Debian Creeps Closer To The Next Release

“The Debian Installer team is pleased to announce the first release candidate of the installer for Debian 9 “Stretch”.”
See Debian Installer Stretch RC 1 release
I’ve been alarmed by the slow progress of Debian towards the next release. They’ve had several weird gyrations in numbers of “release-critical” bugs and still many packages fail to build from source. Last time this stage, they had only a few hundred bugs to go. Now they are over 600. I guess some of that comes from increasing the number of included packages. There are bound to be more bad interactions, like changing the C compiler. I hate that language which seems to be a moving target… Systemd seems to be smoother but it still gives me problems.

I tried out the new installer yesterday and the installation was perfectly smooth except that my chosen network device in the virtual machine was not working due to missing firmware. When I booted I could not access the web so I could not add packages not in the ISO image. I changed device but still could not get onto the network. I don’t know whether that’s a problem with Debian or my configuration of KVM… I haven’t used KVM in a while and my network/firewall has changed considerably… I got tired and went to bed. Perhaps I will fix that today.

So, the fact that Debian can install the new release and only has a few hundred bugs in tens of thousands of packages renews my faith. It will happen when it’s done…

UPDATE Yes, the issue was the firewall… I neglected to include the interface to KVM, virbr0, in the Shorewall interfaces file… [BLUSH]. In the process of struggling to get networking to work, I discovered the ISO had none of my usual tools, dns-utils, net-tools and so on. So, I was handicapped struggling to use the unfamiliar ip. And, I had turned off Shorewall’s logging… Anyway, when well rested my brain does work, just not in real time. 😉 I’m finishing my installation over the network with my usual list of packages for desktop, including xfce4, libreoffice, gimp etc. It’s all good. It’s pretty smooth when you don’t put up obstacles. Also, I got the networking for the new wireless access point working. It, too, had a problem with configuration. It had one option the old unit did not have and I had to turn it on just to get the wireless LAN and the built-in network switch to share. Got good speed, just nowhere near as fast as the gigabit/s wired network. The old notebook gets 40mbits/s.

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