The Great Wall Of China Didn’t Have Trump’s Problems

“There are local, state and federal laws on the books that would protect endangered species and air and water quality. But one environmental law expert says what the Trump transition team could end up using language in the REAL ID Act that Congress passed in 2005. The law includes a provision that allows the secretary of Homeland Security the power to waive all local, state and federal laws that the secretary determines is an obstacle to building walls and roads along US borders.”
See Trump team discussing border wall with Army Corps, Interior Department
Chuckle. While Trump has found a bunch of voters who love walls, he may be about to tick off every tree-hugger and frog-lover in the world. A wall is not only a barrier to illegal immigration and smugglers (HAH!) it’s a barrier to wind, water, and migratory animals and it will cast a shadow on plants clinging to life in harsh regions. I guess it won’t harm plants stabilizing the north side of the Rio Grande because it’s to the north of them but the river actually does drain water and where is the water blocked by the wall to go? Oh, and people actually use the water in the river. Heck, people actually use the river. If he builds in drains big enough to carry the water in heavy rains won’t the evil have found a chink in the armour? If he builds a wall, how will USAians continue using the river? Don’t you think there will be a few complaints? [SARCASM]

Really, Trump caught onto this panacea during his campaign that can’t really work as intended/proclaimed and will cost a bundle and will do a lot of damage. Waiving legalities doesn’t really change that. As Trump is fond of saying, “It’s not going to happen!”.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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13 Responses to The Great Wall Of China Didn’t Have Trump’s Problems

  1. dougman wrote, “ObamaCare is government regulated and mandated.”

    It’s mostly insurance companies charging what they want. That’s free market. It’s not working because the insurers carve up the market so there’s no competition. That doesn’t work. If they are going to stifle competition, stifle them. Have the government run it. Easy. Done.

    It’s not like Bolshevik tractor factories and soviet central control and five-year plans. This is a democracy and citizens can choose who designs and sets up the plan. Heck, they can debate all the details amongst elected representatives. Just make sure they do their job or else jerk their chain. In Canada, about a dozen people run the whole thing, the various Ministers of Health. They make a budget, approve covered procedures with medical advice, and register all the doctors and patients. I can go to any doctor in the country. It is a bit more complicated if I live in Manitoba and break a leg in Alberta but the complication falls on the bureaucrats, not the patient. Doctors love it because they don’t need to bill patients so the money just keeps rolling in and they just need one form in the office or one application to manage everything. It’s very efficient.

    OTOH, if you go to a dentist, the dentist will have dozens of forms on hand for the various insurers and patients do have to receive bills etc., very complicated. So, we’re not perfect, but we are laughing at USA for the needless complexity and inefficiency of healthcare and government. We had a debate in the 1960s. The doctors grumbled. The politicians grumbled. The insurers grumbled. We figured it out and it’s smooth sailing now. USA doesn’t have to go through that pain. They could just copy what works but they won’t. They’re just too damned proud of Trumpism, the belief that anything they do badly is better than what others do well.

  2. oiaohm says:

    Most people don’t government healthcare. Government is not the answer, free-market is the ticket.
    dougman when it comes it healthcare the true free market is not wise. Issue is the general operation metric of a standard free market. You don’t get a higher demand than if you don’t do this you die.

    Something like healthcare at a minimum need to be a government regulated industry. With government sticking it nose in many areas.

    Its not like you don’t find drug makers producing the con job. In this case this was nurofens producing a stack of products that were absolutely identical other than the packaging and charging different prices. Of course a person in a lot of pain is not 100 percent thinking right all the time so the con worked quite well and require regulators to step in from different countries.

    This is also true with a lot of new patented drugs that they are not more effective than the old drugs with expired patents in a lot of cases. So this is another way a person can be conned in medicinal.

    FOSS and unified standards makes a lot of sense when it comes to medical record storage.

    dougman I don’t see were 3d printed medication make any sense except for very rare cases and open source had already done those. Traditional hospital produced drugs are you general clip together capsules or cook and mould solid tablets.
    These are both Turmeric DIY tablet. Making solid tablets is really not much different to general cooking just you are making small tablet shaped items.

    Both methods can produce a weeks worth of tablets for a patent very quickly and both use the same powdered drugs. 3d printing new tablet moulds in more shapes would make more sense to me not producing the tablets.

    3d printing tablets by filament is just being stupid by the one you brought in dougman. Its like hey this is cool we can do this and any hospital dumb enough to fall for this is going to be profit making for us. Not like you asked any common sense questions of it dougman. Like how much storage space is the solution going to cost and how usable is the stuff.

