!$%####@! Snow-mobilers!

I have a corner lot. The road turns sharply at the corner and the ditch is narrow. That doesn’t give permission to the snow-mobilers to trespass on my yard but they’ve done it the last two winters. I was out in the driveway refuelling the snowblower when two of them went by right in front of me. I bellowed at them but I doubt with all the racket and their helmets that they heard or saw me.

TLW says I should put up some posts as obstacles. I suspect these jokers would just run over them and I can’t dig them in at this time of the year. I think “tank-traps” would be just the thing, roped together. Of course, the lawyers would have a field-day if one of these poor dears wrecked on one…

There is a fine up to $2000 for simply violating private property like this. You’d think these folks might think of that…
See The Off-Road Vehicles Act of Manitoba
“32(1) No person shall operate an off-road vehicle
(a) on privately owned land without the express or implied consent of the owner or lawful occupier of the property;”

My local municipality actually has a by-law related to this which, thanks to double negatives and “buts”, excludes private property… No point in calling them unless the operators are under 14 years of age…

UPDATE – I just installed two tank traps made of perpendicular steel bars welded together. I planted one on the “entrance” and one on the “exit” they used to my property. I think it’s possible for them to get the hint… If they dodge them, I will add more perhaps connected by planks to make a fence. It’s a lot of work which is not in my interest but I’m going to plant small things in that corner this spring and don’t want them chewed up next winter, even if they find that convenient.

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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  1. oiaohm says:

    dougman not really everything Robert listed is like what was done against the Berlin wall at different times before it was in fact taken down.

    Only a idiot like you dougman would not have read history of Berlin wall.

    http://mentalfloss.com/article/28517/8-creative-ways-people-went-over-berlin-wall These do give the top 8 of warped.

    I do like “In a Well-Aged Tunnel” where they hand dug a full human height tunnel that took longer because they were not be bowing while they were leaving.

    This is what tells you building a wall only really puts up a fence for those to dream of ways of getting to the other side. Also there are also found existing tunnels under that boarder where Trump wants to put a wall so Tunnel builders are already in place. Addressing why the people find the other side greener would be far more effective.

    150+ tunnels attempted across the US–Mexico boarder with a few successful ones is since 1990. That is without a wall. Really this is being warped that some of them were found when the US boarder patrol quite literary fell into the tunnel because it collapsed under their vehicle. Yes US-Mexico boarder could come worse than crossing a rabbit warren.

  2. dougman says:

    All those scenarios are something only a feeble mind would imagine. You are closely approaching the event horizon of Fifi’s brain, for your own sanity. Turn back now.

  3. I should put up a post detailing “50 Ways To Get Past Trump’s Wall“. Let’s start:

    1. Mortar launches spiked anchor carrying rope to the other side. Climber ascends rope carrying up a rope ladder. 200 people go up and down the ladder. Repeat nightly in 47 random places…
    2. A team with backpacks places 200kg HE on the wall at chest height. Blast makes a huge crater in the wall. Another backback deep in the crater opens up the wall to the other side. Guy with cutting torch cuts through the rebar. Time 5 minutes. 387 people run through the breach. Repeat 38 times nightly at random locations.
    3. X proposes a tunnel. To avoid detection, they get hard rock miners to work very deeply using lasers or something quiet. They start a mile back from the wall and go a mile past it. Time: 6 months. Cost: $1million. Break-even: one week of flushing thousands through the tunnel. Thanks to a bit of escape/evasion training it takes 3 months to discover the tunnel. Start tunnels five times every year.
    4. Cut the bars to one of the waterways passing through the wall. Of course do this when scouts report a gap in coverage during the Christmas party or a vehicle breaking down or worse… Repeat this a few times until Trump stands guard himself every night while Tweeting. [SARCASM]

    And so it goes. If I can come up with a bunch of feasible solution in minutes, what are multiple organized criminal syndicates with $billions and huge educated pools of talent going to do with months/years to plan multiple assaults on the wall? Any of these means could be enhanced with buffering, storing up illegals for weeks/months so that the area around the border would be flooded giving many more a chance to get through as border patrols could be locally overwhelmed… Sigh. If half of USA can be fooled into thinking this is a good idea, go ahead. Make the bad guys’ day. Maximize their profits as they increase revenue and reduce risks. Sure, Trump creates jobs. The wall is a selling point for smugglers. They can charge higher prices depending on their success rates and the difficulty of getting past the wall. The wall pretty well guarantees them lifetime employment.

  4. dougman says:

    !$%####@! Snow-mobilers!”

    That’s your problem right there… you better fix it before they run over all your precious trees.

  5. dougman wrote, “you’re NOT going to build a wall, but just continually bicker and whine about a problem, instead of taking responsibility for it and creating change”.

    1. There is no problem. In a country of 350million a few thousand people magically appearing is no worse than the millions that die every year. Are you going to get excited about people dying? It happens. Live with it.
    2. Illegal immigration is actually a blessing, cheap labour. No need to abduct slaves and ship them in… [SARCASM] but why was slavery OK but illegal immigration not? OTOH, who the Hell are you going to get to harvest your tomatoes if the illegals don’t?
    3. What fraction of illegal immigrants walk over that border now? I’ll bet many more come in by boat or the Canadian border or fly in with a valid visa and overstay. Do an actual cost/benefit analysis. I predict that a wall, even 100 feet tall will have little or no effect on illegal immigration. They will just come in some other way, say by air or by tunnelling or by blowing holes in the damned thing or climbing over it. The years it takes to build the thing will be plenty of time for the smugglers to develop alternatives.

    If Trump or anyone else builds such a wall, certainly the smugglers will get a chance to see how it is made. They will hire a few good engineers and develop a dozen means to get past it. They will have answers before you have a complete wall. BTW, will Trump still be in office before the wall is built? How many USAian workers will it take to build the wall in one year, five years, ten years… Will you have to hire illegals to build the damned thing? [EXTREME IRONY]

    e.g. Israel has a wall of which Trump is very proud…
    1992 – wall conceived
    1994 – wall built along the “Green Line”
    1995 – committee struck to plan the thing
    2002 – work began in earnest
    2003 – 112 miles complete
    2006 – 225 miles complete
    2012 – 273 miles complete
    2014 – left unfinished
    Well, attacks by Palestinian terrorists decreased overland so they launched 10000 rockets…

    QED The wall accomplished nothing but alienating Israel from the world that considers it a violation of the Geneva Convention by an occupying power. Trump will be a one-term president if he finishes his first term and the next president will stop the thing if it hasn’t already been stopped/prevented by Congress.

  6. dougman says:

    So you’re NOT going to build a wall, but just continually bicker and whine about a problem, instead of taking responsibility for it and creating change. You sure do sound like a politician Pogsey, perhaps you should have had a run to the Parliament. You would fit right in with your socialist liberal views.

  7. dougman wrote, ” but build it so that the water and air can bypass it and the migratory animals.”

    Trunp insists he’ll build a wall, not a fence.

  8. dougman says:

    You’re such a wuss. Just build a wall, but build it so that the water and air can bypass it and the migratory animals.

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