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Trumpism Going Down The Drain

Trump was a phenomenon in 2016. His loyal followers hung on every word during the campaign. Now, in the harsh light of reality, there’s no “there” there. The promises are almost all lies. He hasn’t drained the swamp. He’s “We … Continue reading

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2017 And The FUD Still Flows

“No compelling need… Lack of compatibility… The Linux user base is tiny… Even Google can’t promote it for PCs. Google Chrome OS, a Linux-based desktop operating system, isn’t widely used.” See Alexander: Here’s why free Linux won’t take over PCs in 2017Well, here it … Continue reading

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Feeling Good!

I think I am over the election of Trump. If I ignore him, maybe he will go away… Yesterday I began in earnest to plant some seeds for the spring. I’ve been stratifying some seeds in the refrigerator. Fortunately, TLW … Continue reading

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