    Reprap open source project 3d printer project has covered this topic and has given up on it. There are such things as Powder 3d printers. Making tablets this way uses the general dry powder used to make capsules or hard pills. Issue is speed. Solid tablet making using moulds even by hand is very fast.

    Remember some of the dry powered drugs can be used to make the intravenous or feeder tube version straight to digestive track version. So stack of dry powder containers for different drugs, binding agents, injection solutions and capsules are found in a lot of hospital pharmaceutics production locations for custom drug mix. Lot of the equipment is not expensive the main reason people don’t do it at home is
    1) is not knowing you can.
    2) the risks if you screw it up.
    3) Storage requirements so drugs don’t degrade to worthless.
    4) testing equipment to work out how strong the drug is in storage container. The rating on label of powered drugs is what it was when it came out the factory not what it is now. Yes drugs chemically break down in storage.

    Making a 3d printer to make drugs does not address problem 4. Filament with have drug breakdown just as much as powered drugs and it will be worse. With powered drugs you can pick the container shake the crud out of it can mix it before testing what it current dosage level is. Now a filament one side of the roll could have been more heat exposed than the other so broken down faster(yes even in a freezer). So now you have 3d printed tablets of different dosage levels because you filament is not dependable. Anyone suggesting buying pre made filament for tablet production does not know the field. Common sense of tablet production says filament used to produce tablet would have to be produced on site for the current day usage from the powder that is testable with constant value for the day or the filament would not be constant value around the spool in all cases. Heck if you don’t mix the power container you don’t have a constant value inside the container even stored in perfect conditions. So then comes why make filament instead of straight up using a powder printer. Followed by production rate issues that 3d printers are too slow to produce volume.

    Some things make sense to 3d print. Tablets and capsules are not in that list. 3d printing is too slow and does not really offer any special advantage. Remember if you are talking life or death 1 hour delay on drug can alter outcome. So any form of tablet/capsule production speed is important.

    Please note 3d powder printers used the same powder mixes to make tablets as what was already approved to make tablets in moulds so 3d printed tablets that way did not require any special approval and has been used in a few rare cases for drugs that due to active chemical 1 glue into moulds and 2 reacts with most common capsule materials. So other than the few drugs like this I see no reason to be looking at 3d printing medical medication .

    By the way Aprecia video ZipDose demo is deceptive as it in fact demonstrating a fault in their product. OTC fast melt tablets are particularly designed to take 2 min to dissolve. The speed ZipDose dissolves you might as well take powder mix with liquid and have person drink it or inject into stomach and the powder mix with liquid is already approved for lots of drugs and does not require a 3d printer.

    Why OTC fast melt designed for 2 min without chewing so drug absolutely gets into stomach and if the tablet into lungs you have time to get it back not much but enough in most cases. How does tablet go into lungs person puts tablet in mouth then coughs instead of swallowing tablet goes into the broccoli tubes. Basically this is a case where faster is not better. In fact faster in some cases can be dangerous and with medication in tablet forms this is the case.

    There are what are called Fast disintegrating tablets (FDT) These can also can be produced in moulds like OTC fast melt tablets and dissolve as fast as ZipDose they are for people who cannot chew and cannot cough or want to dissolve in liquid then drink. Key words cannot cough the speed ZipDose dissolves is not suitable to be put in a healthy persons mouth instead something like ZipDose for a healthy person has to be put in cup dissolved then drank. Most common reason for putting a drug in tablet form is the active chemical tastes absolutely horible. OTC is possible to swallow most of it not dissolved and have it dissolve in stomach you don’t stand a hope in hell of doing that with zipdose.

    The first government approved usage of 3d printed drugs is in the UK done by the Glasgow University using a powder to printable gel process in 2012. Interesting point is the gel is the same standard gel as standard gel tablets. Offering all the features Aprecia offers without requiring special approval since it was just a different production method to make the same as what came out of moulding with more control. So its only be in use in the UK for 4+ years for special case drugs using open source hardware.

  3. dougman says:

    “ObamaCare is free market.”

    Pogsey, obviously your idea of free-market is messed up. ObamaCare is government regulated and mandated.

    “How’s that working?”

    Its a total POS.

  4. dougman wrote, “free-market is the ticket”.

    ObamaCare is free market. How’s that working? Some areas are down to one provider who can charge as much as he wants. How’s that working, eh? The free market can decide not to insure any category of folks just to maximize profits or compete for lowest premiums. That’s not universal healthcare. It’s just silly that a person can only see this or that doctor who has “signed up” with such and such provider. That’s an artificial barrier to healthcare. Just make it universal, that everyone is covered and pay for it out of general revenue so everyone is covered regardless of situation. This solves lots of problems: the drug epidemic, the VA, the rich/poor divide, everything… In Canada we get more healthcare per dollar simply because we have universal MediCare. It works.

