Trump Has A Looming Problem

“Sprint (S) shares popped after the company announced Wednesday that it was going to “create or bring back” 5,000 jobs to the U.S. in 2017. This announcement was part of an earlier plan by SoftBank, which owns more than 80% of Sprint, to create 50,000 jobs and invest $50 billion in U.S. companies. However, President-elect Trump on Wednesday made the announcement seem as if this was a new agreement with Sprint. Sprint’s shares were up 1.3% to $8.82.”
See Stocks Volatile After Trade Deficit Data; Oil Inventories Rise
We’ve seen lots of hype from Trump’s camp: rising stock market – jobs saved/created… but it is mostly hype. This is just a continuation of what Obama was doing. Also, it seems the stock market may have peaked with nowhere to go but down. Trump is double-counting the Sprint jobs as they are a part of the SoftBank announcement a while back. That’s not a recipe for long term growth. All his bragging about cutting taxes could take a year or more to actually have any effect. What’s the economy going to do in the meantime?

No, I think Trump will paddle hard going against a current. In two years, when there’s another election and his team has negative scores, what are the voters to do? The Rs could lose the Senate and some House seats. Further, Trump is shrill and annoying when he’s winning. Imagine the horror of him losing… Since he’s taken credit for everything, he’ll have no one to blame but himself.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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10 Responses to Trump Has A Looming Problem

  1. dougman says:

    “My money is on him starting WWIII, just to distract his supporters from his shortcomings.”

    What money? All your money is tied up in the market and pension funds, all of which can go POOF.

    Clinton would have been the one that drug us into a war. Hillary Clinton wanted to start an air war with Russia over Syria by calling for a no fly zone. Under Hillary Clinton, we could slide into nuclear war very quickly from her declared policy in Syria.


  2. ram wrote, “if he avoids WWIII, I’ll be satisfied”.

    That’s a pretty low bar. My money is on him starting WWIII, just to distract his supporters from his shortcomings. He is really dangerous because he is overconfident and has no moral compass nor even principles/policies. He makes everything up on the spur of the moment, like a three year old child.

  3. dougman says:

    “You really should have limited your troll to Yellow Cake.”

    I like red velvet cake.

  4. ram says:

    There is no doubt that Donald Trump is facing a nightmare scenario. He would have to be a first class genius of the first rank to solve the problems facing him without great pain. Interest rates are bound to go up, or otherwise fiat currency systems will collapse. That is truly between a rock and a hard place. It is also entirely possible that BOTH economic events will occur: interest rates go up to something around 20 percent, AND fiat currency becomes worthless.

    That being said, if he avoids WWIII, I’ll be satisfied.

  5. Ivan says:

    *yawn* It’s like you’ve never spoken with anyone that was in the invasion to find out that they did find weapons that were banned under the numerous UN resolutions passed against Iraq in the ’90s.

    You really should have limited your troll to Yellow Cake.

  6. dougman says:

    “So, you want to reveal how USA got this information”

    Well, the fake media did mention something about Saddam having WMD’s, but who am I to argue?

    “That would be treasonous”

    The only treason here Pogsey, is the fact that the fake news media pushes this false narrative to people like you that gobble it up like a porn star in a bukkake.

  7. dougman wrote, “All of which is ACTION, not EVIDENCE. It’s almost like watching a child accuse a sibling of doing something without evidence, and then refusing to cooperate out of spite.”

    So, you want to reveal how USA got this information to the Russians? That would be treasonous. Further, they’ve drawn you a picture. Study it. There’s no magic there. It’s very possible and the Russians have been doing such stuff for years. They have their favourite tools just like everyone else. If they manage to arrest one of those miscreants, you might even get a confession. Otherwise, you can choose to deny reality just like Trump. He’ll be apologizing for the Russians even when they break down his door to arrest him.

  8. dougman says:

    All of which is ACTION, not EVIDENCE. It’s almost like watching a child accuse a sibling of doing something without evidence, and then refusing to cooperate out of spite.

    Obongo and crew are comical. I prefer trade, openness and partnership with Russia.

  9. See White House announces retaliation against Russia: Sanctions, ejecting diplomats

    See FACT SHEET: Actions in Response to Russian Malicious Cyber Activity and Harassment


    See GRIZZLY STEPPE – Russian Malicious Cyber Activity

    The latter includes: “In summer 2015, an APT29 spearphishing campaign directed emails containing a malicious link to over 1,000 recipients, including multiple U.S. Government victims. APT29 used legitimate domains, to include domains associated with U.S. organizations and educational institutions, to host malware and send spearphishing emails. In the course of that campaign, APT29 successfully compromised a U.S. political party. At least one targeted individual activated links to malware hosted on operational infrastructure of opened attachments containing malware. APT29 delivered malware to the political party's systems, established persistence, escalated privileges, enumerated active directory accounts, and exfiltrated email from several accounts through encrypted connections back through operational infrastructure.
    In spring 2016, APT28 compromised the same political party, again via targeted spearphishing. This time, the spearphishing email tricked recipients into changing their passwords through a fake webmail domain hosted on APT28 operational infrastructure. Using the harvested credentials, APT28 was able to gain access and steal content, likely leading to the exfiltration of information from multiple senior party members. The U.S. Government assesses that information was leaked to the press and publicly disclosed.”

  10. dougman says:

    Speaking of hype! Hey Pogsy, your pal Obongo having a hard time trying to prove his assertions, that Russia hacked the election.

    I am willing to bet that Canadian industries pickup and leave for the U.S. How many Bitcoins you got Pogsy?

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