“All of this matters to Constellation because almost 100% of its beer portfolio is imported from overseas. (The exception is Ballast Point, the tiny San Diego brewer that Constellation owns.)
In 2013, Constellation paid nearly $5 billion to acquire the exclusive rights to import Corona and other beers brewed by Grupo Modelo.
Of course, unlike auto makers like Ford, (F) Constellation can’t shift Corona manufacturing facilities north of the border from Mexico to satisfy Trump.”
See Corona has a Trump-Mexico problem
Here’s yet another example of Trump interfering in the working of a legitimate business for political gain. I don’t drink beer or any form of alcoholic beverage except a little yeast working in bread or on the surface of grapes and berries. In my whole life, I’ve probably only had two or three glasses of alcoholic beverage, once by subterfuge and another time by compulsion. However, many do imbibe and there is a market for what Constellation delivers. That’s what they do, deliver beer from mostly Mexican breweries to USAian consumers. I happen to know people who drink their beer and they are almost all immigrants, those folks Trump also threatens.

No. USA has chosen to be POTUS a guy who breaks things, like a bull in a china shop. While he claims to be working for the common man, he’s actually weakening the whole economy of the USA by interfering in businesses. Businesses do business in Mexico because their competitors do and the cost of production is less. Forcing businesses to do otherwise is to reduce competitiveness and weaken the USAian economy.

Trump is undermining the USAian economy as badly as a direct attack by foreign enemies. Constellation can’t do much but make its bottles in USA and passing on higher costs to customers. It’s not Trump’s job to raise the cost of goods to the people he’s supposed to represent and on whom he’s supposed to diligently serve. While he can instantly impose a tax, businesses can’t instantly build factories or hire workers so USA is in for years of disruption, probably to the mid-term elections and beyond. I hope all who voted for Trump enjoy higher prices and no bump in employment for years to come. I hope they enjoy more USAian businesses who export goods moving offshore to more welcoming and reliable governments.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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