  5. dougman says:

    “Meanwhile USA still doesn’t have universal healthcare. It’s just so simple: make the government the single-payer and regulator of healthcare and it works.’

    Most people don’t government healthcare. Government is not the answer, free-market is the ticket. You set here everyday espousing to the virtues of FOSS, but prefer government mandated and regulated healthcare. Which in laymen terms is a wall in itself. How about we discuss Free and Open Source Healthcare?

    FOSH, is the right way to do healthcare. In light of that, I prefer 3D home-printed medication

  6. Kurkosdr wrote, “don’t we want smugglers to raise prices so the contraband is less affordable and hence less often consumed?”

    Don’t you understand addiction? Addicts will lie, kill, cheat and die for drugs. Money is no object to people so desperate. It only takes a free sample or two to change a young person into an addict. The cure for such health problems is not a wall but a working healthcare system, like we have in Canada. I don’t know anyone who has died of a drug overdose whereas many USAians do, even the politicians. It’s an epidemic despite a “war on drugs” and no end of technology put to use against drugs.

    Meanwhile USA still doesn’t have universal healthcare. It’s just so simple: make the government the single-payer and regulator of healthcare and it works. Instead USA has a patchwork which until recently punished anyone who had ever been sick or lost a job. What silliness. USA is like a guy with a hole in his boat. Instead of plugging the hole to slow the inflow, the guy paints the handrail…

    The main problem with ObamaCare is the rise in particular healthcare premiums by particular insurance companies. Single-payer solves that immediately as the total of premiums comes form general revenues and no individual and no region suffers from such problems. Done. Everyone’s insured and the total price is probably less as someone can set the rates based on real costs not desired profits. In fact, the single-payer doesn’t need to worry about profit/loss, just making things work. It works for roads, utilities, militaries… why not healthcare?

  7. Foobar wrote, of Trump, “will proceed forward with the rest of us and restore prosperity and security to the United States.”

    Trump has no vision at all. His idea of making USA great again is the 1950s. I was there. Life wasn’t so great. We have automation now. Why shouldn’t we use it to increase quality, productivity and lower prices? If the coal mines do make a come-back they won’t need all those guys with shovels, you know. It wasn’t NAFTA or government that did away with those jobs but cheap natural gas which pumps itself out of the ground. No need for shovels nor as large a size of hole in the Earth. Demanding USAian businesses hire millions of USAian workers is just a recipe for bankruptcies. USAian workers can’t compete with cheap labour elsewhere. While Trump’s specific threats to business have had some positive results, he can’t threaten all businesses that way or they’ll just leave. A business doesn’t need USA to thrive. USA does need businesses though. Trump is just another tax/regulation for which businesses suffer. Worse, Trump is not written law so it doesn’t help to hire lawyers or accountants to figure out the way forward. Just running away is a good strategy against such an unpredictable and powerful and nasty enemy.

    Look at the industry of health insurance. Trump wants ObamaCare gone. Trump has no plan for what will replace it except increasing competition in some vague way. Insurance companies can just drop health insurance completely until Trump gets his act together. That’s the kind of breakage Trump may cause throughout the economy. Folks who don’t want to be jerked around by government are getting worse treatment by Trump just because of the uncertainty. They are going to miss “no drama Obama”.

    Look at car-makers. Trump has them zeroed-in. Stopping construction of a factory or tearing one down and moving it is a huge expense for zero benefit. Trump is wasting their capital, energy and time. While he’s jerking around USAian makers, the world is laughing at improved competitiveness for their products. USAian car-makers may decide Trump can’t do much in 4 years but it’s a shadow on the horizon probably damping capital investment. USA loves cars and will pay any price. Those guys are probably better off to shut down making cars in USA until USA comes back to its senses.

    The Wall is just a symptom of the sickness of USA. It’s a band-aid rather than surgery. It’s for show. It will have no benefit. Smugglers will just change their modes of operation while USA spends years building the Wall to Nowhere. I remember the Russians built a wall around West Berlin. Despite dogs, armed guards at frequent intervals and machine-guns people still got through. It’s because people are more intelligent and wilful than a wall. Trump isn’t. He’s a robot. He doesn’t see the big picture. He doesn’t think much ahead. He ignores consequences and breaks things. He’s a failing human being and he’s doing a good job of taking USA with him.

