Chuckle. Trump’s Tweets Are Another Shot To His Feet

“A new tool, Troll Trump, lets supporters sign up to automatically donate 50 cents, $1, $3, $5, $10 or other amounts every time the Republican presidential nominee tweets. (Given his past habits on the platform, that could turn out to be a pretty vast treasure trove of donations for the home stretch to Nov. 8.) The tool’s landing page populates a new Trump tweet each time the site is refreshed to offer a sampling of the candidate’s social media style.”
See Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Just Created a Way to Make Money From Donald Trump’s Tweets
After watching Trump “crash and burn” at last night’s debate, I am amused to read that Hillary has implemented a plan to raise funds on each Tweet from Trump. It’s using his own technology against him. That should be fair. Trump likes to use Russian spying/WikiLeaks against Hillary. It’s Mutually Assured Destruction in words and dollars…

“US presidential candidate Donald Trump’s criticism of rival Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while Secretary of State appeared to have rebounded on him.
Security researcher Kevin Beaumont discovered the Trump organisation uses a hopelessly outdated and insecure internet setup.”
See Donald Trump running insecure email servers
Of course, this situation would be funnier if it weren’t so deadly serious. Trump has hijacked the USAian system of elections to try to put a Russian puppet in power all the while dividing the country on race, religion, sex and wealth. I am thankful Trump will fail but at a very serious cost. The USAian system of checks and balances is all that prevents USA from becoming like any dictatorship. While supposedly being an “agent of change” from within the GOP, Trump is actually sabotaging GOP and there is a possibility that Queen Hillary I may take power in January with the support of the Senate, House and SCOTUS… That could turn out to be a good thing if USA gets single-payer healthcare, does the right thing in Syria, imposes term limits and cuts out the lobbying industry… but I won’t hold my breath.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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9 Responses to Chuckle. Trump’s Tweets Are Another Shot To His Feet

  1. Wizard Emeritus says:

    “Wizard emeritus = Brain dead dufus or a CIA plant”

    ram = tinfoil wearing nutcase and bigot.

    nothing new here.

  2. kurkosdr says:

    Humans are no longer born (women between the ages of 18-25 bearing children from one father, and staying at home to raise them for the first 5 years), they are manufactured (sperm banks, ivf, single moms / welfare queens, telegony) with the ultimate aim of raising them into obedient indebted slaves that will mindlessly vote democrat.

    Boy, was that correct. In the future, couples won’t have any children because they won’t have any money left to raise them, after paying for the entitlements of welfare queens and the cost of orphanages and other “institutions” where the children of the Sharia-law-worshipping illegal immigrants will be dumped by their parents. Unless illegal immigrants are also entitled to entitlements, that is. The result will be the same anyway.

    I disagree with the staying at home for 5 years though… You can realistically expect fron the mother to jump back into the job market after so many years out of it.

  3. Ivan says:

    Jesus, Bob. Your histrionics are almost as batshit as the anti-semites you allow to post here.

  4. JD says:

    I love how the libtards name everything to mean the exact opposite. Must be to keep the simple minded fooled. For example:
    Liberal=We like you as long as your thoughts don’t deviate from the party line = close minded morons
    Progressive = Let’s throw away millenia of cultural evolution and go back to fu*king and living like animals= regressive
    Democrat=election rigging, above the law
    Affordable care=you can die if you don’t have the money act
    Wizard emeritus = Brain dead dufus or a CIA plant

    Go look at these images doofy. Of course you may need a brain transplant first to be able to make sense of them.–jyv7x7Tb–/c_scale,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/794701813831831470.jpg–5rexsPKt–/c_fit,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/rvbsrgrseidxhnmogbee.jpg

  5. Frank Andersson says:

    The question arises: were these latest Russian attacks on American organizations unique? Were they of such a dangerous new nature as to warrant a public escalation of confrontational rhetoric, to the point of increasing the likelihood of war between nuclear powers?

    Far from it. Russian groups were behind the 2013 Target and 2014 Home Depot hacks, both of which involved sophisticated attacks breaching their security and compromising record-setting amounts of sensitive data. For being the victims of these hacks, the companies themselves took the brunt of blame in the media. Bloomberg was unsparing in its treatment of Target: they “blew it,” read the headline: “Missed alarms and 40 million stolen credit card numbers:How target blew it”

    By virtue of doing business, these companies are, by default, expected to safeguard the financial information of their customers. It is incumbent upon them to secure their databases from hacking attempts, and take their lumps from customers and media when they fail to do so — then improve their security to prevent it from happening again in the future.

