Tillerson Time-Warp

“ExxonMobil did not lobby against the sanctions,” he said multiple times.
Surprised lawmakers produced lobbying records suggesting otherwise. Democratic Senator Bob Menendez held up lobbying reports showing Exxon spent millions of dollars to lobby Congress about the sanctions placed on Russia as well as the 2010 Iran sanctions.
For instance, a 2014 lobbying form shows that Exxon lobbied Congress on three different sanctions bills: Russian Aggression Prevention Act of 2014; the Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014 and the Sanction Iran, Safeguard America Act of 2014.”
See Despite paper trail, Tillerson denies Exxon lobbied against sanctions
I happened to be watching CNN when this transaction took place at Tillerson’s confirmation hearing. It was rather shocking. Was it even possible that a huge global oil firm with dealings in Russia/Iran and extensive lobbying did not come out against the sanctions, which clearly interfered with business? Why deny it?

I suppose it could be a failure of recollection but it just made no sense. These events were just two years ago. $3.44 million spent lobbying EPA is not just a visit. It’s a campaign. We don’t know what they spent lobbying over sanctions, yet… Lobbying is what Trump’s “Swamp” is all about and Trump said he understood it well and that he would drain it. Presumably one of the reasons he chose Tillerson was to have another man on the team who knew the swamp well. Perhaps not.

I’m also shocked that Tillerson actually came across as a sincere, honest guy who understands a wide variety of topics unlike Trump and many of Trump’s buddies who seem only able to sing one song over and over again. It’s like a fine mural with a prominent crack. It just doesn’t fit. Apart from this lobbying/Iran issue I found nothing to complain about Tillerson. He’s probably competent to run any secretariat in the government except possibly the EPA…

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