  8. Silly left-wing moonbats, still opposing an imaginary Trump-alike that the liberal media has painted for you. Meanwhile, the real Trump, who you don’t know because you live in a leftoid echo chamber, will proceed forward with the rest of us and restore prosperity and security to the United States. But enjoy your hockey and backbacon or whatever it is you foreigners do up there. We’re going to have an awesome President and you aren’t.

    Oh, and it’s LINUX not “GNU/Linux” you stupid idiot.

  9. Kurkosdr says:

    Also, don’t we want smugglers to raise prices so the contraband is less affordable and hence less often consumed?

  10. Kurkosdr says:

    The wall won’t stop the smugglers and just like the war on drugs it will allow smugglers to raise prices.

    Blah blah blah… People said the same things when Hungary and FYROM built a wall (which was more like a fence, the UScan do better) and it worked wonders in enhancing physical border security because they patrolled it to prevent any sabotage. Can you imagine what the US can do with its border patrol?

  11. dougman says:

    Pogsey, planting non-native trees is detrimental to the environment.

    A wall is a barrier to wind and water? Migratory animals?? LOL… I think the wind and water, along with animals can cope with such a barrier.

    Pogsey every day, you are starting to sound more and more like Fifi, with all these lame-ass hypothetical imaginary scenarios.

  12. Kurkosdr wrote, “A wall with some gates is much, much easier to patrol than no wall, aka a completely open space or a short barb wire.”

    Water just doesn’t drain in rivers. The wall needs to be permeable to water or the whole watershed is altered.

    Kurkosdr also wrote, “If you have a border which is not physically secure, anyone from people in the terrorist watch list to people carrying contraband of all kinds can get in more easily, and the state won’t even know they got in.”

    “Easily” is the operative word. The wall won’t stop the smugglers and just like the war on drugs it will allow smugglers to raise prices. They will be happy to hire tunnel-makers or small planes or rockets or explosives or … Really, Trump and his fans lack imagination. Further, most illegal immigrants just overstay their visas and the wall won’t affect them in the least. There’s a reason there isn’t a wall already. It’s an expensive boondoggle. Imagine the cost-overruns. Imagine the maintenance. Imagine the side-effects. Just imagine…

    Let’s just consider one tool smugglers might use, explosives. What will it cost to repair 50 holes made in the wall last night? And how great will become the backlog or hole-repairing if the previous night’s holes are not yet repaired? Concrete takes days to harden. How many more thousands of troops is it going to take to guard the holes and the repaired holes forever?

    Then, we can see climbers getting over the wall. Send up one climber to establish some kind of lift and haul 100 people over the wall. Do that at 100 places every night…

    Tunnel-makers often get caught because the tunnels are near the surface and can be detected by listening devices. Imagine tunnel-makers working 3000 feet down, extending miles from the border and running a trolley service down there for $1000 a ride… Imagine ten such tunnels running full bore for years before being uncovered. The smugglers and drug-runners have $billions in cash to pay for any work involved. If they want past the border they will find a way.

    You are left with the military or similar force having to guard ~1K miles of border in depth to put a dent in a fraction of the illegal immigration. Experiences of war tells us that even that will not stop them all. Do the maths. You are talking tens of thousands of troops being paid real salaries 24×7 just to plug one of several holes in the border. Chuckle. Are you going to get Mexico to pay the US army/border patrols? Nope. They won’t do that any more than they will pay for the damned wall.

  13. Kurkosdr says:

    I for once think the wall is a good idea. If you have a border which is not physically secure, anyone from people in the terrorist watch list to people carrying contraband of all kinds can get in more easily, and the state won’t even know they got in.

    This is how ISIS invaded Syria by the way. Syria had borders which were not physically secure, so all kinds of bad people from extremist terrorists to smugglers carrying contraband and illegal guns (up to and including gattling guns and entire MANPADS!) managed to get in. Once ISIS had assembled enough extremist terrorists and firepower, they attacked Syria from the inside. You don’t believe that all those MANPADS and gattling guns that ISIS has in Syria were legally checked at the customs of Syria, right?

    Of course, people like Soros and the rest of the globalist gang love non-secure borders, because they can assemble a fifth column inside any country that “misbehaves” and then take it down from the inside. But any patriot should want the exact opposite: Physically secure borders.

    And yes, you can have physically secure borders if you build a wall or fence and patrol that wall or fence. Like Hungary and FYROM are doing (despite FYROM having a relatively weak economy and hence less resources). Imagine how well the US could protect its borders if it has a President that actually wants that.

    BTW, the wall can have entry points and points allowing a river to flow. They will not be a weak spot because they can be patrolled. A wall with some gates is much, much easier to patrol than no wall, aka a completely open space or a short barb wire.

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