    Imagine for a moment, in the context of the 2016 election season, that Bloomberg ran an article doling out culpability in an equivalent fashion:

    Missed Alarms and Thousands of Stolen Donor Credit Cards: How the DNC Blew It.

    This headline is virtually inconceivable in the current political landscape.

    When Home Depot was hacked by Russians in 2014–– compromising some 40 million customers’ credit card data and home addresses–– lawmakers demanded that the company explain what failings “permitted unauthorized access” to the sensitive information:

    Federal lawmakers have begun probing how Home Depot was breached. Senators…sent the company a letter today requesting a briefing.

    “We ask that Home Depot’s information-security officials provide a briefing to committee staff regarding your company’s investigation and latest findings on the circumstances that may have permitted unauthorized access to sensitive customer information,” the senators wrote in the letter to Francis Blake, Home Depot’s chairman and chief executive officer.

    Notably absent is any mention of either Russian hackers or Vladimir Putin.

    In past cases where crime syndicates tied to the Russian government successfully breached a US company’s database, as in the case of a 2014 JP Morgan hack, the media still placed the onus on the hacked institution to explain its failure to secure its databases. Why? Because “companies of our size unfortunately experience cyber attacks nearly every day,” said JPMorgan spokeswoman, quoted in Bloomberg. Cyberthreats are taken as a fact of life in the modern digital world, and accountability lies with the powerful institutions to protect themselves from the inevitable attempts at intrusion. It is expected that large, high-profile organizations with valuable databases will be targets for hackers.

    In the case of the 2015 Anthem hack, the health insurer “was the target of a very sophisticated external cyberattack” that compromised “names, birthdays, Social Security numbers, addresses and employment data” of as many as 80 million customers: an identity theft goldmine. Media commentary again held Anthem and its industry accountable: “The breach is a wake-up call to the health industry, experts say,” wrote USA Today.

    The 2015 Office of Personnel Management hack was, as Washington Post describes, “one of the most devastating breaches of U.S. government data in history,” carried out by Chinese hackers. In response to this hack, which was indeed unprecedented, the US government soberly announced it would withdraw personnel from China for their own protection. We did not see the White House or the intelligence community publicly weave a plot of aggression on the part of the Chinese state, or build a confrontational and Sinophobic fervor among the American people, as the Clinton camp and media are doing now with Russia. It goes without saying that Xi Jinping has dismal name recognition among Americans, in comparison to bogeyman Vladimir Putin.

    In none of these instances did the news media parade out FBI or other intelligence agency findings for the purpose of stoking fear or distrust of the hackers’ home country, nor did they trot out official declarations to retaliate against the originating nation. Rather, the media convention in the previous Russian hacks was to hold the companies who were hacked accountable for their own failure to safeguard the sensitive information they held.

    Yet here we are in the 2016 election where the most powerful political machine in modern US history, the likely soon-to-be Clinton Administration, is being held to a lower standard of accountability for its security practices than Target and Home Depot stores. The Clinton team will be expected to manage the safeguarding of information pertaining to the national security interests of the United States. But in a striking departure from all prior reporting conventions on major Russian and Chinese hacks alike, the DNC and Clinton Campaign are portrayed as victims who bear no public accountability for their security failings.

    Top Clinton policy aide Neera Tanden, currently the President and CEO of think tank Center for American Progress (and likely future White House Chief-of-Staff) recently took to Twitter to justify the confrontational anti-Russian posturing in terms that would equally apply to both the Target and Home Depot hacks: “@TyHealey no one wants war with Russia, but if they sent military over here to steal property, would you see US as aggressor or them?”

    In no uncertain terms, Russian hackers stole massive volumes of valuable data from both companies, and in fact posted the compromised credit card data for sale online on the dark web, the internet’s criminal underbelly. If Tanden believes the Democratic party hacks meet the standard set out in this tweet, so must the Target and Home Depot hacks.

    But the DNC, the Clinton campaign, and their allies in the current administration as well as the media have turned just this particular Russian hack into an international confrontation with another nuclear power, where no previous Russian (or Chinese) hack of comparable (or greater!) criminality elicited such a response.

