Trump Brand Takes A Hit

“The opening date for the Vancouver hotel has been delayed until 2017, well after November’s US election. A contest offering a chance to meet with the Trump family for the grand opening caused a stir.
Across the country, the Toronto building, which opened in 2012, has been the target of a lawsuit by small investors who claim they were misled into buying into the project. Its developer, Talon Development Inc, has tried to remove the Trump name from the troubled hotel and condominium complex.”
See Canada’s two Trump towers facing troubles – BBC News
After conning the world about his business acumen, Trump’s election campaign has revealed Trump to be an egotistical, bigoted, rude, misogynist, racist, sociopath, narcissist, immature lout and not nearly the great business man he has portrayed. Failing to release his tax-returns nor the details of his “charitable” foundation are just fog designed to leave some mystery. A single speech and a year’s worth of headlines reveals enough.

Would any really great business man risk his ventures by revealing all in an election campaign? I doubt it unless he were some kind of saint and that’s not Trump. This election campaign is just another exhibit of his poor judgment/illegal behaviour. Hillary has not campaigned about “going after” Trump, but I would bet all kinds of governmental bodies are sharpening their tools for the post-election period. Trump may imagine he has a future as a social icon but I expect he may spend years in jail when all the chickens come home to roost. His brand is already tainted. He should retire immediately to enjoy what freedom he has left.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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13 Responses to Trump Brand Takes A Hit

  1. oiaohm says:

    I can move to Qatar, Oman, UAE, Saudi, Bahrain, Kuwait, Bermuda, Cayman Is., Bahamas, and Monaco.
    Dougman everyone of those countries has income tax of one form or another. Just they don’t call there income tax that name.
    Saudi for example it is called Zakat and its a 10 percent income tax collected by the government and a different tax if you are not islamic. So yes income tax with two names.

    No one of the countries you in fact listed does not have a income tax of some form.

    Cayman Islands is about the closest. But they are sneaky.
    So instead of doing a yearly income tax return. Cayman Islands tax upfront you money in the bank monthly as and deduces directly from your wages.

    So Cayman Islands you still pay a income tax just the way it is applied you don’t notice it.

    None, of these match your narrative and itemized listing of problems,
    Of course none match my list of problems because they have income tax and you are too big of a idiot to know it.

    Ok arguing for lower income taxes is one thing but the system does not operate without it.

    Go and move to country with no tax dougman.
    This is what I typed. I did not write no income tax. There is more than 1 way to apply income tax.

    But even the countries you quoted did not match you altered of the line.

    Socialist is a define term Robert and it does not coexist. There are a lot of people who rewrite Economics terms with the word socialist to put pressures on governments not to use those methods. Government regulated does not equal Socialist. Yet those that are counter government regulated have worked asses off to make out that is socialist. Australian and Canada health is government regulated and run sections.

    Socialist has a very key difference. It all about ownership. A government run business in Australia or Canada or USA is owned by the government. To be a truly Socialist country or Socialist thing the business would be owned by the people with the government being caretaker. Yes in a proper socialist system the people should be able to have like a vote of the share holders over a issue and dismiss who ever is appointed running a government company if they are doing a bad job at it. At this point it comes clear that most countries called socialist never in fact properly function as a proper socialist country should.

    Socialist and Capitalist cannot really coexist as they both state different ownership designs for government assets and when they attempt to coexist you end up with a conflicts. Its a shock to most that countries that people call Socialist are really Capitalist because of how the government held assets are owned.

  2. oiaohm wrote, “Socialist means you are also against the market economy.”

    No, not at all. One can have mixed economies peacefully coexisting. Most western governments function that way. The government runs certain things where monopoly is desirable: roads, water supplies, ports, armies, welfare, etc. Many of these things cannot be well run by private business because there would be exploitation of the people charging exorbitant rates. Government on the other hand exists over the whole sovereign territory and can just include such operations. Everything else can run in a market economy as long as there is competition. There have been moves to “privatize” certain operations of government but often they are not more efficient and almost always not national but regional and require close supervision by government to approve rates/conditions etc.. Socialism is not suited to run everything because bigger is not better so wise nations choose carefully what government will run. Healthcare is one of the key separators between Canada and USA. Medicare works and costs much less than the patchwork in the USA. That may be a side-effect of the structure of the constitution. In Canada there is clear separation of powers between regional and the national government. There is no friction over healthcare, education, military, … because everyone knows who’s in charge of what and everyone gets along instead of duplicating services and setting up conflicting regulations. USA is a basket-case stemming from “States Rights” constantly coming into conflict with federal government. That’s why they have no educational standards, no universal healthcare and a tendency to uncivil war. Canadians have much less to argue about. The great “gun-control” fiasco here was caused by the feds intruding into provincial jurisdiction, property, by “inventing” safety… and our supreme court did not set them straight. Eventually the thing collapsed under its own weight and compromises evolved. USA cannot even make Obamacare work, for Pity’s sake.

  3. dougman says:

    “If you just keep on printing money at some point it will take billions of dollars to buy a loaf of bread because the currency will get totally devalued.”

    Not if that country mandated that all oil transaction is bought and sold in their own currency. What do you know about money anyways? You live in a farm shack picking citrus fruit for a living.

