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Securing Software Is Not Enough

“Not only does our attack show that practical, deterministic Rowhammer attacks are a real threat for billions of mobile users, but it is also the first effort to show that Rowhammer is even possible at all (and reliably exploitable) on … Continue reading

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Feeling Paleolithic? We’re On The Way Back In Time.

The Paleolithic Era was marked by the advance of hunting/gathering and the spread of humanity over the globe. By burning millions of years’ production of hydrocarbons in a century or so, we’ve brought CO2 back to the “good old days”. … Continue reading

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Trump Brand Takes A Hit

“The opening date for the Vancouver hotel has been delayed until 2017, well after November’s US election. A contest offering a chance to meet with the Trump family for the grand opening caused a stir. Across the country, the Toronto building, … Continue reading

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