Avenging Deer

I’ve been getting over a persistent cold last week. Today, I had enough energy to

  • harvest my marigold seed,
  • take care of a drainage issue on the property and
  • fetch the mail.

I guess I’m ready to hunt deer in a new location we scouted recently. I need some revenge. On my errands, I found a deer had walked through the seed-bed of my Saskatoons, possible endangering a few percent… That’s an innocent act, I suppose, but then I discovered one of my Manchurian Apricots had been chewed down to a stick. It was nearly three feet tall and now it’s about 9 inches. Further, the seedlings had swelling buds on them ready to burst forth next spring. This stick will have to start well back of its brethren. Fortunately, I have one still in a pot and several others planted so there is some safety for the species in my yard. I should remain calm. All will be revealed next year when the forest TLW and I have planted celebrates its first or second year. The rugged survivors have much for which to be proud, surviving our rough treatment, deer, rabbits, neglect and our variable winter.

PS I forgot to mention one of several ways I use marigolds in the yard besides their pretty flowers and massive production of seed. I planted them around various trees as a living mulch. Even after freezing weather the stems have captured leaves from the neighbourhood to protect the soil around the young trees from drying or allowing too low a temperature in the roots. I was visiting young trees collecting the seeds from marigolds when I discovered the depredation of the deer. I may soon have my revenge. A scouting report is positive for deer, lots of deer, at a new location …

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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4 Responses to Avenging Deer

  1. oiaohm says:

    Immigrant hordes are always caused by government miss management somewhere. Yes Immigrants home country is normally not properly managed so leading to the volume of immigrants in the first place.

    Now when the become immigrants into a country that process can be miss managed so creating even more problems.

    Its bad enough having refuges without having them not properly managed that included education so they fit in and understand any of the cultural beliefs they have that they are not allowed to-do while they remain inside the country hosting them.

    Having immigrant hordes set up camp on private farm land with the farmer not paid for them being there and the police not moving immigrant hordes to provided locations. That is miss management. This miss management leaded to increased violence rates also leads to incorrect screening.

    So complaining government incorrect actions is “inciting violence” this shows how screwed up dougman is.

    Reality dougman you post was about inciting violence by attempting to get people to hate refuges out of miss placed fear. Canada refugee management process would not have allowed that event. Canada person would report people setting up camp on properly without permission and they would be moved off by the police under the laws of trespass to a government approved location and if that is another farm the farmer is being paid for them being there. If refuges had harmed stuff it would fall on the Canada government to cover the damages until the refuge could work it off.

    Greece is not a good example as their government is so far miss managed on so many things its not funny. So yes that farmers problem in Greece is what happens when you government is that poorly managed that they don’t have money or resources to deal with refugee problem correctly because they have miss managed everything. Any country properly managed will not have farmers putting up with refugees unless they are paid to or are using them as cheep labour. So refugees in properly managed countries are profit making items.

    Lets think about the illegal Mexicans working in the USA they are not paying tax right. How much more tax money would the USA government get in if all Mexicans who wanted to work in the USA got visas and paid taxes. At this point you start seeing that miss management results in governments not making profit but instead making an on going loss trying to get rid of them.

  2. dougman says:

    Calling immigrant hordes a “government miss management” is inciting violence.

  3. oiaohm says:

    dougman to be correct that is part government miss management.

    We had the same kind of problem here with Australian Aborigines taking over city parks until people went in investigated the townships they were coming from to find they did not have running water or any basic services working.

    Canada the police would have moved the refugees on for trespass into a government approved area.

    So just because a problem happens in a particular country with Muslim does not mean it happens everywhere. By the way if you know the dress some of those in that video are Christians not Muslims.

    So refugees badly managed by your government cause issues. Illegal Mexican problem USA is partly the same problem. So USA person really should not be throwing stones over this.

    “Revenge…for what? An animal is hungry, and you get mad that it eats your tree/trees.”
    That is human nature for anything that takes possible food from us.

  4. dougman says:

    “I need some revenge.”

    Revenge…for what? An animal is hungry, and you get mad that it eats your tree/trees. Would you prefer a hoard of Muslims decimate your entire lot?


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