    “Go and move to country with no income tax ”

    Ok sure! Ahhh lets see…I can move to Qatar, Oman, UAE, Saudi, Bahrain, Kuwait, Bermuda, Cayman Is., Bahamas, and Monaco.

    None, of these match your narrative and itemized listing of problems, “1 totally without currency so hopefully you like the batter and trade system. 2 totally dictator run. 3 total civil war. 4 they are countries that are just about to go bust due to total miss management with a currently worth almost nothing.”

    Fifi, you’re just dumb. Attempting to make yourself sound more educated is even dumber with all this BS you copy and paste. I actually find it humorous and so do the people I share it with.

  4. oiaohm says:

    dougman what are the two goals of taxation?

    I guess you don’t know them.

    Number 1 is straight forwards to provide government with money to pay for services to be performed for the people without having to print money.
    Number 2 is the one people forget. Is to remove currency from circulation.

    If you just keep on printing money at some point it will take billions of dollars to buy a loaf of bread because the currency will get totally devalued.

    Just like a company registered on the stock exchange buys back shares so the the remain shares increase in value. Government remove percent of currency from circulation to-do the same thing.

    Is it really stealing if the action prevents having to require millions to billions of dollars to buy a loaf of bread.

    Go and move to country with no tax dougman. They are four kinds of countries.
    1 totally without currency so hopefully you like the batter and trade system.
    2 totally dictator run.
    3 total civil war.
    4 they are countries that are just about to go bust due to total miss management with a currently worth almost nothing.

    So a person who says tax is theft don’t understand why tax has to exist. Why it has to be a rip off otherwise the system will not work correctly.
    Dougman stop calling stuff socialist you are really no better than Bernie Sanders who had to be corrected by force on it by many parties.

    USA people mostly do not understand what socialist in fact means. Socialist means you are also against the market economy. Socialist countries are some of the countries you have to go to if you don’t want to pay tax and you will not have any freedom either.

    USA education is that poor that most USA people cannot use the term Socialist correctly. Until USA people get better education it would be advisable if they stopped using many terms because they get it wrong over and over again.

  5. dougman says:

    “Well, it could be if it were some dictator sending out tax-collectors.”


    Not only are you a socialist, you enjoy being a slave. Next you will be telling us how happy you are to pay a carbon tax, and then a flush tax, water tax, air-quality tax et cetera. All for your grand-kids eh?

    Very good read:

  6. dougman wrote, “taxation is theft”.

    Well, it could be if it were some dictator sending out tax-collectors. These days we have a democratically elected government applying taxes to provide us services that are most efficiently/practically done by government like supporting the poor, building roads, defending borders, keeping criminals in check etc.

    The fact that some individuals don’t want government doing some/any thing doesn’t make collecting taxes theft. If you don’t like your government change it. You can. Vote, campaign, join, argue, whatever… If you don’t want any government, buy/build a boat and sail onto the high seas. Good luck.

  7. dougman says:

    His tax returns are irrelevant to me.

    IMHO, taxation is theft.

    A tax return is just a verification of how much the government has stolen.

    Who in their right mind would be proud that they allowed the government to steal more from them than was stolen from their opponent?

    So, is there a requirement that Donald release his tax returns? Show me a law that states that.

  8. AdmFubar wrote, “i really think ol’ donny-boy is trying to lose on purpose.”

    It’s possible that he set out to elect Hillary and sabotage GOP but I think that would be a very dangerous game. Second Amendment types and all that… Maybe he has terminal cancer and decided it was a way to go out in style…

    I’ve always wondered how his family could support his shenanigans. I bet there is a “pre-nup” and some clauses in the will that are very important to the family. I can’t imagine people saying the silly things they do without being well paid. Surely they don’t believe all the stuff Trump says.

  9. AdmFubar says:

    i really think ol’ donny-boy is trying to lose on purpose. I keep wondering why he never released his taxes to the public, could it be that there are donations to the clinton campaigns (even current ones?) that would mean ol hillary would owe donny-boy.

  10. oiaohm says:

    Sad part here is most of those people complaining in front of building label trump are being idiots as most of the buildings label trump just paid a Trump a license a long time a go to stick the label on the side of building to appear rich and upper class.

    So large percentage of trump land apparent successful properly Barron status mirage. If everywhere you saw a starbucks or some other sign like it you believed X person owned it would be equally stupid. In fact protesting in from of the Trump labelled buildings that do not in fact own to Trump that are for sale could possibly devalue them so letting Trump buy them. Incorrect protesting could be helping Trump. This is the problem Trump may not lose by acting like a complete idiot he may make a profit losing the election on purpose if it damages the Trump brand the correct ways.

  11. kurkosdr says:

    On one hand, Trump is a blowhard who promises to cut taxes, grow the economy and engage in massive military spending at the same time. He also promises protectionism of domestically produced goods while renting his name to clothing made overseas.

    On the other hand, he angers just the kind of people I would want to anger if I could. I still haven’t decided whether I should like him, not that I have a say in US elections anyway…

    BTW, the elections will be a bonaza for the Trump name. Even if he gets like 25% of the vote, the public will interpret it as 1/4th of the population liking him. The people he angers will whine and moan outside the towers that bear his name, bit he will laugh all the way to the bank as always.

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