” said Paul Donovan, global chief economist at UBS Wealth … Continue reading

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