    The DNC and Clinton campaign naturally wants to distract from the fact that they failed to safeguard their donors’ and their own sensitive information. After all, their team will assume control of the most powerful executive branch on earth and understandably, do not want the public to doubt their competence in handling information regarding national security — any more than they already do, given Clinton’s long-running email server scandal (key phrase: “extremely careless”).

    The mainstream media is now in the extraordinary position of demanding less accountability from the Clinton team, as well the DNC, than it demanded of Target and Home Depot retail chains.

    Of course, the Clinton campaign rejoinder is that WikiLeaks is working to alter the outcome of the November election––while simultaneously claiming that nothing “earth shattering” or “shocking” is being revealed. Publishing the inner workings and deliberations of the campaign, while perhaps embarrassing, can only truly threaten to alter the election outcome if something highly damaging is revealed, such as proof of a cover up of criminal intent in the email server saga, or something illegal about the intermingled operations of the State Department and the Clinton Foundation while Hillary was Secretary of State.

    If the Clinton campaign’s alarms of election-altering intent on the part of WikiLeaks is credible, then the aggressive anti-Russian posturing must be taken as a signal that truly damaging evidence is yet to be released.

    If nothing so consequential is in store, we are forced to consider the disturbing possibility that fomenting escalated conflict and maybe even direct war with Russia may itself be a foreign policy aim of an incoming Clinton administration. This is an extreme scenario, but a foreseeable one given the fact that a no-fly zone in Syria (which Clinton has repeatedly endorsed) entails war with Russia. This is in addition to the reported aims of the cyberattack, which are “harassing” and “embarrassing” Russian leadership, when Putin is already paranoid about Clinton’s penchant for regime change.

    Elements of both is certainly a possible explanation; which is to say, escalated conflict with Russia may serve as a very cynical and destructive distraction from criminal revelations yet to be published through WikiLeaks. A two-birds-with-one-stone strategy, as it were.

    In June, when news initially broke of the DNC and Clinton Foundation hacks, Democrats explained that the Red Scare narrative would in fact be their deflection strategy:

    If the Democrats can show the hidden hand of Russian intelligence agencies, they believe that voter outrage will probably outweigh any embarrassing revelations, a person familiar with the party’s thinking said.

    The Democrats have by now gone much further than showing a Russian hand in the hacks. The record shows that such public militating against Russia (or China for that matter) has no precedent as a response to a comparable hack, theft, and publication of private US information.

    One must wonder whether these extraordinary and potentially dangerous escalations are designed either to distract from more than just “embarrassing revelations”––or to set the stage for a ramp-up in US anti-Russian aggression.

  6. Wizard Emeritus says:

    “. It is ruled by the Jewish elite that control …”

    Not only a Tinfoil Hat wearer, But a tinfoil hat wearing Anti-Semitic Bigot as well.

    Go curl up with you Protocols of the Elders of Zion a–wipe!

  7. JD says:

    Lol could you possibly drink any more of the media’s cool aid?
    – crash and burn – the debate was a big loss for Hillary, with many members of the general public hearing if her past shenanigans for the first time, despite the media’s best efforts to deflect and cover up.
    – Trump is simply stating the contents of Hillary’s former emails. It is unfortunate for her that her public positions are so at odds with her private ones. If she had been completely above water in her past, the emails would be irrelevant. What you have to mind is she did not deny any of the allegations. Not once.
    – Trump is a Russian puppet – that’s rich coming from a wall Street puppet
    – The USA became much worse than a dictatorship a long time ago. It is ruled by the Jewish elite that control your money, your news, your food and water, your education and everything in between. Humans are no longer born (women between the ages of 18-25 bearing children from one father, and staying at home to raise them for the first 5 years), they are manufactured (sperm banks, ivf, single moms / welfare queens, telegony) with the ultimate aim of raising them into obedient indebted slaves that will mindlessly vote democrat. The checks and balances you are so proud of are merely an illusion.

    Whether Trump wins or loses, he has successfully destroyed the illusion of choice in US politics by wrecking the Republican party. The people of the USA will witness the true colors of the democrat parasites in the coming years. Wake up before it’s too late!

  8. dougman says:

    Crash and burn? That’s a rather harsh and contrived thought Robert. I mean, the last time I saw Trump was today speaking. Apparently still alive and good health!

    Now on Twitter, it is about as worthless as reading your fortune at SumTing Wong’s Chinese take-out down the road.

    Speaking of Chinese food, here is a fortune for you: The greatest danger to you and your family, could be your stupidity.

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